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If you related mostly to the sign of Cancer, then your home life is very important to you. You might play a traditional role of the homemaker or the breadwinner. You’ll delight in your creature comforts and sharing them with others, especially close friends and family. You want everyone to feel nurtured and welcome and fed — whether that food is emotional support, spiritual guidance, or a heart, warm dinner. You are more inclined to listen to your hunches and the way that you feel about things than to use cold hard logic or the practicality of reason. You’re warm and empathic, and you want everyone to feel good about themselves. Your problem arises when you don’t feel good about yourself. You are so open about your emotions that your feelings easily get hurt. Cancer — the Cardinal Water sign — is represented by the crab. You need that hard shell to toughen up a bit, or you’ll spend a lot of time retreating into it. Because you’re so receptive to emotions, you’re affectionate and friendly, but also very moody. While you revel in others opening up to you, it can be hard for you to open up yourself. Your greatest strength is your devotion to your loved ones. Where is Cancer in your own birth chart that it is so dominant in your character? It’s worth a look!

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