Based on your results you should actually be a Gemini!

The sign of Gemini has two straight lines with one curved line each on the top and bottom.


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Aren’t you the talkative one! If Gemini qualities have risen above as your dominant traits, then you’ve got a nonstop stream of conversation going on in your head. You’re constantly feeding yourself with plans, ideas, and a running commentary of what’s going on around you. You love collecting and sharing information and enjoy socializing. Gemini is the Mutable sign of the Air signs, so like the breeze, you flit from one idea, person, or place to another easily. Traveling feeds your need to learn, as do other mentally stimulating activities such as reading, studying, or investigating. You’re intrigued by anything different, things that are outside your familiar zone of experience. You’re a good team player, too. People appreciate having you around to bring energy and different outlooks to their plans, particularly when it comes to brainstorming. Your moods are very changeable, and you’re good at multitasking. You like to play and may be keen on sports or high-energy activities done with others. You love company and that’s understandable. Gemini is the sign of the twins, after all. Of course, you can’t change your Sun sign simply because you resonate strongest with a different one. However, by examining your birth chart, you can better understand why you’re drawn to Gemini energy – then put that to positive use in your life.

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