The Fool

The Fool


When The Fool Tarot card arrives in your reading, know that you are on the precipice of a new beginning or experience. In this experience, you will throw back all that has been holding you back thus far. This could be fear, worry, or doubt. This Major Arcana card says, go out on your journey. That’s what life is about. Whatever your new beginning is, The Fool wants you to embrace it in the same way a child embraces their first day of school.


The Fool is the first card in the Tarot and symbolizes a man just beginning his journey or a new life cycle. It is a bright and optimistic card, symbolizing the same energy you feel on the first day of a vacation or holiday. This is the energy to embrace right now, this childlike, fresh-faced optimism. You are definitely venturing out into the unknown, and this time, that’s a good thing. Throw caution to the wind and embrace the new world ahead of you. This is yours now!

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