Cancer Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

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Have you ever wondered: what is Cancer’s compatibility with other zodiac signs?

Love gets deep with empathetic and maternal Cancer. This Cardinal Water sign brings sentimental memories and vulnerable connection into love, meaning if you fall in love with a Cancer, you’re in for a warm, unforgettable love that can sometimes emotionally overheat and burn.

Ruled by the feeling Moon, the first impression of a Cancer lover is that they are moody. Still, if you take the time to get to know them, you’ll understand that their emotional range extends beyond insecurity into compassionate love. If you enjoy sensitivity and are a lover who loves to give as much as they get, starting a romantic voyage with a Cancer man or woman is the perfect way to set sail into lasting love.

Read below to learn about your love compatibility with Cancer below.

Aries Sign

Cancer - Aries Compatibility

Sensitive and sweet Cancer may find the courage of Fiery Aries appealing at first glance. Both Cardinal signs, these two may find common ground in certain ways. However, Cancer may have to learn to love Aries’ bold and brash side.

Taurus Compatibility

Cancer - Taurus Compatibility

Family-oriented Cancer will feel right at home with sensual Taurus’ committed and devoted tendencies towards the ones that they love. In this love match, the elements Water and Earth nurture each other to create one flourishing environment — and a beautiful romance!

Gemini Compatibility Sign

Cancer - Gemini Compatibility

Cancer may find a lot to learn from and love about Mutable Gemini’s fast-paced and cerebral nature. However, Cancer will have to let loose a little and respect Gemini’s desires for bolder communication styles. This can otherwise be an interesting match that provides room for each sign to grow.

Cancer Compatibility

Cancer - Cancer Compatibility

A Cancer and Cancer connection means double the love, double the affection and a lot of commitment from both ends. They are both softies at heart with a need for trust. However, they will have to work a little harder to learn to open up in the beginning.

Leo Compatibility

Cancer - Leo Compatibility

Homebody and sensitive soul Cancer may see Leo as their knight in shining armor! The two will have to learn to work out their differences, as Fire and Water can either make a passionate combo or squash out the best parts of each other.

Virgo Compatibility

Cancer - Virgo Compatibility

Intuitive and emotional Cancer will pick up on the little things that detail-oriented Virgo puts down as acts of love and service. This happy couple may be different in their methods of living life but meet in the middle when it comes to simply wanting to make each other happy.

Libra Compatibility

Cancer - Libra Compatibility

At heart, Cancer and Libra have a mutual interest in wanting to keep the peace. While introverted Cancer may not always understand Libra’s desire to branch outwards in the world with this pursuit, they ultimately can comprehend each others’ goals in a way that they couldn’t with others.

Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer - Scorpio Compatibility

There is a level of passion and intensity that only a Water on Water combo can truly provide, and intensity is definitely what you get with this love match. Cancer will appreciate Scorpio’s Fixed nature and commitment and can intuitively understand what Scorpio feels even in their more silent moods.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer - Sagittarius Compatibility

There is little that will make sense about this love match on paper, but that doesn’t mean these signs won’t both try to make it work! Despite their differences, a Cancer and Sagittarius duo may find their wildly opposing ways of living to be fascinating and eye-opening.

Capricorn Compatibillity

Cancer - Capricorn Compatibility

Emotionally in-tune Cancer may find the seemingly hard-shelled and work-oriented world of Earthy Capricorn confusing and intriguing. If one person can demonstrate the patience needed to get through Capricorn’s cold exterior, it is Cancer — but for this match to work, that patience is definitely a requirement.

Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer - Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius both have an innate desire to understand and be of assistance to their communities — and even the world. This duo will admire this about each other but go about their humanitarian efforts in completely different ways. Compromise and listening are key!

Pisces Compatibility

Cancer - Pisces Compatibility

Both hailing from the emotional and intuitive element of Water, sensitive Cancer and Pisces are sure to understand each other on a core level. However, Cardinal Cancer may have to work to understand Pisces’ Mutable nature. This match is peachy if they can work through the initial differences.

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