Leo Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

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Have you ever wondered: what is Leo’s compatibility with other zodiac signs?
Get ready for the love of a lion with outgoing and confident Leo. This Fixed Fire sign brings selfless generosity and self-assured independence into love, meaning if you fall in love with a Leo, expect to be loved deeply and to respect the boundaries of this ferociously energetic individualist.
Ruled by the Sun, this Fiery sign is often seen as vain or narcissistic, but if you take the time to get to know them, you’ll see that they try to use their positivity and self-awareness to inspire others to see how wonderful they are. If you enjoy endless charm and a lover who is an outspoken powerhouse, love with a Leo man or woman is the way to go if you are searching for an unforgettable love.
Read below to learn about your love compatibility with Leo below.
Aries Sign

Leo - Aries Compatibility

This fun, Fiery, and flirty pair will have a lot to love and admire about each other’s similar passionate and spontaneous natures. However, both Leo and Aries can be headstrong and stubborn and will need to learn to find patience when they meet disagreements.

Taurus Compatibility

Leo - Taurus Compatibility

A true Leo adores… well, being adored! Devoted, Fixed sign Taurus can give spotlight-loving Leo just that. As both occupy quite stubborn views and natures, however, letting down their egos will be necessary for this relationship to thrive.

Gemini Compatibility Sign

Leo - Gemini Compatibility

Inquisitive Gemini may make Fiery Leo feel like an adored celebrity with their personal and curious questions, leading to fun conversation and a great initial connection. To make the relationship last, however, Leo must learn to let Mutable Gemini have their space and freedom.

Cancer Compatibility

Leo - Cancer Compatibility

Loving and Fixed sign Leo will adore Cancer’s devoted and kind-hearted energy that goes into their relationship. While this affectionate pair may have a lot going for them, Leo will have to make sure they don’t hurt sensitive Cancer’s feelings with their bold and brash communication style.

Leo Compatibility

Leo - Leo Compatibility

A Leo and Leo match creates double the sparks and double the dramatics — did someone say power couple? This pair will really get each other on a level others perhaps couldn’t, but they will need to let down their equally stubborn egos to make it work long-term.

Virgo Compatibility

Leo - Virgo Compatibility

Selfless and helpful Virgo will make larger-than-life Leo feel like the king or queen they know they deserve, making the organized Earth elemental an appealing partner. To express love back, however, Leo must learn to speak the same detail-oriented language of love that Virgo speaks.

Libra Compatibility

Leo - Libra Compatibility

Ruled by VenusLibra brings a level of elegance, grace, and beauty to the world that spotlight-adoring Leo knows how to really appreciate. Despite their initial attraction, however, this curious combo may find that their ways of seeing life are very different.

Scorpio Compatibility

Leo - Scorpio Compatibility

If there is one word to best describe a Leo and Scorpio match, it is intense. Both hailing from Fixed energy, these devoted and loyal lovers will go to the ends of the earth to satisfy their partners — but they need to balance their opposing elements of Fire and Water.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo - Sagittarius Compatibility

The energy is all fireworks and fun with Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius meeting in a romance! With a deep desire for adventure, however, Mutable Sagittarius may not always satisfy Fixed Leo’s innate need for security and loyalty, making communication and compromise extremely important for the health of this relationship.

Capricorn Compatibillity

Leo - Capricorn Compatibility

There may be something appealing to Leo about Capricorn’s seemingly cold, brooding, and serious attitude towards the world and their work. Despite these initial differences in outlooks on life, both Leo and Capricorn are undoubtedly faithful and motivated signs and will relate in unexpected ways.

Aquarius Compatibility

Leo - Aquarius Compatibility

As an advocate for self-empowerment and identity, Leo will find Air sign Aquarius’s more humanitarian outlook on the world intriguing and perhaps even a bit confusing. These opposites will have much to learn from each other’s perspectives and may find that opposites do attract after all!

Pisces Compatibility

Leo - Pisces Compatibility

With a love and flair for dramatics at heart, Leo will find Pisces’ imaginative and creative spirit very attractive and interesting from the get-go. Both are very sensitive souls. However, this pair will have to learn not to step on each other’s feelings.

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