You Pulled the 2 of Wands Tarot Card – Now What?

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The second card of the Wands suit in the Minor Arcana is the 2 of Wands, and it is in this card we see a figure looking out into the horizon, watching the ships come in.

There is a strong element of courage associated with this card. All twos indicate a decision to be made, and in the 2 of Wands, we see a “should I? shouldn’t I?” element.

It could be a relationship where you are deciding whether to take a leap of faith in love. It could be a career where you are deciding whether to go for that new job or stay in your comfort one. It could be a creative project, an offer of travel, or anything that requires a decision that will change things in your life.

In short, it is a card that glorifies greatness and individual courage.

What Does the 2 of Wands Mean?

The meaning of the 2 of Wands varies, but the main associations are:

  • Courage
  • Commanding respect
  • Taking a leap of faith
  • Calling the shots
  • Being bold
  • Being daring
  • Seizing the day
  • Confronting a situation head-on
  • Being original
  • Marching to the beat of your own drum
  • Taking a new approach
  • Being a pioneer

What Does the 2 of Wands Mean in Love & Relationships?

In a love reading, the 2 of Wands indicates that a decision is to be made in the realm of love.

If you pull this as someone’s feelings for you, it indicates that the person in question does have feelings for you but is trying to decide whether to go for it or not.

It could indicate that there may be other love interests that they have as well as you, which is highlighted by the ships on the horizon. They may be considering their options and looking elsewhere at the same time, which is more likely if accompanied with the 7 of Cups.

If you pull the 2 of Wands for how someone sees you, it means they see you as someone bold and daring. They feel you have the courage to achieve what you want, and they admire you for this.

They may also see you as one of their romantic options or someone who they would like to be romantically involved with but are still uncertain whether to act on their feelings.

If you pull this card for what someone wants to happen between you, it indicates that they want to be bold and start a relationship with you. They may still have some doubts, but ultimately, they are leaning toward a deeper connection with you.

What Does the 2 of Wands Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, the 2 of Wands can often mean traveling for work, especially if accompanied by the World card of the Major Arcana or relocating for work.

The 2 of Wands in a career reading can mean that it is time to start out on your own with a creative idea. This could mean launching your own business or trying something completely new.

The 2 of Wands encourages you to be bold and go for what you want – it is a good card to receive in a career reading because it shows great potential!

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What About the 2 of Wands as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, the 2 of Wands indicates that there is some kind of blockage preventing you from moving forward.

There may be fear that is paralyzing you from moving forward and stopping you from reaching your full potential. The 2 of Wands as an obstacle indicates that it is time to find the courage within and go for what you want.

What About the 2 of Wands Reversed?

When reversed, the energy of the 2 of Wands becomes stifled, and it becomes difficult to promote this energy.

Where we have bold, courage, and originality with the upright 2 of Wands, reversed, we see fear, an inability to move beyond one’s comfort zone, and a blockage in creative energy.

The 2 of Wands reversed is a warning that something is preventing you from reaching your highest potential. It indicates that some inner work is to be done to help you release the blockages you are experiencing.

How to Make the 2 of Wands Work for You

The 2 of Wands is a card of courage and innovation. When it appears in a reading, it is a reminder to you that you can achieve your goals and dreams if you have the will and determination to do so.

To harness the energy of the 2 of Wands, repeat these affirmations to yourself whenever you feel fear or blockage get the better of you. You can repeat them to yourself when you see an opportunity before you and are uncertain whether to take that leap of faith.

Or just repeat them when you need a boost of spirit within!

  • I am bold and courageous
  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  • I am an original and creative thinker
  • I will reach my full potential
  • I will march to the beat of my own drum
  • I will dare to dream
  • I will confront the situation head-on
  • I have the power to reach my goals

Trust Yourself With the 2 of Wands

Ultimately, the 2 of Wands is a card of self-belief. It is a reminder to you that you can achieve anything and that fear is just an illusion. It is a reminder that you have the strength and willpower to do anything you set your mind to.

Let the energy of the 2 of Wands guide you, and let it be a reminder that your potential is limitless! The only limits before you are the ones you set upon yourself, and you have the ability to break through them.

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