The Tiger of the Chinese Zodiac

Tiger Chinese Horoscope
Years: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022
Element: Wood
Yin or Yang: Yang
Lucky Colours: Green, Blue, Orange
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4
Crystal: Sapphire
Flower: Plum Blossom Flower
Characteristics: Brave, Bold, Resilient, Enthusiastic

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The Legend of the Tiger

The Tiger occupies the third sign of the Chinese zodiac, awarded this position for the tenacity he showed in crossing the perilous river during the Chinese zodiac Race. The Jade Emperor, who organized the race, was impressed by his resilience and honored him with third place.

It is said that originally when seeking potential candidates for the race, the Emperor was struggling to decide which of the big cats to include in the event. Being the King of the Jungle, the natural choice was the Lion, but the Emperor was repelled by his “foul and raging temper.” Subsequently, he approached the Tiger and, to test both his strength and aptitude, set him a task, asking him to lead a charge against several great and powerful beasts that dwelled in the mountains.

When the Tiger claimed four victories against the monsters, the Jade Emperor was sufficiently impressed enough to offer him a place in the race. In the race itself, the Tiger came third, just after the Rat and the Ox.

Year of the Tiger Personality Traits

Powerful, bold, and daring, the Chinese zodiac Tiger is someone you can’t miss, even if you want to!

This noble and sensitive beast is one of the most passionate, colorful characters of the zodiac, known for their big hearts and unpredictable temperaments. They are brave and resilient fighters, often the first to cry “Go!” when launching an attack.

In Medieval times, the Tiger would have most likely been the one leading a cavalry charge or launching a sword-wielding campaign in the Crusades. In Eastern culture, Tigers are revered as the sign that protects households from its three main threats: thieves, fire and ghosts. So, if you are one of these or have a Tiger as your lover, parent, child or sibling, you can at least look forward to a haunt-free house – never mind protection amulets, just get yourself a Tiger!

The Tiger of the Chinese zodiac symbolizes Yang, which highlights their deep, inward nature, despite their boisterous appearance and energetic zest.

The Tiger is a rebellious character and not one who likes being told what to do. For this reason, they often (especially in younger years) finds themselves getting in trouble with the authorities. This is particularly grueling when coming up against an Ox native, one highly uncompromising chap that the Tiger would be wise not to challenge. However, if Tigers learn to find a balance between their rash behavior and indecisive qualities, they will become a great success.

Tigers are sensitive, and like the Dragon and Rooster, they tend to have enormous egos. Though they are generous, kind and warm-hearted, when a Tiger’s ego has been bruised, be prepared for mighty roars and bared teeth! The Tiger can go from being a loyal and trusted friend to one of the meanest bullies you have ever come across. But though a Tiger’s temper can indeed be quite foul and horrific to behold, their anger fades just as quickly as it came.

When a Tiger is feeling particularly down and out, they will need bucketloads of sympathy from you. Pats on the head, back rubs, home-cooked meals, a sympathetic ear, and kindly advice–then, once you’ve dressed their wounds, they’ll ignore your advice and go right off and do whatever they intended to do in the first place!

Just like their temper, which flares and dies at the drop of a hat, the Tiger has an extraordinary ability to bounce back from the depths of despair. Though they are a little too emotional to make the most objective leaders, they have the ability to sway a crowd and encourage others to fight for worthy causes.

Tigers are part of the third trine in the Chinese zodiac, which is a trio of humanitarian animals. Tigers love animals, children and the elderly, and will defend them to his dying day.

Overall, the Tiger native is a mixed bag and people are either utterly charmed by them or totally repelled. Tigers command open admiration or grudging respect for their desire to right the wrongs of the world. They can be stubborn, rebellious, over-sensitive, moody, and even completely intolerable at times. But the Tiger replaced the King of the Jungle for a reason. No other sign would protect and defend you to such a degree, nor will you feel so safe or comforted as you would from having a Tiger by your side.

Tigers & Love

The Chinese zodiac Tiger is a colorful and unpredictable lover, and this is either greatly endeared by some or considered terrible by others.

Both the Tiger female and Tiger male are very romantic at heart. They can be jealous and territorial, yet equally playful and passionate. Being in love with a Tiger may not be easy, but if it’s a rollercoaster ride you’re after, you won’t be disappointed!

Male Tigers

Tiger males have a unique sex appeal that many swoon over. The Tiger male in his younger years can be prone to straying – he is a big cat, after all, and they never tend to stay in one place. This can leave a trail of broken hearts behind in his wake and a reputation for being a bit of a lothario. However, once the Tiger man matures, he seeks a partner who has a deep innate understanding of him, for this fearsome beast, has a soft, cuddly, gentle side that few see. Once he meets his mate, he is happy to stay for life.

Female Tigers

The Tiger female, like her male counterpart, is a non-conformist and a relationship with this lady is never easy! Many of them stay single, often being “too hot to handle” A Tiger mate will be the first to say that being with a Tigress is not the easiest job in the world. Nor, however, could they ever accuse the relationship of being boring.

The Tiger female does not like restrictions and hates being told what to do; any man who attempts to control her or stick her in the kitchen like a good traditional housewife is swiftly shown the door. She is independent, feisty, and proudly so. However, once she finds someone with the patience and endurance to tolerate her hot-tempered qualities, the courage to tell her when she’s wrong, and the strength to match her own, she will consider them a beacon of respect and will happily settle down.

Tiger Love Compatibility

The best matches for the Tiger of the Chinese Zodiac are the two that sit in the same trine, the Horse and the Dog.

Together, the Tiger and Horse become an unstoppable team. The Horse’s keen sense of danger will help prepare the two of them from any oncoming onslaught, helping to rein the Tiger in when they leap before they look; the Tiger will likewise fascinate the Horse and motivate them with passion and courage.

Similarly, the Dog makes a great partner for the Tiger. The Dog is loyal and dependable, two qualities the Tiger very much values, and has an excellent talent for reasoning with the Tiger when the situation calls for it.

Tigers also do very well with Rabbits and Pigs. These two farm animals are unassuming and peaceful, and they provide a sense of calm to the Tiger’s otherwise hectic life. The Tiger will likewise protect and defend the Rabbit and Pig from others who might try to take advantage of them. It is very much a give-and-take relationship with these signs.

Tigers are advised to steer clear of Monkeys and vice versa. In the Circle of Conflict, the Tiger and Monkey stand on opposing sides, demonstrating the extreme differences between them.

Tigers are very sensitive and take life–and themselves–seriously. The Monkey, as one of the cheekiest signs of the zodiac, loves to pull the Tiger’s tail before bouncing up a tree to have a giggle. Far from seeing the funny side, the Tiger will pace up and down, roaring every now and then in irritation. These two will rarely see eye to eye, and unless there is an ascendant-friendly sign between one or both, it is strongly advised they don’t delve into the realm of love.

Tigers & Career

Tigers are adventurous souls, and they will rarely stay in one job for too long.

Unlike the Ox, who is methodical and diligent and will stay in the same job his entire life, the Tiger quickly becomes bored and has a tendency to hop from job to job. They perform best when they have their own business and don’t have to answer to anyone else. Similarly, they do very well in jobs that allow them to be flexible such as anything in the creative arts, like writing, dancing, or sculpting.

Chinese zodiac Tigers also make very good politicians with their ability to sway a crowd and fight for just causes. This is usually a role suited to an older Tiger as the younger ones tend to lack diplomacy.

Typically, it is difficult to bracket the Tiger into careers because they usually end up trying anything and everything. Whether it’s as a circus performer, a fashion model, a street artist, or a charity campaigner, Tigers put their enthusiasm and zest for life into everything they do.

Tigers & Money

Tigers are lucky people for the most part, and just when they tend to run out of money, more seems to crop up, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

Tigers are fond of money, but they are not directly motivated by it. If they had a choice between earning wad-loads of cash but working in a very dully role or earning peanuts for doing something they love, they will choose the latter every time.

Generous beasts, Tigers are happy to share their money with loved ones. Though they can be selfish in the little things, their generosity knows no bounds. Tigers will be the first to donate to a worthy cause or help out a friend in need. They are also known for spending lavishly on expensive gifts for loved ones.

Tigers will be particularly lucky with money in the years of the Tiger, Dog, Horse, and Pig. It would not be unusual for them to inherit money or property or find themselves hitting the jackpot in some way.

The Tiger Through The Elements

Metal Tiger
1950, 2010

This is a highly competitive, active, and passionate Chinese zodiac Tiger who can come off as aggressive at times. There is glamour to this Tiger, who stands out in the crowd. Others can view this Tiger as either obnoxious or entrancing, but however they exhibit themselves, Metal Tigers are bound to create a stir.

Not one to mince his words, Metal Tigers have a tendency to confront problems head-on, which can send more placid signs fleeing for cover. This Tiger can be swayed to either great good or great bad–there is very little middle ground.

Metal Tiger methods tend to be unorthodox and sudden but never dull or boring. This is perhaps the most independent of all the Tigers!

Water Tiger
1962, 2022

The most open-minded of all the Tigers, Water Tigers are the most creative of the pack and the ones most willing to listen to others’ opinions. The Water element provides this feisty sign with a sense of calm, and thus Water Tigers may be the most approachable because of it.

This Tiger of the Chinese Zodiac tends to have a strong intuition, and they are easily moved by the suffering of others. They have excellent analytical talents and skills of deduction.

On the other hand, a Water Tiger’s weakness is its tendency to procrastinate and spend hours (days even!) lounging around in its dens. However, once they’ve sprung back to life again, Water Tigers are ready to take on the world afresh, as only they can.

Wood Tiger
1974, 2034

This is the most neutral of all the Tigers in that they don’t tend to jump from one extreme to the next like their feline counterparts. Wood Tigers, therefore, make excellent diplomats and have a natural talent for mediating. The Wood Tiger is very charming and friendly, preferring calm discussion over open hostility.

This puts them in a unique position as a Tiger, able to combine the strong Wood element with their Tiger nature, which seeks to make the world a better place. Therefore, Wood Tigers can often be found in political roles, improving things for their constituents and brainstorming ideas to help the community.

Fire Tiger
1926, 1986

This is the most dynamic of the Tigers, as the Fire element brings a splurge of energy to an already highly-charged sign.

Vivacious and exuberant, the Fire Tiger was made for the world stage. With a fantastic ability to sway a crowd and infectious, inspiring high energy, these are the Tigers that feel they can take on the world, and very often, they do.

However, Fire Tigers are also the most emotional and erratic of the signs, prone to exploding with rage one minute and purring with glee the next. This sign benefits most from a calm, laid-back partner who is able to handle a wide array of mood swings.

Earth Tiger
1938, 1998

The quietest and most serious of the Chinese zodiac Tigers, the Earth Tiger likes to stay in the background and keep to itself. They are typically known as the most mature of the Tigers, for they possess an innate understanding of human nature and a silent calm which ensures they don’t blow up as Fire or Metal Tigers may.

Continually, they have a long attention span, so these Tigers and are more suited than others to stay in a stable job for life.

Unlike the other Tigers, an Earth Tiger’s love life will usually be based on practicality. Whereas the Fire Tiger may turn up in the middle of the night serenading you beneath your window, rose in mouth, the Earth Tiger of the Chinese zodiac is more likely to come over with a toolbox to mend your broken oven. It may not be quite as romantic, but it is done from the heart nonetheless.

Famous People Born In The Year Of The Tiger

  • Beethoven
  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Megan Fox
  • Emily Bronte
  • Karl Marx
  • Tom Cruise
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Alec Guiness
  • Jodie Foster
  • Marco Polo
  • Agatha Christie
  • Beatrix Potter
  • Lady Gaga
  • Drake
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