Leo Woman: Traits, Love, & More

Leo Woman

The lioness is one of the most powerful creatures – male or female – in the wild. She is strong, dominant, confident, and passionate. Those words could also be used to describe a Leo female. 

The Leo woman is always noticeable, always ready to take on the next challenge, and always holding court with others who seem to be hanging on every word. That kind of confidence is one of the many Leo woman characteristics that you’ll see in just about every context in life. A Leo woman also loves with the passion of a queen and will make you work to earn her attention and, ultimately, her affection.

However, a Leo female can also be sensitive. She can be soft on the inside and she can be wounded at times when she cares about something or someone too much.

Some say that the Leo zodiac sign traits in a female point to laziness, but that’s hardly a uniform belief. Others believe that her strong words and strong stands are anything but overcompensation for a lack of willingness to act.

Regardless, the Leo woman is always interesting. 

About the Leo Woman: Her Overall Personality

Aside from the Leo woman traits mentioned above, there are many more that should be described so that you understand what you may be encountering when you meet a Leo female. 

Her strength plays out in the form of her creativity. There is nothing that can’t be solved, even if it hasn’t been solved in the past. She is extremely expressive, so you won’t ever have to wonder what she’s thinking or feeling. She’s influential, most likely due to her extreme confidence in herself that rubs off on others. She’s loyal, so if you manage to earn your way into her circle, then you can rest assured that the Leo woman will have your back if things get rough.

On the flip side, the Leo woman can be selfish at times. That’s somewhat natural for people who think highly of themselves, but it can be off-putting for others. The Leo woman’s personality can also be domineering at times, and this can overwhelm others every now and then. 

Another of the Leo woman’s traits is stubbornness. Once again, how could she ever be wrong about anything considering her extremely positive opinion of herself? Finally, a Leo woman can be sensitive, so even though that tough exterior, she can be hurt. 

Love, Dating, & Relationships with a Leo Woman

The Leo woman is not going to play a lot of games or put out too much of a shroud of mystery if you’re getting to know one on a romantic level. 

She’s going to make sure that you prove that you’re committed to her before she commits to anyone, so if you think a few phone calls and a date here and there is going to draw her to you, you’re mistaken. Understanding the Leo woman starts with understanding how she sees herself. She is in charge, so she gets to decide how things are going to play out. 

When dating a Leo female, you’ll need to be diligent in your pursuit, and you’ll need to be ready to have things be about her, as that’s how they’ve always been to this point.

Once she does decide to commit the Leo woman in love is a powerful force. She gives of herself totally to her partner, so you can expect a lot of passion, a lot of fun, and some conflict followed by reconciliation. 

She will continue to expect a total commitment from you, however, so don’t play games or you’ll draw out the sensitive and stubborn side of her. Before you know it, you could find yourself on the outs, never to be invited back in again. 

Are you a good match for Leo?

The Leo Wife & Mother

If you are wondering what it would be like to marry a Leo female, you’ll probably not be surprised to find out that the Leo woman’s natural traits continue to shine through in a marriage. 

As a wife, she will be passionate, committed, loyal, and will make sure to take care of her spouse. She will be adventurous, and you can rest assured that you will not grow bored with her, as she’s not going to quietly settle into some routine and live out her life without being noticed. She’ll keep things exciting in every respect, and that can make for a long and successful marriage.

However, the Leo woman can also be dramatic, and at times it can be tiring when it seems that everything is all about her. Her stubbornness can be difficult to overcome, given how often people see things differently when they’re married, and she can also be sensitive and even jealous at times. 

Do not attempt to marry a Leo woman and have her play this subservient, meek housewife role, as that’s just not going to fly. You need to make her feel as though you are totally devoted to her for this to work, as she needs to know that you’re as committed as she is.

What is the Leo Female like as a Friend?

If you’ve become friends with a Leo female, you’re in for a fun and rewarding ride, as long as you’re willing to work for it.

She is someone who is going to bring you out to places, introduce you to everyone, and make sure that you have a great time whenever you’re together. She is going to be loyal and generous almost to a fault at times, and the Leo woman’s personality is such that she can make you feel special in nearly any circumstance. This is a friend who will stand with you fiercely and who will bring you out of the dumps when you have a case of the blues.

The Leo woman’s personality is also such that she’ll expect complete and total dedication to this friendship. If she sees any wavering in that regard, out of the circle you will go. That’s because this gal can be stubborn and self-centered—these traits can lead to jealousy and even a jump to negative if not incorrect conclusions.

As long as you’re in it for the long haul and you can make sure to feel like you’re there for her when she needs you, you’ve made a lifelong friend to remember and cherish.

The Leo Career Woman & Money

If you’re thinking of hiring a Leo female, you are likely making a good decision as long as you have the right role in mind for her. 

If you want someone to inspire others, be a leader, and bring passion and energy to your workplace, the Leo woman’s personality is a perfect match for those needs. 

If you need someone to sit quietly and diligently do things without any real notice or much interaction, you should probably look elsewhere, as a Leo woman’s traits are not going to lend themselves well to sitting somewhere out of the way, punching a timeclock when coming in and out. 

The Leo woman makes a great salesperson, manager, and performer in general.

She is not going to be shy about money, either. She is going to spend for a number of reasons, including to give to others, to make herself feel powerful, or even to make up for some type of loss or disappointment. In general, the Leo female is not a saver or a miser – she’s going to use what she has and not worry about the next day or the day after. Therefore, if you’re a partner with a Leo female, be prepared for some unexpected credit card bills and expenses.

Overall, the Leo woman is:

  • Passionate
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Generous
  • Interesting
  • Difficult in certain ways (but everyone else can be, too!)

Enjoy your time with your own Leo – you’ll definitely enjoy a lot of memories.

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