The Ox of the Chinese Zodiac

Ox Chinese Horoscope
Years: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021
Element: Earth
Yin or Yang: Yin
Lucky Colours: Yellow, Blue, Purple
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Crystal: Aquamarine
Flower: Lily of the Valley
Characteristics: Reliable, Loyal, Determined, Grounded

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The Legend of the Ox

Like their four-legged counterparts in the wild, those born in the year of the Ox are famed for their resilience, reliability, diligence, and giving, helpful nature.

In the Chinese zodiac race, it was the Ox who allowed the Rat to jump on his back because the tiny creature was too small to possibly compete with the larger animals. This obliging and sympathetic aspect is common to any Ox, who always goes out of their way to help those in need.

Year of the Ox Personality Traits

The Chinese zodiac Ox is conventional and likes routine. Oxen are firm believers in working hard for what they want, and they do not use shortcuts or cheating methods to reach their goals. Oxen will work tirelessly for thirty years, waking up at the same time every morning and going to sleep at the same time every night until they reach their intended destination. This remarkable tenacity goes unrivalled by any other sign in the Chinese zodiac.

However, such tenacity can manifest as either positive or negative.

On the positive side, it is this endearing quality that gives him the incentive to keep plodding on until they reach their goal, like the tireless ox that works the fields. While everyone else is giving up or taking a detour, the Ox plods on resiliently, never wavering in resolution.

On the negative, this resilience can veer into stubbornness. The Ox is a mightily stubborn creature. It is this bull-headed quality that prevents Oxen from listening to anyone else once their minds are made up. Doggedly plowing on, the Ox will continue on their way, deaf to any pleas or attempts to see reason. Oxen have a plan in place, and nothing is going to stand in their way.

At times, the Ox can be a little too serious, forgetting to have fun every once in a while. Even fun endeavors may be viewed as a military operation; a game of bowling may turn into strategic warfare of pins and bowls; movie night with popcorn may turn into a diligent discussion about plot, characters, themes, and how to pop popcorn to perfection! But this is a charming quality that friends and loved ones – though they may find it exasperating at times – love them all the more for.

The Ox is highly patient, one of the qualities that makes them so thoroughly endearing. Because of their aversion to complaining in front of others, the Ox prefers to suffer in silence and carry the load squarely on their own shoulders. But if, on some rare occasion, you cross the boundary and push an Ox’s patience too far—watch out! Like a bull in a China shop (so to speak), the Ox can become utterly terrifying, angry, and unable to see reason. Best to get out of the way!

Because of the Ox’s predisposition to slow-burning as opposed to quick-fire, this is a sign that finds it hard to let go of past pain. When an Ox has been wounded, you will know about it. Not by loud, uninhibited complaining like the Rooster or endless sulking like the Rabbit, but by the way that Oxen throw themselves into their work.

Work is the remedy to cure all ills for the Ox.

A silent Ox who does nothing but work day and night is a sure-fire sign that there is a wound there, and it may take a long time to heal. This can sometimes be exacerbated by their disapproval of dramatic and over-emotional displays. If you want to appeal to an Ox, aim for their intellect and logic–raw emotion does not sit too well with them.

Ox ladies are indeed true ladies. Protective and efficient, they are elegant and classy in their own right, and they have excellent initiative skills. What’s more, they hate being late! The lady Ox is highly prolific in anything she does, and she will take charge wherever necessary, ensuring the smooth running of home and work and making sure all needs are met. As a hard-working and honest sign, the Ox female is gentle and soft-spoken without being domineering, and she doesn’t put up with any nonsense.

Both Ox males and Ox females are leaders and disciplinarians, though they may express these qualities in their own individual ways; they do not stand for rebellion, but they ensure that those who follow the law of the land will be well taken care of and provided with everything they need.

Overall, the year of the Ox makes for a solid, dependable, and persevering personality. Unlike the Monkey who breezes through life using wit and charm, or the Rat who climbs to the top using sharp cunning, the Ox employs sheer tenacity to reach their ends, and it is something that many find very admirable.

The Ox & Love

In love, a Chinese zodiac Ox takes time to develop feelings for people, and they prefer lengthy courtships to quick romps in the sack. They are very traditional, and this shows in the way they approach matters of the heart.

To win the affections of an Ox, male or female, then you’re most likely to succeed if your head is screwed securely and squarely on your shoulders.

The flighty Tiger or the fantasy-driven Goat is unlikely to win over an Ox; this sign is very much grounded in the “real world,” and they intend to build a kingdom based on qualities of assurance, reliability, and dedication.

The Male Ox

They can become rather gun-shy when in love. Many Ox men are usually dressed impeccably with excellent speaking skills and elegant air of confidence, but when it comes to women, they can turn into tongue-tied teenagers. The Ox man is not the most romantic in love and is likely to buy you something practical rather than wooing you with chocolate and flowers, but once committed, he is utterly devoted and faithful.

The Ox man would go to the ends of the Earth for his beloved, and he will do so in a way that is guaranteed to get results.

If married to an Ox man, you will not want for anything; he will take care of the bills, ensure you have everything you need and make sure the home is running smoothly. He may come across as a little predictable at times which may give off the impression of being dull, but if he is matched with a partner who thoroughly appreciates his assurances of comfort and security, it will be a very happy match indeed.

The Female Ox

The Ox lady seeks a partner who epitomizes stability above all else. It is not wooing gestures of romance that win her, nor dashing escapades in the night. Stability, order, and security are the way to win an Ox lady’s heart.

Ox women are tough, and they require their men to be equally as tough as they are: wishy-washy dreamers have little chance of wooing the Ox woman. They cannot be described as great seductresses or overly concerned with using their womanly ways to entice a man. Instead, they rely on their strength and keen sense of self-confidence to attract a mate, and, indeed, these qualities are considered deeply endearing by many members of the opposite sex.

Ox Love Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac Ox is most drawn to the enigmatic and flamboyant Rooster, who shares the same trine in the Chinese zodiac. This colorful bird is not as rigid or structured as the Ox in the traditional sense, but both of them have great respect for authority and a strong work ethic. The Ox will appreciate the Rooster’s values which are synonymous with their own, yet the bird’s dynamic and showy way of expressing them will bring some much-desired excitement into an Ox’s life. Together, these two make a wonderful pairing.

Equally, the Ox is also attracted to the Snake, who makes up the third animal in their trine; the Snake is another one who is poised and believes in structure and methodical planning.

Similarly, the Rat will appreciate the Ox’s deep need for security and their tender, caring ways.

The Ox is advised to stay away from the Goat (unless, of course, a favorable ascendant is present and vice versa).

In the Circle of Conflict, the Ox and Goat stand opposite one another, exposing their very different characters. The Ox’s natural season is winter, while the Goat rules summer. The Goat’s fixed element is Fire, and the Ox is Water.

The Goat is the natural dreamer of the Chinese Zodiac – idealistic, dreamy, and highly creative. The Ox, by contrast, is the ultimate realist who has no time for what he considers to be “airy-fairy” ways. Both are determined to get what they want, but both do it with conflicting energies. The Goat values abstract, almost ethereal thinking, while the Ox values practical, grounded thinking. The Goat is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and one of the most emotional, and they are not afraid to show it.

Oxen, with their practical, methodical approaches and aversion to over-emotional displays, would find themselves well out of their comfort zone with the Goat native. Because of this, the Ox will become impatient with the Goat’s insecurities and fears; in turn, the Goat will view the Ox as a cold, calculating individual who has zero empathy. A match is ill-advised.

The Ox & Career

Those born in the year of the Ox often find themselves in positions of authority because, of all the signs, they are the ones who can be most relied upon to get the job done.

Ox natives take their roles seriously; nothing would be more devastating for them than to discover they had failed in the line of duty. This is why they can often be found heading military operations or leading large campaigns. They also excel as managers in the corporate world and start up their own businesses, provided there is a solid, workable plan in place.

Technical roles and ones which do not demand too much emotional effort are also highly suitable for the Ox. In addition, lawyers, doctor’s office clerks, and accountants are very much suited to Ox natives because these will indulge their logical and methodical minds; similarly, these types of positions provide excellent security and stability benefits for the long term.

Social work is also appealing to the benevolent Ox who can combine logical tendencies with compassionate ones.

Oxen can only thrive in careers and jobs which are steady and stable; they do not do well in jobs that are unpredictable and fast-moving, such as journalism. The uncertainty of such a role does not bode well for them, and Ox natives may find themselves spiraling out of control under such uncertain pressure.

The Ox & Money

A true Good Samaritan, the Chinese zodiac Ox is the type of person who will run after you if you have left your wallet on the bus seeking no reward or the anonymous donor who donates a substantial sum to a charitable cause. This is a highly charitable sign and to give is its own reward; this benevolence speaks of the kindness and compassion of the Ox native, which can be overlooked by the sometimes stern and rigid demeanor they give off.

It is not so much that the Ox is motivated by money as it is the stability that comes with it.

Unlike Rats who are primarily motivated by money and smile with glee as they watch the dollars roll into their bank accounts, Oxen see money as a tool with which to attain the security and comfort that they desperately crave. This is partly why Oxen are so generous with money. It is not just their own security that matters to them, but the security of everybody else, too. Therefore, if lending money is what the Ox needs to do in order to expand this empire of security, then lend it the Ox shall.

Oxen do not like when money is put to what they consider to be the wrong use. If the money they lend is frittered away on a night out that achieves nothing except headaches in the morning and a weakened bank balance, an Ox may be prone to a severe frown. Unless the night out has been methodically planned and agreed upon, there is unlikely to be a smiling Ox by the end of it.

The Ox Through The Elements

Metal Ox

Metal Ox
1961, 2021

This is the most strong-willed of all the Chinese zodiac Ox elements. This sign does not respond well to authority – if an Ox believes they are right, then they are right, and woe betides anyone who stands in their way!

The Metal Ox never backs down, and Oxen traits of endurance and persistence are exemplified with this element.

In addition, Oxen are not particularly affectionate characters, but they appreciate sensual beauty, such as art and music.

Further, the stamina of the Metal Ox is second to none; even if they were up against a hundred, a Metal Ox would not give in and keep bulldozing through until achieving the necessary objective. While this is an admirable quality, the Metal Ox should be careful not to be too forceful when trying to drive a point across.

These Oxen can become vengeful when things do not go their way, something they would be wise to guard against.

Water Ox

Water Ox
1973, 2033

The most flexible of all the Oxen, the Water Ox does not display the same sense of stubbornness common to the Ox native, as the Water element endows this Ox with more adaptability and a willingness to change.

Water Oxen will reject suggestions that are too unconventional but will not mind adjusting things a little if it means an easier, more beneficial pathway for himself and those around them.

In addition, the Water Ox is the ultimate follower of the law; their status is very important to them.

Further, when up against opposition, the Water Ox displays extraordinary patience and calm, which very few opponents can match, particularly Fire signs who may find their flames swiftly put out by the methodical endurance of this Water sign.

Wood Ox

Wood Ox
1925, 1985

The Wood Ox of the Chinese zodiac is more considerate of others’ feelings and sensitivities than the other Ox elements. Wood Oxen may react quicker in situations and is the most gifted in terms of empathizing with other people’s feelings. Wood Oxen are more sociable than their elemental counterparts, but they will retain that same reserve that the Ox is famous for.

This Ox particularly understands the importance of human interaction and recognizes that no matter how driven or tenacious one may be, no one is an island, and one can achieve their goals to greater heights through teamwork and mutual understanding.

Finally, there is a corporate inclination to the Wood Ox, and they are likely to succeed in this area.

Fire Ox

Fire Ox
1937, 1997

Fire brings flair and power to the otherwise quiet Chinese zodiac Ox native. Fire Oxen have an innate gift for showmanship, and they may be more controlling and determined than any of the other Oxen.

The Fire Ox can get so caught up in ambitions that they may discard people or things that they no longer find beneficial, giving them the reputation of being rather heartless.

Continually, the Ox in this element can be extremely harsh to anyone to oppose them and relentless in driving their point across—this is someone you would want on your side in a battle. For this reason, Fire Oxen are often drawn to military service or other forms of conflict. Their passion, drive, and determination to stomp on the enemy provide a great service to military forces or humanitarian causes worth fighting for.

Finally, Fire Oxen will protect their loved ones at all costs and, above all, never shy away when duty calls.

Earth Ox

Earth Ox
1949, 2009

The Earth element brings extra strength and endurance to the Earth Ox. The Ox’s typical qualities of determination and drive are amplified in this position.

One of the Earth Ox’s greatest strengths is the ability to take an objective look at both their strengths and weaknesses and then methodically use them to achieve their aims. Earth Oxen will work till they drop in order to reach the necessary goals, and their ultimate aim revolves around stability.

These Oxen may endure extreme suffering; there is an almost martyr-like quality to this element due to their tolerance of hardship and strife. They are not the most affectionate creatures, but they are loving, faithful, and loyal.

Finally, while they are the slowest of all the elemental Oxen, they are the most guaranteed for success due to their sheer willpower.

Famous People Born In The Year Of The Ox

  • Walt Disney
  • Barack Obama
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Meryl Streep
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Christiano Ronaldo
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Richard Nixon
  • Rosa Parks
  • Keira Knightley
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Princess Diana
  • Kate Moss
  • Kylie Jenner
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