The Rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope
Years: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023
Element: Wood
Yin or Yang: Yin
Lucky Colours: Red, Pink, Blue, Purple
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 6
Crystal: Pearl
Flower: Cyclamen
Characteristics: Empathetic, Social, Trustworthy, Modest

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The Legend of the Rabbit

Occupying the fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac is the well-mannered, gracious Rabbit.

According to the Zodiac legend, where twelve animals raced to cross the finishing line, the Rabbit experienced difficulty when he came to the river. Watching rather helplessly as the Ox, Rat, and Tiger swam across it with ease, he saw a nearby raft dumped near the riverbank and had a bright idea.

“I’ll use this raft to cross the river!” he thought in delight.

However, the careful, plucky Rabbit had not anticipated the sudden rush of wind that threatened to blow him into the water. As he paddled away on the raft resiliently in an effort to cross the river, what seemed like a small hurricane came whizzing towards him, almost tipping the raft over; the Rabbit hung on for dear life.

Luckily, the Dragon was flying past at that moment and saw the Rabbit’s struggles. Forgetting his own desire to win the race, he flew down quickly and blew a huge gust of wind from his nostrils at the hurricane, ensuring the Rabbit’s path across the river was clear and that no more harm would come to him. The Rabbit looked up with gratitude and began paddling once again; the Dragon stayed with him the entire time to make sure the hurricane didn’t return.

Moments later, the Rabbit made it to the riverbank and hopped away, coming in fourth place just after the Tiger. And this is why, to this day, the Dragon holds a special place in the Rabbit’s heart, and vice versa.

Year of the Rabbit Personality Traits

Gracious, elegant, and laid-back, the Rabbit occupies the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Rabbits are perhaps the most refined of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. They have a special air of grace around them that goes unrivaled by their contemporaries. They are represented by Yin, which highlights their inward focus and the sign’s femininity. 

Rabbits tend to go through life with ease. Not because life is necessarily easy for them, but because they have a penchant for tranquil surroundings and peaceful, amicable relations. Unlike the robust, conflict-driven Tiger or the power-driven Rat, the Rabbit wants only harmony in its life—conflict and confrontation often have them running for cover faster than you can say “carrot!”

When the Rabbit feels threatened in some way, it is common for them to retreat to their burrows and not emerge until the dust has settled and it is safe to come out again. This is not because the Chinese zodiac Rabbit is cowardly in any way. No, not at all! Despite their docile ways, they have an incredibly strong will. Unlike more exuberant signs such as the Dragon and Rooster, who often express themselves with much bluster and dynamism, the Rabbit’s confidence is a quiet one, which does not parade itself on display.

Known for their cunning cognitive abilities and impeccable manners, Rabbits often make excellent diplomats, statesmen, and hostesses. The Rabbit is the type of person you would see at a formal gathering dressed in smart clothes with a benign look on their face, speaking cordially to the people around them.

This sign is famed in the business world for their shrewd alertness while coming across as decisively non-threatening. This actually works to their advantage as they use this non-intimidating aura to get what they want.

The Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac likes having what they want. Make no mistake about it! They are perfectly happy to live in a pleasant home, on a pleasant street, away from the horrors of the world, enjoying a cup of tea and a chat with friends while engaging in some enjoyable pastime, such as piano-playing or sewing. They like the finer things in life.

While the whole world could be crashing down all around them, the Rabbit will conduct themselves with calm and poise. They are the distinguished gentlemen and the fine ladies of the court, able to stay elegant and poised when others are being brash and abrasive.

The wonderful wit and charm of the Rabbit ensure excellent company for all those who know them. Being invited to a Rabbit’s home means an afternoon of excellent company and fine food. Rabbits like to cook, and if they don’t cook for themselves, they will ensure the most delicious meals are delivered right to their doorstep.

Rabbits are excellent at listening to other people’s problems, and many have had the benefit of their kind and caring nature. But don’t expect the Rabbit to charge into battle with you – their role begins and ends as a passive, caring advisor. They will happily listen to you for hours on end as you vent your woes, and they will gladly lend you money if you are in a pickle. But if it comes to taking your side against the bad guys and standing head-to-head in full-on confrontation, don’t even think about it! This is not the Rabbit’s “way,” so don’t be annoyed if they display extreme reluctance to stand in front of a roaring crowd and right the wrongs of the world with you. Rabbits have sometimes been accused of turning a “blind eye,” but it is simply not in their nature to go into the depths of darkness and battle the monsters.

Having said that, the Rabbit will be the first to help heal your wounds once all the fighting is over. No one is more hospitable than the Rabbit, and they will do everything they can to nurse you back to health.

Refined, charming, elegant, and hospitable, the Rabbit makes a wonderful friend to all. Their placid and caring natures are deeply valued, particularly by those who view conflict as a way of life and need someone to help them rest and recuperate. The Rabbit brings beauty, grace, and elegance to the world, and as such, their presence is appreciated by all who have the pleasure of coming into contact with them.

Rabbits & Love

Chinese zodiac Rabbits are typically old-fashioned in love and certainly do not have an inclination to hop into bed with whomever they end up with on the first date, despite what you might think. They are quite conservative in matters of the heart and are not prone to falling in love at the drop of a hat. Instead, the Rabbit believes in courtship.

Overall, both male and female Rabbits make wonderful romantic partners, for they are firm advocates of beauty, luxury, and harmony, which make for a very pleasant partnership indeed. Neither like conflict, so arguments and rows will be at a minimum, though their partner must watch out for passive-aggressive behavior and try to appease them when they are having a sulk.

Male Rabbits

The Rabbit male will often have a distinguished air about him; whether he dresses smartly or a bit on the rugged side is irrelevant. He will have a very old-fashioned sort of aura about him with old-fashioned values. He is looking for a partner to wine and dine, to court, and to get to know intimately before agreeing to a formal commitment.

There may be a shyness about him that can either manifest as quietness or, on the extreme end of the spectrum, unnatural robustness.

Either way, like his furry counterpart in the wild, the Rabbit male seeks a mate with whom to start a family and settle down. He likes to be the provider and take care of his partner.

There may be certain rules and standards the relationship will have to live up to, but his partner will enjoy a comfortable and happy relationship with most, if not all, of their needs being met.

Female Rabbits

The Rabbit female is the epitome of elegance. Typically, Ms. Rabbit would prefer a rich businessperson over a penniless but pretty rogue; this is because the female Rabbit truly does enjoy the finer things in life, and the former will be able to provide her with luxuries that are often a necessary part of her existence.

On the other hand, if Ms. Rabbit is a self-made woman, she will prefer a wealthy partner over a poorer one, but only if the poorer one in question is a bit of a freeloader. The female Rabbit would consider this to be crass and want no part of it in her life.

Rich or poor, a lady Rabbit’s partner must have enough sensitivity to leave her in peace when she is being sullen or moody. Anyone who displays insensitivity or boorishness in this area will swiftly be shown the door.

Rabbit Love Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac Rabbit is part of the Fourth Trine and is most compatible with the other animals in the Fourth Trine: the Pig and the Goat. These signs all have the same love of harmony and the same dislike of conflict; a match usually yields a happy partnership, free of strife or struggle.

However, because the Rabbit is such a placid and easy-going character, they can also make good partners for more passionate and dynamic signs such as Tigers and Dragons. Both of these latter signs will appreciate the Rabbit’s modesty and quiet confidence, so very different from their own.

The Rabbit is strongly advised to stay away from the Rooster and vice versa. In the Circle of Conflict, the Rabbit and Rooster stand directly opposite each other, demonstrating their very different natures and beliefs.

Above all else, the Rabbit values etiquette. The Rooster, by contrast, has little regard for etiquette and can often be loud, boisterous and prone to getting in people’s faces. This is something the Rabbit simply cannot bear, and the Rooster, in turn, will find it both offensive and ridiculous that the Rabbit is refined to the point of stiffness. A match is ill-advised, even with ascendant-friendly animals.

Rabbits & Career

Because Rabbits are such well-mannered and well-spoken individuals, they tend to be excellent at diplomacy and mediators. Therefore, they do very well as counselors, psychiatrists, statesmen, accountants, librarians, and within the financial and business sector.

This sign is very good at sustaining the same role for a long period of time, preferring the stability of a nine-to-five role as opposed to flexible work or hopping from one job to the other.

Rabbits tend to be quite fortunate in their careers because they have the type of easy-going persona that is valued in companies and corporations. Rabbits prefer roles where they can use their excellent diplomatic and people-friendly skills to help build companies, as opposed to leading them themselves.

Rabbits & Money

Rabbits tend to never want for money because they are hard workers whose main concern is being comfortable in life. They enjoy luxury and are willing to work hard to get it.

It is very rare to see a Chinese zodiac Rabbit on job benefits or borrowing money left, right, and center. While they are fond of money, they can only really relax when they know they have enough money in the bank for all their creature comforts. This is why, even if a Rabbit dislikes their job, they will wake up every morning and perform their duties diligently to ensure their bank account balance is always ready for the most important thing: comfort.

Though not lavish with money, Rabbits are known to splash out every now and then in order to indulge their whims. A massage here, a spa there, a weekend away there, a fancy restaurant here. This is a common practice to the Rabbit native and one they like to share with friends and family alike.

The Rabbit Through The Elements

Metal Rabbit
1951, 2011

Perhaps the sturdiest and most robust of all the Rabbits, the Metal Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac will delve into conflict more readily than the others.

Highly intelligent and logical, this Rabbit has strong ambitions and can be quite ruthless in their desire to achieve them. However, this desire is often hidden by their cool intellect.

Art is a great emotional inspiration for the Metal Rabbit. Though not overly concerned with the opinions of others, beautiful paintings, writing, sculptures, and other pieces of art can move a Metal Rabbit to tears. In fact, this Rabbit can often be found in a career within the arts, such as a collector or exhibitionist.

Metal Rabbits do not open their true selves easily to others and can be prone to mood swings, but when they do open up to someone, they display their deeply passionate and ardent nature.

Water Rabbit
1963, 2023

This is the most emotional of all the Rabbits. The Water Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac can be very fragile and sensitive; others are advised to tread carefully around this Rabbit in regard to what they say, for their feelings can be hurt very easily!

This Rabbit is the most in tune with others’ feelings and may possess gifts of clairvoyance. Water Rabbits’ intuition is extremely high, and if you are lying to one, they will know.

The Water Rabbit, though possessing keen logic skills and a sharp mind, can often find them muddled by the ocean of emotions that often overpower them. This Rabbit elemental has a tendency to dwell on past hurts, becoming moody or resentful at the drop of a hat. However, Water Rabbits also have the power to rally others to their cause due to their strong ability to appeal to people’s emotions.

If the Water Rabbit can find a middle ground between their emotions and logic, they will find great success.

Wood Rabbit
1975, 2035

The most charitable of all Rabbits, the Wood Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac is an incredibly kind-hearted soul who goes out of their way to help those in need.

This Rabbit is both warm and generous, the type of person who would provide someone shelter for the night or give them the last pack of biscuits in their cupboard. However, due to their generous nature, others may be inclined to take advantage of them, which the Wood Rabbit should watch out for.

The Wood Rabbit works well as a team as they value the company of others and like to be around people. But the Wood Rabbit’s love of people sometimes leads them to refrain from speaking their mind for fear of conflict or offending anyone, which can place them in a difficult position. The Wood Rabbit has no problem fitting in, but if they learn to speak their mind when necessary, they will feel both emboldened and confident for all their subsequent endeavors.

Fire Rabbit
1927, 1987

This is an excitable and fun-loving Chinese zodiac Rabbit who has a stronger sense of self than their elemental counterparts. The Fire Rabbit has more energy and drive than the others but is able to mask it with their cool and collected manner.

Excellent at expressing their ideas, others often rally around Fire Rabbits, whose natural warmth and dynamism are an inspiration. However, even this Rabbit has a strong dislike for confrontation and would prefer using other diplomatic methods to settle disputes.

Like the Water Rabbit, the Fire Rabbit also has incredible intuition and may also possess strong psychic abilities.

Earth Rabbit
1939, 1999

A logical and reasonable Chinese zodiac Rabbit, the Earth Rabbit is a constant and dedicated individual who does not give way to over-emotional displays or hare-brained (if you’ll pardon the pun) schemes. This is a Rabbit that thinks before they speak and looks before they leap.

When upset, Earth Rabbits will very rarely let others know how they are feeling, preferring to turn inwards rather than outwards.

The Earth Rabbit can be quite materialistic and can sometimes come across as selfish to other signs. But when they are made aware of her shortcomings, the Earth Rabbit will never fail to acknowledge them and will do everything in their power to overcome them. This is an admirable quality that earns Earth Rabbits the respect of many.

Famous People Born In The Year Of The Rabbit

  • Tina Turner
  • Whitney Houston
  • Johnny Depp
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Brad Pitt
  • Orson Welles
  • Albert Einstein
  • Queen Victoria
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Henry Miller
  • Ingrid Bergman
  • Michael Jordan
  • George C. Scott
  • Lionel Messi
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Michelle Obama
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