Yes or No Tarot Reading

Here's Your Instant Yes or No Tarot Reading

Looking for quick guidance or clear answers to your burning questions? This Yes or No Tarot reading provides a straightforward yes or no response instantly.

Close your eyes, concentrate on your question, and choose your card…

What Tarot Cards Determine a "Yes" or "No" Answer?

Upright vs Reversed Tarot Cards

A simple way to receiving “yes or no” answers is to ask your yes or no question and take all reversed cards as “no” and upright cards as a “yes.”

Minor Arcana vs Major Arcana

Separate all the Major Arcana from the Minor Arcana and put the Major Arcana aside.

Interpret Wands and Swords (suits of action and movement) as “yes” and Cups and Pentacles as “no.”

Use Your Own Energy

Use the energy you have put into your deck and interpret the rules based on your personal relationship with your deck.

Assign yes/no values to the cards yourself beforehand in a journal or on a piece of paper to reference later. It is best to assign them based on what makes sense to you personally so that you can remember them more naturally, as well as understand the intensity of the yes or no on your own.

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