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Cups are one of the four suits in the Minor Arcana. Similar to playing cards, these four suits act as a neat way to sort the cards (cups are similar to hearts), but Tarot adds a twist.

Each suit has a different meaning, themes, and resolution to the reader meaning that knowing the significance of cups is important when learning about the Tarot.

The four suits are:

  1. Cups
  2. Swords
  3. Pentacles
  4. Wands

Sometimes in esoteric realms, cups are called chalices or bowls as well.

This suit is connected to the element of Water, meaning that in a Tarot reading, you can associate cup cards with a Water sign person or a theme associated with emotion and feeling.

For example, the 8 of Cups focuses on the feeling of loss or abandonment within daily life. When it’s pulled, it means we are not being fulfilled and that we need to get clarity in our love lives and general state of mind. The card features cups and Water as symbols accompanying other symbolic pieces.

In a card reading, this suit can help you to understand your emotions, indicate that the situation involved is an emotional issue, or give you glimpses as to how someone else is feeling about you or a particular aspect of things. Cups are also associated with creativity, inspiration, intuition, and attachment.

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