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Are you a blogger or author with experience and expertise in esoteric topics such as astrology, crystals, Tarot, or numerology?

We’re looking for guest writers who can provide unique, original articles (unpublished on other websites or magazines) on a wide range of esoteric and metaphysical topics.

Our goal is to highlight and promote experienced writers, healers, metaphysical practitioners, and astrologers.

Why Write for Astrology Answers?


Well-written articles deserve to get a lot of attention.

Astrology Answers gets around 16 million page views per month. Your article, name and biography (with the opportunity to provide links back to your own website and social media channels) will reach a large and invested audience.

This is your chance to get your name and content on a high-authority esoteric website!


Your article will be published on all of our social media channels, which boast over 1.1 million followers.

We will also feature your article in some of our emails and newsletters which also boast over 1 million subscribers.

Our Guidelines

Thinking about sending us a pitch? Please make sure you:

  • See what we already have published on Astrology Answers
  • Get familiar with the type of content we publish

We’re always looking for new ideas, or a new perspective on familiar topics.

What we cover

What we don't cover

  • Angels / Ghosts
  • Witches / Paganism
  • “Cure-Alls” (i.e. Claiming that a crystal or ritual can help a physical medical problem)

Article Topics We’re Currently Accepting

We are not currently accepting articles at this time.

Ready to Get Noticed on Astrology Answers?

We’re looking for experts who know what they’re talking about. We are an authority on astrology online, and it’s important that we walk the walk and talk the talk.

We want articles that go beyond the surface and dive into in-depth and engaging discussions about the various topics we highlighted above.

Most people know that Leos are confident, or that Capricorns are hard workers, so what might you bring to the table within an article that goes beyond a basic analysis of the zodiac signs? There is much to speak about on the subject of numerology, but how might you be able to spin an engaging piece on Life Path Numbers that connects to Tarot?

Be unique and you will stand out!

Use “AA Writer’s Pitch” as your subject line and be sure to include your working title as well as a brief description of what your article will be about.

If your pitch is approved, our team will follow up with next steps within 14 days!

Please note that this is not a page to submit customer service issues or to ask questions regarding astrology, numerology, or Tarot. This page is only to apply to become a guest writer for Astrology Answers.

If you need customer service, please visit our customer service page.

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