Cancer Woman: Traits, Love, & More

Cancer Woman

The Cancer zodiac sign is complicated overall, and a Cancer woman comes with a lot of different layers. 

She can be emotional, but she can also build a large wall around the display of those emotions. She can be passionate, but she may not seem that way. She can be loving, but it takes time to get to know her. The Cancer personality in a female is fascinating, and it’s one that needs a bit of studying if you’re going to have someone of this sign and gender in your life. 

The good news is that if you learn more about a Cancer woman’s traits, you can earn yourself a loyal, lifelong companion. Earning the loyalty of a Cancer woman is something that will bring with it a lifetime of different rewards.

About the Cancer Woman: Her Overall Personality

A Cancer woman is constantly thinking, but she tends to let her emotions govern a lot of different situations. You’ll often hear her talking about how she feels rather than listening to her lay out some detailed, analytical analysis of a problem. 

She appears tough and battle-tested on the outside, but she’s soft and warm on the inside. Some Cancer women are shy, while others tend to thrive when they are in the spotlight. One aspect of a Cancer personality in a female, however, is that she is intensely loyal to those that she feels have earned a place in her life.

On the other side, a Cancer female can be moody. She can fall victim to pessimism and negative thoughts. She will have a fine-tuned sense of intuition, but that intuition can sometimes lead her to overreact to situations. 

Cancer women tend to be very hard on themselves, which is consistent with what you’ll find in a Cancer man for the most part. 

You may never really know what you’re going to get from a Cancer woman on a day-day basis in terms of mood or responses, but in the big picture, you’re getting a loyal and caring friend and/or lover or partner.

Love, Dating, & Relationships with a Cancer Woman

If you’ve started dating a Cancer woman, you need to immediately understand that you’re not going to win her love and loyalty easily. A Cancer woman takes setbacks hard, so if she’s had a lot of tough experiences in her dating life, it’s going to take her that much longer to let her guard down. She’s a very sensitive sort even though she may not put that out there overtly. 

It’s safe to say that a Cancer female is carrying all of that weight of past disappointment with her as she decides whether or not to trust someone new, so don’t take that personally – she’s only being careful.

That said, a Cancer woman in love can seem like a gift once she commits. She is loyal, totally invested in her relationship, and extremely passionate. She will spend time studying you and your tendencies, and that’s not because she’s being defensive, but rather she’s investing in getting to know you. 

She wants to understand all that there is about you so that if things progress, she can be the best partner possible. This is why a Cancer woman is a wonderful companion, even though you may have to tolerate a bit of moodiness or standoffishness at times. 

Are you a good match for Cancer?

The Cancer Wife & Mother

As a spouse, the Cancer woman as a wife is consistent with the rest of the Cancer personality profile. She will require regular, if not almost constant, reinforcement that she has done the right thing by entering this marriage. She has an insatiable need to feel loved and desired but also secure. 

If you don’t do this, she can withdraw, and that moodiness of a Cancer woman can begin to surface with almost alarming regularity. 

If her role is clear and her place is secure in your heart, and she knows that, what you’ll find is a wife who is nurturing, caring, loyal, and always there to help you however she can. These are wonderful traits in any spouse, and you’ll get them intensely with a Cancer spouse.

Perhaps above all else, the Cancer woman’s personality is known for its maternal instincts. This is one of the best mothers you could ever hope for. She is innately drawn to her children, completely devoting herself to their care and wellbeing. 

She will become a true mother if you have children, and she will never let any detail go unnoticed or unmanaged when it’s time for her to care for her little ones. That maternal instinct will also make her fiercely protective at times, as she will rule the roost when it comes time to mete out discipline, set and manage a routine, and put forth a positive example for those young people who are always watching and learning.

What is the Cancer Female like as a Friend?

If you have a Cancer female as a friend, you probably already feel like she’s the person you’re going to call when you really need someone to listen. Cancer women are extremely accommodating and willing to give of themselves, including their time and energy, for those that they deem worthy of their friendship. 

They are loyal and devoted to those that they love. They are also not afraid to lay out some insights that may not be all that comfortable when necessary, but in the meantime, they’ll be there and stick with you through some tough situations.

At certain times, the Cancer woman can seem like she’s not all that interested in sharing herself in a friendship. 

She’ll listen to your deepest thoughts and feelings with genuine empathy and interest, but she’s not one who’s going to spill her guts to anyone else. That can be confusing to friends, but that’s just the nature of who she is – a Cancer woman’s personality traits prevent her from being too open with anyone, and at times that even includes themselves.

The Cancer Career Woman & Money

At work, the Cancer woman is not someone who is going to enjoy running around from place to place in a frenzy. 

At work, she: 

  • Works hard
  • Works diligently
  • Is reliable
  • Does not want to work the room at a networking event 
  • Always pays attention to others

She would tend to excel in academics, architecture, homemaking, and even some aspects of the law. She needs to feel like she’s making a difference in the lives of others to find true fulfillment.

When it comes to money, you would do well with a Cancer woman as a business partner. She is not going to be rash or emotional when it comes to money, and she’s not going to take any undue risks with it. She is conservative in this regard and always ready to do the right thing. 

If you’re in a romantic partnership with a Cancer woman, you won’t have to worry about her running up credit card bills or doing irresponsible things with money. That’s always a reassuring quality to have, and it’s one that everyone tends to appreciate.

Overall, a Cancer woman is mysterious only because of all of the layers involved in her personality. She is kind and loving but can seem aloof and cold. She is loyal and passionate but can seem otherwise when her mood swings. 

In the end, a Cancer woman makes for a tremendous friend, lover, spouse, mother, and business colleague or partner.

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