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May 18, 2024 - You could make some impressive achievements on the work front today, and from the look of things you’ll have all the emotional support you need to make it rain in the process. The Moon is moving through your 10th House of Professional Ambition and Long-Term Success, so your mind is primed to work your way up life’s great ladder and show the world what you can do.

Thankfully the planets are coming together to help you in this process, especially when the Moon trines alchemical Pluto in your 2nd House of Earned Income and Material Wealth, encouraging you to make your efforts count and get your due rewards in the process. If you’ve been hoping to earn more money then this angle can help you uncover a fabulous new opportunity or two to help increase your net worth.

May 18, 2024 - The Moon is in Libra and in your 10th house today, this is bringing the focus on the public and external aspect of your relationship. Is the image that you present to the world of your romantic partnership an accurate portrayal of the reality…

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May 18, 2024 - Are you in touch with your calling? This is something to ask yourself today as the Moon is in Libra and in your 10th house of career. So often people go through their lives, mindlessly working at a job that doesn't fulfill them, that…

May 18, 2024 - Capricorn, review your long-term financial plans and ensure they align with your aspirations for success and recognition. Consider letting go of outdated financial strategies and embrace a more innovative approach for sustained growth.

May 18, 2024 - If you've been struggling to maintain a healthy weight, today brings opportunities to discover new exercise or health regimes which take your fancy, Capricorn. Sometimes sprucing things up and trying something new is all that you need to get things going again. If you…

May 18, 2024 - This is going to be a rather interesting day for you, Capricorn, and while you could manage to accomplish quite a lot if you put your mind to it, what doesn’t appear to be on offer is any clear promise of a romantic rendezvous.…

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