Sunstone Crystals


Color(s): Yellow or orange, or red

Affirmation(s): "I am proud of who I am."

About Sunstone

Harnessing the energy of the Sun, Sunstone is known to help us find our joy, harmony, and happiness after a dark time. Also known as Goldstone, its warm, bright appearance represents abundance and brings bright, positive energy. 

Its properties of vitality and empowerment are particularly beneficial for Leo and Libra placements, both of whom rely on their good humor and ability to find joy in life.

How to Use Sunstone

This is an excellent everyday stone to wear or have in your home as it is a mood brightener and helps clear negative energy. Place a piece on the threshold of your home or in a hallway so that its energy can radiate to the remainder of your home.

Sunstone's primary chakra is the Sacral chakra, the space where your inner balance comes from. Just as it is a clearer of negative energy for your space, you can use this crystal during chakra healing to clear negativity from your inner-self.

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