The Snake of the Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Horoscope
Years: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025
Element: Fire
Yin or Yang: Yin
Lucky Colours: Red, Yellow, Black
Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 9
Crystal: Amethyst
Flower: Orchid
Characteristics: Cunning, Decisive, Intense, Witty

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The Legend of the Snake

The sixth sign of the Chinese zodiac is the enigmatic, attractive, wise, and cunning Snake.

In the legendary Chinese zodiac race, where 12 animals raced to cross the finishing line and have a year named after them, the Snake was somewhat at a disadvantage due to the fact that he was slithering, unlike all the other animals who ran or flew (with the exception of the Rat who jumped on the Ox’s back and subsequently came first place).

However, the Snake was not known for his famed cunning for nothing. He used his keen senses to find shortcuts and little holes that the other animals were too large to fit through.

Then, just as the finishing line was in sight, he spotted the Horse emerge, galloping towards the end of the race. In a flash, he shot upwards as she came into his vicinity, startling him with fright. The Snake took advantage of the Horse’s distraction to cross the finishing line and so came in sixth, one place before the Horse.

The Jade Emperor smiled as saw the Snake cross the line; he felt that the Snake, despite his limited mobility, had been clever and so deserved the sixth year of the Chinese zodiac.

Year of the Snake Personality Traits

The Snake of the Chinese zodiac is a curious character, filled with many contradictions and mysteries. Yet, despite this rather mysterious outer shell, Snake natives tend to be very solid in their thoughts and beliefs, trusting their own innate instincts before anything else. Outsider advice will be listened to by the Snake, but ultimately they will trust their own judgment, and decisions will be based on whatever they feel is right.

The Snake of the Chinese zodiac is wise, perhaps the wisest of all the animals in the zodiac, and also the deepest thinker. Snakes love a good riddle, and they tend to move through life in a cautious, seemingly gentle sort of way.

The Snake is a Yin sign, which represents their receptive and internal approach to life. Snakes have a rich inner world and place a high value on their own conscience and sense of morality.

This sign tends to be soft-spoken and mild-mannered, giving the impression that they are pondering something or, at the very least, calculating everyone and everything they come into contact with. There is a very strong aura of sophistication about the Snake, which makes them very desirable company to be around.

However – beware!

Though the Snake’s charm and grace can be highly delightful, when they have been hurt, angered, or upset, they are some of the most formidable people of the Chinese zodiac. An intense hatred can arise in the Snake when they have been wounded.

Unlike other signs who shout and stomp their feet when upset, the Snake’s entire demeanor will turn to ice. They will wait years if necessary to enact revenge on whichever unfortunate soul has thwarted them, as the Snake’s anger can last years, decades even. Probably the best thing to do is not upset them in the first place, for long after you have moved on and forgotten the whole unpleasant business, the Snake will be brooding, calculating, and waiting in the wings for the right moment to strike!

Chinese zodiac Snakes tend to have a witty, dry sense of humor and can be absolutely hilarious to be around. They have a slow, almost drawling way of speaking, but this does not in any way indicate a slow mind, for they are sharp and methodical in their thinking.

Snakes do not allow their emotions to get the better of them, nor do they wear their hearts on their sleeves. This is why Snakes can sometimes come across as “cold” to more emotional signs, yet they couldn’t be more wrong, for underneath that scaly exterior beats a heart of gold.

As the Chinese zodiac Snake is a karmic sign, they are secretly quite superstitious and very intense in settling old scores. The Snake’s innate wisdom knows that whatever they have done in past lives (provided they believe) will unravel in current ones and future ones, hence why, on an almost subconscious level, they are eager to level the playing field at all times.

The Snake is a philosopher and loves philosophical discussions where they can exercise their wisdom and understanding of life and the Universe. They are lovers of good books and tend to be fans of costume-drama TV shows. Enthusiasts of the theatre and musicals, the Snake can always guarantee excellent company in the social spectrum.

Snakes are also the most aesthetically pleasing of the zodiac. Snakes of any gender are typically endowed with beauty of some sort, and if not the classical beauty, then a unique elegance that is captivating to the beholder.

As one of the most tenacious signs of the zodiac, the Snake is a combination of determination, fortitude, grace, and charm. Though one of the most sought-after in terms of company and companionship, it would not be wrong to suggest that Snakes value their own space, for engaging in contemplative thought is a deeply valued past-time of theirs which leads them to a greater physical and spiritual understanding of both the world and themselves.

The Snake is probably the best of all the signs in times of need. They are able to deal with catastrophe with incredible confidence because they have excellent control over their own minds. A strong sense of responsibility is part of their inherent makeup, and combined with their oodles of charisma, these qualities make the Snake a very special individual indeed.

Snakes & Love

Snakes usually do not have a problem attracting anyone, being the most beautiful sign of the Chinese zodiac, and there is often a stream of admirers lining up, fancying their chances.

But Snakes can be picky when it comes to mates.

Both Mr. And Ms. Snake make exciting and passionate lovers, though both have been known to exhibit qualities of possessiveness and mistrust. They can at times be demanding if they feel their needs are not being met.

It is always important to remember with the charming Snake that though they may come across with a cool and composed exterior, they have delicate hearts that require gentle handling.

Male Snakes

Mr. Snake is impeccably well-dressed, debonair, and charming, hence why admirers tend to flock towards him.

Though very passionate lovers whose partners feel as though they have just been swept off their feet and launched into romance heaven, Mr. Snake is notorious for his wandering eyes! However, this is a rather unfair reputation. He is merely ardent and sensuous in general, just as likely to pursue a business deal in the same passionate vein as he would a romantic interest.

Female Snakes

The female Snake desires a partner who has a degree of power, influence, prestige, and money. In return, she will adapt to become the perfect partner herself.

Ms. Snake takes great pride in her appearance, her home, and her partner. What’s more, she does not just enjoy playing the role of the perfect hostess but also views partnership as more than just a romantic bond.

If Ms. Snake sees an opportunity that she and her partner can both benefit from, then she will not hesitate to point it out to her other half – and that is when the plotting begins, for she is a great mastermind as well as anything else!

Snake Love Compatibility

As part of the Second Trine in the Chinese zodiac, the Snake is most compatible with the other signs who share the same trine. In this case, the Snake’s most compatible partners are the Ox and Rooster.

The Snake will adore the Ox’s dependable and consistent streak and their willingness to provide. Together, these two can move mountains and achieve anything they desire.

The Snake will also appreciate the Rooster’s daring behavior. Though very refined themselves and not open to overt displays of emotion, Snakes admire the way that Roosters can express themselves in their usually extroverted and passionate ways. These two make an excellent team.

In addition, two Snakes can also live peacefully together, each one respecting the privacy that the other requires at times.

On the other hand, the Chinese zodiac Snake will find their most incompatible sign in the Pig, who stands opposite the Snake in the Circle of Conflict.

The Snake’s fixed element is Fire, while the Pig’s element is Water. Their ways of thinking and self-expression are worlds apart. Pigs are a little too honest and trusting in their approach to everything for the Snake’s liking; the Snake values sophistication and highly intelligent conversation.

The Pig is the type who enjoys talking about the weather, the latest TV shows, and the new local supermarket that just opened. These two will find little in common, and a match is ill-advised.

Snakes & Career

As Snakes are quick and deep thinkers, they flourish best in roles where they can put their powers of intellect to good use. For this reason, it is important for Snakes to have jobs and careers where they can express themselves freely and are not restricted in any way from doing so.

Some ideal roles for the Snake are educators and teachers, as they love knowledge and being able to speak to others about their knowledge. Also, they are very good as politicians and entrepreneurs, for this gives them the opportunity to exercise their intellect while climbing the mountain of their own ambitions.

They can also become TV presenters, models, and athletes. Snakes take pride in their physical body and will use it to their advantage.

Snakes are not suited to mundane jobs or jobs with too much routine, particularly where they are unable to express their thoughts and opinions. Being stuck in such a role can lead a Snake to feel miserable, so it is important they are given the correct environment to be their true selves.

Snakes & Money

Chinese zodiac Snakes tend to be very fortunate with money and so it doesn’t often pose a huge worry for them.

If a Snake finds they are running out of money, they usually have excellent resources to ensure more comes in. To Snakes, money is merely a means to an end–some may mistake the Snake for being overly materialistic, but the Snake is driven more by positions of authority than they are by money.

One thing Snakes should be advised against is gambling. They will often come off worse than they began. Fortunately, if they do go down this path, it is unlikely to happen again–the Snake is a fast learner.

The Snake Through The Elements

Metal Snake
1941, 2001

Metal Snakes have incredible willpower and prefer to do things on a solitary basis, rebuffing teamwork in order to reach their goals alone. Highly intelligent and calculating, it can be difficult to read the Metal Snake, and they will sometimes leave others feeling confused as to their intentions.

Metal Snakes have a strong desire for luxury, which is why they tend to pursue power and money with much enthusiasm. They can be very confident but also quite secretive, giving the impression that they are hiding something.

Though usually successful in their endeavors, the Metal Snake can struggle with envy. They struggle a great deal with losing and will use any means to ensure they win. This is not a Chinese zodiac Snake that should be underestimated. They can be wonderfully generous and charming, but it will take a very patient individual to penetrate to the core of this elusive character.

Water Snake
1953, 2013

The Water Snake is an artistic soul who appreciates fine dining and good company. Highly charismatic and inquisitive in nature, Water Snakes of the Chinese zodiac are very determined in their goals and will work diligently for years in order to achieve them. They enjoy the finer things in life and will use their keen intellect and curiosity to get them.

This is the epitome of the Snake who, despite having a cool, calm exterior, will harbor a grudge for decades if they have been wronged. The Water Snake never forgets and usually never forgives either. Brooding is a specialty of this Snake, so it is wise not to cross them!

Wood Snake
1965, 2025

The Wood Snake has a strong, innate desire for emotional stability and comes across as a kind and wise soul. There is something remarkable about these Snakes’ wisdom because they seem to know things are happening before they have even happened!

The Chinese zodiac Snake’s natural element, Fire, is striking when working with Wood – this makes the Wood Snake an enchanting and fascinating individual, drawing people to them like bees to honey.

As with all Snakes, Wood Snakes enjoy the finer things and can be a little vain about their appearance. They usually have excellent judgment and spectacular ability to absorb information and keep that information stored for a rainy day.

Fire Snake
1917, 1977

This is a Chinese zodiac Snake with plenty of energy and drive! Highly charismatic, passionate, and driven, the Fire Snake can be a bit of a heartbreaker. This is also the Snake that is the most jealous and will willingly duel love rivals for the object of their affection.

The Fire Snake makes an excellent politician, for their fiery energy often has people gazing up at them in awe. However, this Snake tends to place all faith in themselves as opposed to anyone and anything else, which makes for a very mistrustful and suspicious individual.

Zealous in their approach, if they see a goal that needs reaching, they will do anything to reach it. Fire Snakes can be brilliant leaders but must be cautious of signs of tyranny that may manifest if they become too consumed by their desire to succeed.

Earth Snake
1929, 1989

An astute Snake who is an excellent judge of character, the Earth Snake of the Chinese zodiac is more morally driven and reliable than any of the other Snakes.

This is an excellent Snake to have around in times of panic, for they are able to take charge of chaotic situations and smooth them over. They usually excel in the armed forces or as paramedics, where a cool head is needed to overcome panicky situations.

The Earth Snakes have a strong sense of their own convictions and will rarely be swayed by public opinion.

According to many Chinese astrologers, this is the most enchanting of all Snakes. Loyal, charming, and hard-working, the Earth Snake will work hard and persistently to reach their goals while being careful not to overextend themselves, recognizing what their limits may be.

Famous People Born In The Year Of The Snake

  • Bob Dylan
  • Muhammed Ali
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Tony Blair
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Mao Tse Tung
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Tom Hardy
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Brooke Shields
  • Taylor Swift
  • Billie Eilish
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 
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