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Dec 05

Day 5 on the calendar lightens the energy a bit after the seriousness of day 4. 5 is open, warm, gregarious, and slightly lucky. It urges you to take risks, to be creative, and to think outside the box. It wants you to overindulge, to be sensuous and daring, but it's not much support when it comes to the consequences of your actions! If you want to tap into the good fortune that 5 has to bring, you're going to have to also look for some self-discipline, and that might be hard to come by.

5 is so much fun that it is easily distracted. It's a better leader than a follower, and if it's not got a focus it will leave a trail of half-considered ideas and unfinished projects behind it. It's energy is sexy and vivacious and captivating, but the frivolity that accompanies this makes it better for a brief encounter rather than a commitment. Your Personal Cycle number will reveal a lot about how to get 5's good qualities going in your favor. You don't want to miss any of the potential that this day has to offer.

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Global Day 5 introduces a lot of potential into the mix of things. Whether it's creativity, or independence, or teamwork, or something completely different, it's certain to be a bit unconventional and exciting. 5 beckons you to flaunt the rules and do things outside of your comfort zone. They might just pay off, too, because 5 has an above average lucky vibe around it. Of course, you'll have to pay attention to what you're doing though, because if you get too distracted the luck that you want to see manifest will be happening somewhere you're not looking!

If you stay flexible and adaptable you have the potential to get a lot done today. Make sure that you really listen to what others are saying, for there's an impatient energy around 5 that might cause you to miss something or take it the wrong way. Go to extra lengths to make sure that you're understood too, and that people hear what you said and not what they thought you meant. To get the most out of the day, work on how you can blend this light and breezy energy of 5-and that of the calendar date-with your own Personal Cycle number, for your personal numerology is always going to be the strongest influence.

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What is a Daily Numerology Reading?

You see numbers everywhere: on the calendar, the clock, and when you write your date of birth. They all impact your life, but what does it all mean? Numbers occur in cycles. The calendar goes from 1 to the end of the month and then starts over. We count from 1 – 9 and then start again, adding 10 to get 11, 12, and so forth. Even your date of birth is a cycle, with you becoming a year older with every trip around the Sun. Numerology also occurs in cycles. Just like counting, it goes from 1  to 9, with the exception of the Master numbers. Does this cycle influence you? You bet it does! Your numerology vibration changes twice every year; once on January 1st because the digits in the current year change, and once on your birthday because you’re another year older. However, there are other cycles you can use to give you insight into what’s coming for the following month, the next week, and even the following day. To have a look at where you are in your current numerology cycle, simply fill in your date of birth and hit enter. You’ll then have a complete analysis of the Global Day, the Calendar Date, and where you are in your own Personal Cycle. Armed with this interpretation, you’ll better understand how to approach the day and what activities to embrace or avoid!

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