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Jul 21, 2024 - Have you been dealing with a lot of the same-old, same-old? It wouldn’t be all that shocking if lately life has been asking a lot of you without giving a lot in return, but out of every sign in the sky you are one of those most suited to grinning and bearing it while we try to find a solution.

While it looks like the Universe doesn’t quite intend to send a cosmic pleasure cruise your way right now, there is a beautifully aspected Full Moon in Capricorn and your 4th House of home and family, crystalizing the energy swirling around the four walls you exist within.

As much as you might be tired of home, this is actually a good thing, and you might find some very unexpected pleasures at your own hearth right now, so keep an open mind for the time being. How about hosting a party at Chez Libra? People will be happy to come knocking on your door.

Jul 21, 2024 - Do you feel it comes naturally to you to remain in touch with the fun and pleasurable parts of your romantic relationships? This is a good question to ask yourself today as the Moon is in Aquarius and your 5th house of romance. It…

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Jul 21, 2024 - Do you experience joy and pleasure at your job? Do you feel inspired doing what you do? As the Moon is in Aquarius and in your 5th house of creative self-expression, these are relevant topics to meditate on. It is crucial that you find…

Jul 21, 2024 - Libra, take time for solitude to prepare for changes in your financial routine. Reflect on your financial goals and gain a new perspective. Listen to your body and mind, allowing them the rest they need. Recharge your energy today as you anticipate and navigate…

Jul 21, 2024 - Under this lunar energy, you are encouraged to pay close attention to what your body is telling you, Libra. You might be struggling to listen to your inner wisdom if your thoughts are all over the place. Taking time to meditate is a wonderful…

Jul 21, 2024 - It’s time to settle down and take life at a different pace. You’ve been so occupied with achieving new things and showing people how capable you are, that you might have forgotten to let them see how human you are, as well. Today’s potent…

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