The Rooster of the Chinese Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Horoscope
Years: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029
Element: Metal
Yin or Yang: Yin
Lucky Colours: Gold, Yellow, Brown
Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 8
Crystal: Strawberry Quartz
Flower: Gladiola
Characteristics: Honest, Confident, Energetic, Opinionated

The Legend of the Rooster

Occupying the tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac is the enigmatic, self-assured, flamboyant Rooster.

In the original legend of the Chinese zodiac race, where twelve animals competed for a spot on the Jade Emperor’s calendar, the Rooster found himself stranded at the riverbank along with the Monkey and the Goat, none of them able to cross the river.

The Rooster spotted a raft and told the others they could get across the river that way. Halfway across the river, the Rooster began to resent the Monkey who he felt was being unnecessarily egotistical. The Monkey had come up with the idea to paddle fast so they would cut through the weeds that threatened to tangle the raft. The Rooster disliked the way the Monkey appeared to be bragging about his ingenious idea, especially when it had been the Rooster who’d found the raft in the first place.

Both the Rooster and Monkey began squabbling, and things would have turned nasty if the Goat hadn’t stepped in and smoothed things over.

Upon reaching the other side of the river, the Monkey and Rooster allowed the Goat to go first to thank him for keeping the peace.

In the end, the Rooster persuaded the Monkey to finish the race before him as a way of thanking him for thinking of the paddling idea. The Monkey agreed and the Rooster followed on behind him, coming in tenth place.

Year of the Rooster Personality Traits

Roosters are very much the gallant, misunderstood heroes and heroines of the Chinese zodiac. They are brave individuals and can come across as quite eccentric at times.

Roosters will not back down in a debate or argument, no matter what. If the Rooster believes in something, then they will profess their undying devotion to it until their last breath.

The Chinese zodiac Rooster is extremely opinionated and outspoken. Roosters are excellent people to have on your side if you have a cause worth fighting for because they will simply not back down or shy away, no matter how vicious the conflict or how prolonged the argument is. Long after others have collapsed with exhaustion, the Rooster is still going strong.

Being very decisive, alert, and meticulous individuals, it appears at times that the Rooster is utterly brimming with confidence. They know who they are, where they’re going, and what they want. Even if this sign is plagued with insecurities, they will still come across as self-assured people. Their eccentricity is both admired and despised by on-lookers.

Roosters do not mince their words—their frank bluntness can be off-putting to some, though others will delight in their ability to shake up the status quo. Roosters do not make good diplomats such as the Rabbit or Monkey because they lack the tact and ability to take people’s feelings into consideration. However, no one is better suited to converting or persuading as the Rooster is, if only due to their sheer, relentless energy.

The Rooster of the Chinese zodiac enjoys being in the spotlight and likes to take center stage, where they excel. However, despite their boisterous and flamboyant mannerisms, they are actually quite old-fashioned at heart. They may come across as revolutionaries, but Roosters value traditions and like to uphold them.

Roosters speak with passion and verve. When a Rooster speaks, everyone listens! For this reason, they make excellent spokespeople and can be relied upon to entertain everybody at a party or gathering.

When a Chinese zodiac Rooster allows their ego to get the better of them, they can become egotistical and unbearable to the point of driving everyone away. Insecure Roosters, however, will demand regular flattery and assurance from others, and if they do not receive it, they can become very anxious.

A fragile ego makes this sign susceptible to overdoses of flattery, which can result in a vulnerability to scam artists of all sorts.

The Rooster is the ultimate interferer—if you are struggling with debts, household problems, or business issues, they will be the first to jump in and take charge. If any Chinese zodiac animal can get things done, it is the Rooster. No matter how they express themselves, their intentions are often pure, and interfering in other people’s affairs is motivated by a genuine desire to help, nothing more, nothing less.

Perfectionists, Roosters are often meticulous in everything they do, from managing their homes to ironing every single crease out of their clothes.

Their efficiency can seem almost superhuman to some people, but the Rooster’s energy exists in abundance, and when a Rooster finishes one task, they are immediately off to complete the next. No time for languishing with this sign.

A charming and entertaining host, going to a Rooster’s home is always a rather special affair. They will make an extra effort with the dishes they serve, the tea they pour, and the entertainment they provide (which often consists of witty stories told by themselves!). Nothing gives the Rooster greater pleasure than ensuring a guest leaves them home with a warm, tingly glow in their heart.

A truly enigmatic and colorful character of the zodiac, anyone with a Rooster in their lives can be sure that things will never be dull when they are around.

Roosters & Love

As with all areas of their lives, love is often a roller-coaster ride for the Chinese zodiac Rooster. Roosters are very attractive to others, regardless of their physical attributes. The Rooster walks with a strut, especially the male.

The Rooster of the Chinese zodiac benefits from someone who likes to let them speak. Roosters enjoy the sound of their own voices, and one surefire way to win their heart is to allow them to enthral you with witty, funny stories or their own personal philosophy on life. If a natural listener yourself, you would be suitably matched to this character.

One thing a Rooster cannot stand is a dull or boring relationship. Sometimes they may even spark arguments up just for the sake of it if they feel things have become too dull.

This sign enjoys spontaneous adventures and exciting, romantic weekends away. They have little patience for monotony and highly value a partner who seeks as much adventure as they do.

Male Roosters

Male Roosters will often be extremely handsome, and they tend to have excellent dress sense, too. The male Rooster knows he is attractive and takes great pleasure in being admired by others.

Similarly, female Roosters tend to have impeccable style and are often showered with compliments because of it. They are the type who are spotted from afar, and everyone says, “Who’s that?” Roosters take care of their physical appearances and can often be found sporting new outfits and hairstyles.

Female Roosters

Female Roosters enjoy lengthy, hearty discussions; conversation is important to them. They may also enjoy engaging in verbal duels with the object of their affections as they feel it keeps the relationship spicy and interesting!

Roosters love to kiss and make-up, which can often make for an explosive love life.

Rooster Love Compatibility

As a member of the Second Trine, the Rooster of the Chinese zodiac is most compatible with the other animals who share this trine, the Snake and Ox.

The Chinese zodiac Rooster will work and pair up wonderfully with the cool and collected Snake. They will admire the Snake’s organized and structured way of thinking, while their own colorful methods of organization will be very appealing to the Snake.

Similarly, the Rooster will appreciate the Ox for their diligent and determined, ambitious nature, which matches very well with their own.

One sign the Rooster is advised not to pair up with is the Rabbit.

In the Circle of Conflict, these two stand directly opposite one another, highlighting their very different characters. The Rooster’s season is autumn while the Rabbit’s is spring. The Rooster’s fixed element is Metal, and the Rabbit’s element is Wood; Metal is destructive to Wood.

The Rabbit is a highly refined individual who detests conflict of all kinds; the Rooster tends to thrive on conflict and does not believe in beating around the bush. Both will find the other’s methods of communicating and getting things done too alien and distasteful. A match between these two is ill-advised.

Rooster & Career

Chinese zodiac Roosters are sharp and dynamic individuals, and they thrive best in jobs and careers where they can put their innate talents to good use.

Politics and activism are good roles for these individuals as they enjoy the limelight and feel a desire to change the world in some way.

They also make excellent intelligence agents such as the secret service due to their dogged determination and sharp, astute minds. They do well in the police force if they are working as detectives or inspectors.

Because of their love of style and appearance, they work well in the fashion industry, often thinking of new, innovative ways to express themselves. Their colorful way of speaking and dressing means Roosters are most likely to be trendsetters.

Roosters are not very happy in jobs or careers where they feel their opinions or creativity are being stifled. For this reason, they do not respond well to authority figures whom they feel are trying to change them into something they’re not. When this starts to happen, the Rooster will strut right out the door.

Roosters & Money

Roosters tend to be excellent with finances. Not just their own, but other people’s too.

They will organize and reorganize things, kicking you into gear and slapping you on the wrist if you spend even a tiny bit more than you should. These are, of course, acts of love, so it is best not to be offended if the Rooster comes across as a little harsh in the course of their fervor.

Chinese zodiac Roosters do not spend lavishly, but when they do, it’s usually to appease their ego or as a way of saying sorry to someone. Roosters aren’t too good at apologizing, but they will show their regret in other ways, such as splashing out on a gift to someone they have wounded.

Roosters will also spend rather a lot of money on clothes—the finest dressers must have the finest clothes! Roosters may spend hours shopping online or trawling the high street stores to find the perfect outfit–cost simply isn’t an obstacle in the pursuit of fashion.

The Rooster Through The Elements

Metal Rooster

Metal Rooster
1921, 1981

This Rooster of the Chinese zodiac is the one most likely to go into professions involving detective work. A highly shrewd and intelligent mind, the Metal Rooster uses their powers of deduction and ability to pick up on undercurrents to make a success of themselves.

There is a strong need for the Metal Rooster to feel important, so fame will be an appealing attraction to them. They work extremely hard and rarely do not reach the height of their ambitions.

However, the Metal Rooster can be overly stubborn and headstrong at times. If they fall into the negative aspect of their character, they may drive away important support and patronage. If the Metal Rooster is willing to listen as much as to talk, they can find great success.

Water Rooster

Water Rooster
1933, 1993

The Water Rooster has a special affinity for intellectual conversation and cultural endeavors.

This Chinese zodiac Rooster loves visiting museums, art galleries, the theatre, and anything where they can put their love of culture to good use. They make excellent travel writers, and there is nothing they enjoy more than engaging in discussions on all things cultural.

This is a very practical Rooster who does not give into fanciful whims but instead thinks logically and carefully about what they want.

The least imposing of all the Roosters, this is the one it is easiest to reason with. The Metal Rooster has a terrific ability to sway others to their way of thinking either through writing or speaking.

They also have a strong interest in science and will often be intrigued by the latest technology.

Wood Rooster

Wood Rooster
1945, 2005

The least opinionated of all the Chinese zodiac Roosters, the Wood Rooster is an affable individual who takes the opinions of others into consideration.

Subsequently, this Rooster tends to have a lot of friends and doesn’t have a tendency towards getting others’ backs up. However, they can come across as overzealous at times and their passionate zeal may be off-putting to some.

The Wood Rooster cares a lot about the environment and society and is the most likely to become involved in activism of some kind. This Rooster will gravitate toward people who are like-minded and have a similar desire to make changes in the community.

An eloquent and articulate speaker, this Rooster is wonderful to have on hand when fighting for a worthy cause.

Fire Rooster

Fire Rooster
1957, 2017

Fire brings great energy and determination to this Chinese zodiac Rooster. Fire Roosters make great leaders because of their extraordinary amount of energy and phenomenal ability to draw a crowd, but they can also be temperamental and over-dramatize things. They often have strong moral beliefs and will do anything to stand by them, verbally crushing all opponents who stand in their way.

Because Fire Roosters have such a clear vision of how they want the world to be as well as the confidence to manifest their dreams into reality, it can be hard to reason with them if someone feels they are going about things the wrong way. Fire Roosters listen to nobody but themselves.

No matter the path they take, this Rooster has the most honorable intentions and knows when to draw the line.

Earth Rooster

Earth Rooster
1969, 2029

This is a careful Rooster, not prone to jumping into situations without thinking things through. The Earth element gives Chinese zodiac Roosters a solid, practical way of doing things and an analytical mind that looks before it leaps.

The Earth Rooster is very good at focusing on hard, cold facts, relying on them to see them through as opposed to idealism. This trait often brings them success, but at times they can be guilty of being narrow-minded if they refuse to engage in the realm of possibility outside fact.

The Earth Rooster has no problem taking on responsibilities, both for themselves and others. For this reason, they make excellent managers and leaders of all sorts.

This Rooster can be strict and critical, but this is because they tend to have a vision and want only what is best for themselves and those around them.

Famous People Born In The Year Of The Rooster

  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Eric Clapton
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Mariah Carey
  • Diane Keaton
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Katherine Hepburn
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Michael Caine
  • Dolly Parton
  • Britney Spears
  • Ariana Grande
  • Jay-Z
  • Harry Styles
  • Kate Middleton
  • Meghan Markle
  • Roger Federer
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