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Dec 05, 2022 - People could lead you to some very unexpected places today, Cancer, but as much as you like to know exactly what is going on at all times, I think it would be best if you just go with the flow and follow the crowd wherever it may lead.

The intuitive Moon is moving through Taurus and your 11th House of social groups and global communications, and while she’s there she’ll align at the exact same degree as rebellious Uranus. Uranus is the planet of surprise, so by nature it’s almost impossible to guess what or whom she’ll bring into your life, but thanks to the harmonious blending of these two energies it looks like you’ll be very happy to go along with whatever program comes your way.

Since Taurus rules finances be sure to pay attention to every conversation and engage with everyone you meet; someone out of the blue could wind up being the link to your next big project.

Dec 05, 2022 - Do you feel like you and your partner have a sense of friendship within your relationship? It's important that you have that be a foundation for your connection. The Moon is in Taurus and in your 11th house and it is asking you to…

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Dec 05, 2022 - Community is such a determining factor of whether you experience joy or fulfillment at your job. The Moon is in Taurus today and in your 11th house. This is highlighting the nature of your relationship to your coworkers. Do you have an easy time…

Dec 05, 2022 - As Full Moon energy begins to feel the air, now is the time to engage in some important reflection regarding your financial situation, Cancer. It’s a good time to get your thinking cap on and consider ways you can improve your finances in the…

Dec 05, 2022 - You may experience a heavy heart that can lead to conflict today, Cancer, so it is crucial that you are gentle and loving with yourself. Try balancing the chakras, focusing on the Heart and the Third Eye chakras, to encourage self-acceptance and deeper intuition.…

Dec 05, 2022 - People are going to surprise you today, Cancer, but as much as you might dislike the idea of surprises this doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all; in fact, it could wind up being a very good thing after all. The intuitive…

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