When the Judgement Tarot card appears in your day, know that you have followed the course of faith well, and your rewards are about to come in. This is the Major Arcana card of rebirth, an injection of new energy into an old situation. With Judgement before you, you receive not only clarity but answers on your journey thus far relating to your lessons and your blessings. When this Tarot card appears, your day of judgement is upon you. It may not happen overnight. Continue your exercise of patience. But it will happen. Your day of absolution is here, and you are about to come full circle on a key matter.


The symbolism found on this card shows us the picture of the final judgment day. It is a Tarot card with strong karmic connections brings the message that all will come full circle in due time. If forgiveness is an issue in your life, Judgement arrives to say that all matters will flow under the bridge in due time. If you have been sowing your karmic oats well, Judgement says, you are about to experience your payoff. Things do not happen quickly when Judgement arrives, but they do happen. Patience and faith in lovework, and health are advised when Judgement arrives. This card also brings the message that a sense of inner rebirth and even absolution from the past are entering into play in this card.

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