Aquarius Woman: Traits, Love, & More

Aquarius Woman

Generally, people are not simple creatures and many present different types of duality to those who are close to them. This can be alluring or off-putting, and with some people, it’s both. That’s typically what you get with the Aquarius woman—she is a study in contrasts.

She cares deeply about some things – perhaps too deeply for others’ comfort – but seemingly not at all about others. She’s highly intelligent and always in thought, but she’s not someone who’s going to build a close and small circle of friends and talk about those things for hours.

Her quirky and unconventional nature can take time to get used to—it’s never a straight line with an Aquarius, but that’s what makes them interesting.

About the Aquarius Woman: Her Overall Personality

An Aquarius woman’s traits create a person who is passionate about the “bigger” things in life. 

She’s often associated with causes, and she’s motivated to change the world. She’s going to work tirelessly to do things that matter to her, engage with people who think the same way and refuse to apologize for acting on the things she believes in.

The Aquarius female is also a deep thinker, as she’s never one to simply accept a norm of society on an as-is basis without considering some alternatives. This is a fascinating person who always has something interesting to say, which is why she tends to know so many different people.

That said, she may not see the same passion in others in a positive light. She tends to back off a bit when someone displays intense emotions, and she’s not going to accommodate people who want to share their deepest and darkest thoughts regularly. Though Aquarius is the water bearer sign, her Air sign tendencies will come through the more you get to know her.

She’s too busy thinking about how she can affect change to be bothered with the particularities of others, but she is always looking for new ways to create solutions to problems others present. In many ways, she’s much like the Aquarius man in that she always has something interesting to say but is not interested in communicating it to the same person or people.

Love, Dating, & Relationships with an Aquarius Woman

If you’d like to start dating an Aquarius female, there are a few things you should know beforehand that will help make sure things go as well as possible. 

As mentioned, her personality leads her to enjoy company and companionship, but when she falls in love, she’s never going to tolerate feeling tied down or overly committed. Therefore, your pursuit should be upbeat but also casual-without urgency-or you’re most likely going to be rejected before long.

You should also be open to new ideas for dates, especially if she suggests them, as this will help make sure you both have fun. She is artistic, compassionate, and unique. She loves to go out and do things instead of stay in. 

In terms of relationships, know that even if she says she’s committed to you, she’s not going to sacrifice what she sees as her freedom. If she feels like going out with friends on a certain night, that’s what she’s going to do whether you like it or not.

When she doesn’t spend time with you for a few days or more, it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong. When she’s with you, she’ll make you feel special, but deep romance is generally not her thing. If you’re okay with a lighthearted and fun dynamic, things will go well with her.

In regards to zodiac love compatibility for an Aquarius woman, Fire signs and Air signs typically bode well. 

An Aquarius woman’s best matches are: AriesLibra, and Sagittarius, and her worst matches are: TaurusCapricorn, and Scorpio.

Are you a good match for Aquarius?

The Aquarius Wife & Mother

Aquarius women are full of love and fall hard for people, even though they will try as hard as possible to hide it from others. 

An Aquarius wife is truly committed to partnership and she is incredibly capable overall. She can work all day advancing that partnership and still make time that night to devote herself to her spouse. 

However, one of the Aquarius woman’s negative traits is that given all the thinking she does, she’s highly opinionated and can become angry and inflexible when an opinion is challenged. This can make life difficult for a partner.

An Aquarius mother is dedicated, caring, and highly organized. 

She will make sure that her children have everything that they need in terms of basic care, and she’ll spend whatever time is necessary with them to teach them about the world. Her innovative thoughts will inspire her children to think for themselves. While this is a good thing, it could lead to conflicts down the road as her children settle on their own opinions.

What is the Aquarius Female like as a Friend?

Aquarians do not care about societal norms, nor do they take to heart others’ opinions. 

This gal is going to think what she wants, say what she wants, and do what she wants regardless of the reactions she generates. Those who want to be friends with the Aquarius woman need to be ready to hear what she thinks they need to hear and not necessarily what they want to hear. 

She’s going to invite you to look at things from a new perspective constantly, so be ready to be challenged constructively.

On the other side of the coin, this friend is engaging, fun, kind, and always full of good conversation. She’s going to help you solve your problems in a way that will improve your life most of the time. She’s going to inspire you to try new things and to become more comfortable with yourself. 

She’s loyal and generous, and she will do what it takes to make sure you get what you need, when you need it, as long as you don’t become a burden on her from her perspective.

The Aquarius Career Woman & Money

The Aquarius woman is a spender, and sometimes she’ll spend more than she should for a luxurious experience. She will always do the same for friends if she’s feeling generous. 

However, she’s also wise concerning investments and sees money as a long-term means to an end. She doesn’t measure herself by her money, which is why she’s okay with spending at times, but she somehow manages to make the most of it throughout her life.

Considering her passion for changing the world, the Aquarius woman is someone who wants to make significant impacts as often as possible with whatever she does. She’s not interested in quietly filling a role in a back room somewhere but instead wants to lead social change and innovation; however, those opportunities present themselves. 

The Aquarius female does very well career-wise when it comes to disciplines like political causes, non-profit organizations, and social justice missions. She’s also a leader when she’s put in this type of role, so you can cut her loose if she’s fully committed to what she’s doing and watch everyone around her step up to her high standards. 

She’ll find her own inspiration, and the best way to lead an Aquarius female is to let her find her role for herself.

Overall, the Aquarius woman is a memorable person if you meet her. 

She is: 

  • Thoughtful
  • Intelligent
  • Driven
  • Committed to her beliefs
  • Free-spirited
  • Supportive
  • Protective
  • Opinionated

She’s a good friend and wife, a caring mother, and a leader in the workplace. 

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