Fire Sign

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Four elements rule the 12 zodiac signs: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air

The term Fire sign refers to zodiac signs ruled by the element of Fire:

These signs rule the 1st5th, and 9th are all positive polarities (or more yang instead of yin).

The element of Fire represents passion, creativity, spontaneity, and spark. Call a Fire sign if you need someone to get the job done or light a fire under a situation.

While signs ruled by other elements (Air, Earth, and Water) focus on logic, planning, and slow, conscious movement, Fire signs are not. People born under Fire signs are very quick moving and energetic, with a lot of passion and excitement. This can mean that they aren’t as detail-oriented, but what they lose in detail, they make up in enthusiasm and productivity. 

Fire signs are the speed and drive of our society, which is why the element Fire represents them in the first place. 

These zodiac signs act upon their common drive, which is to keep moving and make the world a happier and more energetic place. Sagittarius’ are optimistic and brings adventure, Leo is outgoing and brings success, and Aries are energetic and bring spontaneity. 

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