Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign
Aquarius Dates: January 22 – February 18*
Zodiac Symbol: Water-Bearer
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Ruling House: 11th
Quality: Fixed
Polarity: Positive
Power Color: Blue, Turquoise
Birthstones: Amber, Amethyst, Garnet, Hematite
Flowers: Orchid
Key Traits: Rebellious, Objective, Progressive
Desires: Independence, Success, Growth
Compatible Signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Mantra: "I can pursue"

A Summary of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

An Aquarius is uniquely dualistic in being able to draw energy both from within and from those they surround themselves with. Their spirit is intelligent, friendly, and also introverted. Logic rules their heart when it comes to finding balance and peace. 

If you have an Aquarius Sun sign or the water bearer in your birth chart, you will often feel a little different than everyone else, making you unique and exciting to others.

The Aquarius zodiac sign is the eleventh sign in the zodiac, meaning it is one of the eldest of the astrology signs. Represented by Air and the symbol of the Water Bearer, they are a silent well of profound knowledge, emotions, and ideas.

* The dates of each zodiac page change every three years due to the nature of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun—just like a leap year. 

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Symbol: The Water Bearer

The Aquarius symbol is the Water Bearer. This contributes to the misconception that this sign is a Water sign when it is, in fact, an Air sign

The Water Bearer symbol refers to the carrying or bearing of water and represents how they can carry the emotions of others and not be influenced by them.

This symbol also represents Aquarius’s quest for a higher truth.

Element: Air

Air Element

The Air element is ethereal and intangible. Air is always associated with dreaming, thinking, and is the element that connects our minds to every other aspect of life. For an Aquarius zodiac, Air is the driving element that spurs their independence and creativity.

They spend much of their energy finding ways of expressing themselves or thinking about their next milestone.

Either way, Air is the connecting force that brings creativity and ambition to the spirit of an Aquarius. 

The zodiac signs who share the Air element are always strong communicators who can be counted on for support and great conversations, including:

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Illustrated planet Uranus is a light blue circle with a darkened black shadow on the left side.

Uranus rules Aquarius and is the mythological god of the sky and heavens. As Uranus rules Aquarius, this zodiac sign reflects key characteristics of originality and independence. They are not fans of traditions or “the old way of doing things.”

Instead, being ruled by Uranus means deriving powers that spur them to be forward-thinking and creative. 

Drawing from this distant planet provides an Aquarius with confidence in the independence this sign displays.

Aquarius Quadruplicity

Even though all Air signs will be very similar, the differences come from triplicities—the qualities of those signs. Just like there are four elements, there are three triplicities. These are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed.

Aquarius is one of the Fixed signs in the zodiac, demonstrating key traits of stability and reliability.

You can always rely on the Aquarius and take them at their word because trust is an important characteristic of this zodiac. Aquariuses are quick moving and need to be given freedom for their spirits to roam about wherever they wish. 

They are positive, and often, incredibly outward focused—able to liven any party with their strong sense of self-identity.

Key Personality Characteristics

Aquarius is not obsessed with success, but because of their natural inclination to succeed, they are often very successful. The key personality traits for this zodiac sign include a strong rebellious spirit that is limited by rules and the current status quo. They are out-of-the-box thinkers. They display this by injecting their own take and flair onto traditional strongholds.

They are keenly independent and have no problem being objective. Life is not always black and white to those in the Aquarius zodiac, but this zodiac knows how to keep emotions out of the equation.

Last, an Aquarius is progressive and innovative. Those who carry this zodiac sign are always full of brilliant ideas that just need to be birthed into reality.

Top Traits

Looking at some famous Aquarius sign holders throughout history, you cannot help but see a pattern of passion, free-spirited views, and success.

Some of the top Aquarius strengths that have made notable figures of this zodiac so famous include their unending sources of motivation and drive. Determined, motivated, and always competing with themselves, this makes them outstanding problem solvers who seek to express themselves in their own creative ways.

Challenges & Weaknesses

Some of the less desirable qualities the Aquarius personality type can display are often rooted in their rebellious spirits or the appearance that they are emotionally detached. Because they balk at tradition and authority, they carry a weakness in coming off as disrespectful and stubborn.

The Water Bearer is often so heavily self-focused that they tend to isolate themselves and find loneliness.

Aquarius During Conflict

Although an Aquarius will always be fascinated and interested in discussing ideas and interests, the Aquarius is not one to openly share their emotions. Exposing those inner feelings makes them feel vulnerable. With that said, do not be fooled. Aquarius has a deep well of emotions that they depend on to help them keep up with their motivations and dreams.

This zodiac sign fears feeling trapped or limited and will flee or become distant in self-defense. During conflict, it is vital to reassure the appreciation and value of an Aquarius while helping them guide their feelings and emotions to a place of healthy understanding and acceptance.

Relationships & Sex: Understanding the Aquarius Lover

Aquarius is very diplomatic and can see and use their emotions to communicate empathy and love in meaningful ways. Much like their own dualistic nature, an Aquarius lover will value both loyalty and independence. It is not unlike an Aquarius to seek a partnership where both individual identities continue developing, paralleling a growing relationship. 

Aquarius has a lot of love to give but is careful to guard themselves. Because they are so closely connected to their internal psyches, it will take trust and genuine connection for them to invite you into intimacy. 

Physical intimacy is another way to communicate and express themselves and their deeply rooted emotions effectively.


The Aquarius Man

  • Makes friends easily
  • Likes to know all 
  • Is reserved
  • Is complicated
  • Is generous
  • Is broad-minded
  • Is idealistic
  • Is honest when it matters, but they can tell a good story
  • Is good with money
  • Needs someone to make them feel special
  • Changes their minds often
  • Doesn’t like to be tied down
  • Will not tolerate being used
  • Isn’t particularly romantic
  • Has trouble with emotional commitments

The Aquarius Woman

  • Is unique
  • Needs their freedom
  • Handles social gatherings well
  • Can be intense
  • Needs reminding that they are in a relationship
  • Is independent
  • Is intuitive
  • Wants to be respected
  • Is affectionate
  • Expects to be treated like a lady
  • Is a good listener
  • Is not particularly romantic
  • Can be inconsistent
  • Is not overly emotional
  • Knows how to hold grudges
  • Supports humanitarian causes when she can

The Aquarius Child

  • Sensitive
  • Intelligent
  • Impulsive
  • An enigma
  • Need to make up their own minds
  • Unpredictable
  • Inconsistent
  • Perceptive
  • Has a keen mind
  • Helpful
  • Need a large social circle
  • Have big ideas
  • Adaptable
  • Forgetful
  • Can be accident-prone
  • Finds it hard to concentrate
  • Not logical

Love Compatibility

Aquarius Compatibility

An Aquarius lover is fascinated and attracted to new people, experiences, and relationships. Even though Aquarius is a sign that is incredibly protective and guarded of their emotions, they also long for a soulmate.

Like many zodiac signs that display strong traits of independence, it is vitally important for an Aquarius to find someone who helps them pursue their own goals and ambitions without being clingy.

Looking for compatible matches for this zodiac will be most successful with those who display strong independence, confidence, and ambition characteristics. 

How to Attract an Aquarius

An Aquarius is incredibly intelligent and versed in what’s hot in current culture. When looking to get their attention, nothing can draw their eyes to you like a meaningful conversation that demonstrates your ability to display creativity, opinions, and ideas.

Strong character and confidence are appealing to an Aquarius, who is an already open and effective communicator. Exploring what the Aquarius’ imagination is stirring at any time and drawing out their emotions and feelings will help build a solid foundation of interest for anyone interested in this zodiac sign.

Career & Money: Aquarius at Work

Logic, administration, and organization are attractive facets to the professional Aquarius.

Being able to understand structure and processes is valuable to the Aquarius’ sense of peace and balance. However, they are also a wide ocean, and often, they work best when feeling connected to a larger cause or team.

Aquarius seeks balance and pragmatism in their lives and can demonstrate these values through their finances. When looking at budgets, important purchases, or even taking on debt, they can keep an eye on what resources need to be spent and what should be saved.


  • Amethyst: brings a source of healing and balance that an Aquarius often lacks.
  • Garnet: boosts the mental and physical health of an Aquarius. Hematite radiates protective energy that safeguards the Aquarius and keeps this zodiac in check.
  • Amber: manages the emotions of those who possess it while keeping negative energy, fear, headaches, and anxiety at bay.

An Aquarius who understands the value of these birthstones sees these mystical gems as resources that keep them focused and on track while avoiding any potential pitfalls that come with great individualism.

Influential Aquarius People & Celebrities

Here are some famous Aquarians:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Bob Marley
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Alicia Keys
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Tom Selleck
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Babe Ruth
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Frederick Douglass
  • Shakira
  • Harry Styles
  • Justin Timberlake
  •  Tom Hiddleston
  • Kerry Washington
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