Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

For the week of: Sep 25, 2023 - Oct 01, 2023

You may find your week begins with a bit of a bang, Aquarius, although not in a bad way. Mercury in Virgo and your transformational 8th House trines lucky Jupiter in Taurus and your foundational 4th House on the 25th, starting things off on a very positive note. A family member or roommate could provide you with some support that drastically improves your situation, or perhaps you receive some very good news at this time. Whatever occurs likely won’t be much of a shock, since this is actually the third in a series of three trines these two planets have been making over the last several weeks, thanks to Mercury’s recent retrograde phase. That being said, you should still enjoy whatever happens, due to the lovely angle between the planets.

The energy takes an outward turn later in the week on the 29th with a buzzy Full Moon in Aries and your 3rd House of Local Community and Communications, cuing you in to all the happenings in your area. You could become privy to some very interesting soundbites throughout the days that follow, and perhaps garner some information that totally changes the playing field for you. This sector of your chart also rules your siblings, so if you haven’t checked in with a brother or sister for a hot minute this might be the perfect time to call them and have a real conversation–yes, a conversation, not just a text.

Also on the 29th, Venus in Leo and your 7th House of Relationships will square off your ruler Uranus, currently in Taurus and your homey 4th House, which could stir up a surprise or two on the home front, albeit one that involves a significant plus-one. A family member or roommate may need your help suddenly, and that could get in the way of date night, or perhaps you have to suddenly deal with a broken pipe or other less-than-exciting occurrence. Be prepared for the unexpected, but perhaps not too unexpected, as this angle is actually the third in a series of Venus-Uranus squares, just like the Mercury-Jupiter trine from earlier in the week, so chances are good you will have an idea of what’s coming.

Finally, on the 30th Mercury in Virgo will trine Uranus in Taurus and your 4th House, bringing some rather major emotions to the fore. Fortunately, this angle is a positive one, so there is a good chance that whatever you find yourself dealing with, it will actually be quite a positive thing. A family member or other close friend could come to your rescue, whether you need it or not, and you’ll be very happy to be on the receiving end of such assistance. Allow people to support you.

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