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For the Month of: September 2023

September - Welcome to the beginning of fall, beautiful Aquarius. The month ahead holds significant opportunities to revamp your career and relationships, instigating positive changes and embracing your role as a confident leader and influencer. Now is the time to structure your professional path in innovativing ways, leveraging your original thinking to bring fresh ideas and approaches to the forefront. Don't be afraid to propose unconventional concepts and seize opportunities to advance professionally. Trust in your abilities and be assertive when the occasion calls for it – claiming your authority will be crucial to your success.

At the start of September, you can expect significant developments in your relationships as Venus goes direct on September 3, in the sector which governs partnerships and alliances. This planetary shift brings a breath of fresh air, removing any previous barriers to harmony and communication within your personal connections. You may notice a newfound sense of balance and understanding, allowing you to strengthen emotional bonds and address any lingering issues.

On September 4th, Jupiter begins its retrograde journey in Taurus, affecting the domain in your chart associated with home and family matters. This event encourages introspection and reflection regarding your domestic life and family dynamics. As Jupiter moves backward in the sky, it's an opportune time to revisit past issues or projects related to your home environment. Take this chance to identify areas that require improvement or transformation. Delving into the past will provide insights to create a more nurturing and supportive home atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones.

A Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo on September 6, brings an intense focus on deepening your understanding of shared connections and resources. This alignment enhances your ability to communicate effectively and intuitively in matters related to joint ventures, financial partnerships, and emotional bonds. It's a favorable time to engage in meaningful conversations that lead to increased trust and intimacy with others.

As the month progresses, on September 14, a New Moon in Virgo graces your chart, emphasizing themes of transformation and renewal concerning shared resources and emotional bonds. This Lunar event opens a gateway for new beginnings in financial matters, joint investments, and intimate relationships. The energy of the New Moon encourages you to release old patterns that may have hindered your growth in these areas and set intentions for positive changes.

During this New Moon, introspection is crucial, allowing you to identify hidden opportunities for growth and personal transformation. Embrace a thoughtful and practical approach when setting intentions for your shared ventures. Consider seeking advice from trusted individuals or professionals to ensure solid ideas for your financial and emotional well-being.

Following the New Moon in Virgo, the ruler of communication, Mercury, goes direct, heralding the arrival of essential news and insights. Mercury direct amplifies your ability to express yourself clearly and assertively, facilitating open and honest conversations. Mercury enables you to resolve misunderstandings and move forward with your plans and projects.

On September 17, Venus squares Jupiter, forming an influential aspect that affects your interactions and values. This aspect may bring some challenges regarding relationships and finances. Be cautious of overspending or overindulging during this period, as there may be a tendency to be overly optimistic or impractical in your approach to money matters. However, the Venus-Jupiter square can inspire joy and generosity in your relationships. Strive to balance your desire for pleasure and your responsibility towards financial stability. Practice open communication and compromise to navigate any potential conflicts that arise during this time.

Get ready to welcome the delightful and harmonious vibes of Libra season, which kicks off on September 23 with the equinox. During this period, the Sun illuminates your quest for knowledge, adventure, and broadening your horizons. Libra season for you is like embarking on a captivating journey of discovery, where you seek balance and understanding in the vast world around you. It's a time when your intellectual curiosity and love for exploration take center stage, urging you to delve into new ideas, cultures, and philosophies.

The month concludes with an electrifying Full Moon in Aries on September 29. This Full Moon stimulates your communication sector and fosters enthusiasm and assertiveness in your interactions. Expect your mind to feel energized, inspiring you to express yourself confidently and passionately. This period encourages you to be direct in your communication, promoting empowerment and making it a perfect time to share your clever ideas and initiating exciting conversations.

However, the Full Moon in Aries isn't the only cosmic event on this day. Venus squares Uranus on the same date, adding an extra dose of excitement and unpredictability to the mix. This combination creates an explosive energy that can shake up relationships and financial matters. While this combination of energy may seem intense, it also brings an element of fun and adventure to your life.

In conclusion, September presents a valuable opportunity to reassess your relationship with power, control, authority, responsibility, and discipline. By nurturing stronger bonds with those around you and finding a balanced approach to leadership, you create a fulfilling and harmonious llife.

Self-care tip: A perfect combination for you during this month is lavender essential oil and amethyst crystal. This combination supports inner peace, mental clarity, and spiritual growth, empowering your to navigate through the month with a balanced and centered approach.

September’s affirmation: "I confidently welcome the opportunities of September, harnessing my inner strength to build stronger connections and pursue personal growth."

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