The Tower

The Tower


The Tower Tarot card often refers to a situation involving a building, foundation, or structure coming to a disruptive end. Most events this Major Arcana card represents are not as severe, but a foundation in your life has still crumbled. It could be the foundation of a relationship or an actual building disrupted. This Tarot card has been seen, for example, when a home is lost due to foreclosure when a relocation occurs that is unpleasant. It has even been seen when something like minor flooding temporarily causes disruption. The card looks scarier than it is most of the time. A building disruption in your life could be a simple relocation, or maybe even just a fight with a roommate, or a roommate moving out. In due time, healing will take place, and all events and people are shown in this card will resume their normal position. The rug may feel pulled out from under you, but peace will return to the valley in time.


The Tower can be a frightening card to see in a Tarot reading, and you are being encouraged with this, and any other frightening card, to rest assured that all events in life arrive with a purpose and a lesson. Also, rest assured that nothing lasts forever, so the one event this card signifies is simply that, one event in your life, not your whole life. The Tower shows a tower surrounded by storms and darkness. The people in the tower are falling, and there is disruption and mayhem. Ruled by Uranus, this card predicts unexpected events that feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you. This card is best in the past position, but when appearing in the present, it warns of a sudden situation.

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