Scorpio Man: Traits, Love, & More

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio male is unique in that he’s not all that interested in fitting in, even though he’s not doing that to be noticed – he marches to his own beat and offers no apologies for it. If you’re getting to know a Scorpio guy, one thing you have going for you is you’ll rarely, if ever, question where you stand with him, as he’s going to let you know.

The Scorpio man’s traits are often portrayed as rebellious, aloof, brooding, or as some other related archetype in Hollywood. 

This isn’t always accurate, as “image” isn’t that important to Scorpios, particularly a male. This is part of what makes him somewhat mysterious to others. 

About the Scorpio Man: His Overall Personality

Those who fall under the Scorpio zodiac sign are always thinking, always planning, and always looking for their next move, even if they’re not exactly sure what that plan is supposed to be. 

The Scorpio male will give off a vibe of someone who may be lost in thought most of the time, and one word that describes his overall persona is “intense”. He’s emotionally intense, intellectually intense, and doesn’t do anything halfway. He’s not going to get into anything he isn’t ready to take on full force, and once he commits to something, that’s what he’s going to do no matter how many feathers he ruffles. You’ll find these traits in a Scorpio woman as well.

Despite this exterior, his seemingly “rough and tough” exterior, he’s often quite emotional and sensitive on the inside. 

He takes things hard; he never forgets a fight and he’s not one to simply let things roll off his back. He’s also paying attention to everything always, as someone who’s this introspective is not going to overlook any details about you, conversations you have, or things that you’re about.

Love, Dating, & Relationships with a Scorpio Man

If you’re starting to date a Scorpio male, it makes sense that you may be reading up on this sign because if you haven’t spent time with a Scorpio man in the past, you’re probably discovering that it’s different. 

The Scorpio man’s personality really comes through when he dates someone, in that things will be intense from the beginning. 

Once he decides he’s interested in you (which is in itself an internal process for him), he’s going for it all the way. He doesn’t do casual, so he likely has big plans for your future and the relationship. You may have trouble understanding a Scorpio man in a relationship, but you’ll have no questions regarding how he feels.

Aside from the exterior acts and statements, learning all about the Scorpio man means you need to understand that he’s also quite vulnerable on the inside. 

You should not continue to date him if you don’t see it going anywhere. 

It also means that you need to be careful not to dismiss any of the efforts he makes for you, as he will take that as a deep insult. You’re going to have an adventure in a relationship with a Scorpio male, but you’ll need to stay on your toes as well. 

Generally, a Scorpio man will find a successful zodiac love compatibility with fellow Water signs or Earth signs.

Are you a good match for Scorpio?

The Scorpio Husband & Father

By now, it should be clear that the characteristics of a Scorpio male are going to dominate most contexts, and that’s true in marriage as well. 

If you’re marrying a Scorpio man, you obviously already know him pretty well. Are things going to change after you walk down the aisle? 

That depends on your current situation, but you should know that you’re marrying someone who has a plan and who expects to be in charge of most decisions. Disagree with the Scorpio man tactfully, as he may not take your position well. After all, he’s put a lot of thought into his opinion, so it must be correct from his perspective. 

Above all else, though, the traits typically found in a Scorpio man result in a good, loyal, and caring husband.

If you have kids with a Scorpio man, you can rest assured that your children will have a dad who will teach them right from wrong from the onset of life. He will teach them to be productive, to get involved in many things, and will lead them by example. 

The Scorpio father is extremely dedicated.

On the other side of the coin, he can also be a taskmaster, and he can be relatively quick to judge your little ones when they make a mistake. Remember, this is a person who is very black-and-white with regard to how he sees the world. The bottom line, though, is that he will put everything he has into raising good kids.

What is the Scorpio Male like as a Friend?

If you find yourself backed into a corner and you need someone to stand with you as you fight your way out, the Scorpio friend is about as good a choice as you could make. 

He’s intensely loyal to his friends, and he will do whatever he has to in order to protect you and help out. He’s also someone who is, given his propensity for thinking, relatively wise for his age, so you could do worse when it comes to seeking advice on just about anything you need help pondering.

On the flip side, you need to understand the Scorpio man’s loyalty and that the same loyalty is expected of you. If he thinks you’ve crossed him, you’ll no longer be his friend – that’s that. If you lie to him, he’ll never trust or believe you again – it’s that simple. 

You also need to be sure to put time into what he wants to do, as he won’t do one-sided friendships where he feels like he’s the one who’s always giving. If you do those things, you’ll have a loyal, caring, and fun friend for life.

The Scorpio Career Man & Money

If you’re partnering with a Scorpio man, either in life or professionally, you can rest easy if he’s the one handling the money. 

He has a particular eye for detail in this regard, and he will not let even one dime get overlooked. He’s careful with money, but that doesn’t mean he won’t spend it or take some risks if he sees the upside behind it. 

Overall, though, he’s going to be responsible, loyal to anyone who also has an interest in any assets, and careful with the steps he takes.

In terms of career, the Scorpio man is best-suited for something where he is mainly autonomous in his day-to-day activities. 

Given his inquisitive nature, he would do well in fields like science, medicine, and even law enforcement, as he’s going to be able to process details and think about them in ways that will lead to results. Speaking of results, he will be driven to achieve them, but he’ll also make a loyal and trustworthy colleague.

The Scorpio man may seem complicated, but in many ways, he is not. He’s intense, he’s driven, and he’s introspective. He is interesting from a dating perspective, will provide a memorable relationship, and is a good husband and father. 

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