Scorpio Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

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Have you ever wondered: what is Scorpio’s compatibility with other zodiac signs?

Love heats up to a rolling boil when a Scorpio is in the mix. This Fixed Water sign brings magnetic intensity and deep emotional connection into love, meaning if you fall in love with a Scorpio, prepare for a mysteriously sensual and energetic romance to commence from the moment you lock eyes.

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, this scorpion is often seen as obsessive or controlling. Still, if you take the time to get to know them, you’ll realize that they are introverts who value loyalty and commitment over anything else. If you enjoy a rich one-on-one type of love and a lover you can bond with on every level, a love affair with a Scorpio man or woman is a deep mysterious love you will never forget.

Read below to learn about your love compatibility with Scorpio below.

Aries Sign

Scorpio - Aries Compatibility

Scorpio and Aries actually have a lot in common — but this doesn’t always make for an ideal romance. Both passionate, intense, and emotional, but with very different communication styles, these two will have to find ways to meet in the middle.

Taurus Compatibility

Scorpio - Taurus Compatibility

In a Scorpio and Taurus connection, opposites can certainly attract. Cautious Scorpio will feel at peace with Taurus’ unconditionally loyal and loving nature! However, Scorpio will need to be willing to open up, as Taurus will yearn for an emotional vulnerability that Scorpio typically keeps locked away.

Gemini Compatibility Sign

Scorpio - Gemini Compatibility

Communicative and chatty Air sign Gemini may not initially seem like the right match for emotional and cautious Scorpio. Still, Scorpio may appreciate the passion and intrigue that this connection can provide. Although a strange pair to the outside eye, these star-crossed lovers may just find their way.

Cancer Compatibility

Scorpio - Cancer Compatibility

Water signs Scorpio and Cancer both hold emotional depths that often only fellow Water signs can understand so intimately. This will appeal to Fixed sign Scorpio, who deeply wishes to be understood — and equally so to Cancer, who has the patience to understand!

Leo Compatibility

Scorpio - Leo Compatibility

To the outside eye, a Scorpio and Leo love match is an intimidating sight to behold! Gorgeous, intense, and hot and heavy, there is no question why these equally passionate signs will initially be attracted to one another.

Virgo Compatibility

Scorpio - Virgo Compatibility

There is a unique and specific kind of love that only doting and detailed Virgo can provide, which will attract Scorpio to this Mutable Earth sign. However, for this relationship to work, Scorpio will need to learn how to open up and communicate quicker than usual.

Libra Compatibility

Scorpio - Libra Compatibility

When chatty, charming Libra and guarded Scorpio meet, there may be some confusion as to what initially brought these seemingly very different signs together in the first place. However, if Scorpio can see Libra’s good intentions, there will be plenty that these two can learn from each other.

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio - Scorpio Compatibility

Did someone say intensity and intrigue? To an extent, there is a level of emotional understanding that Scorpio seeks a fellow Scorpio can only provide that. But these two are equally cautious in keeping their guard—making the chase all the more frustrating… and exciting.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Scorpio - Sagittarius Compatibility

Water elemental Scorpio may be attracted to Sagittarius’ Fiery passion and yearning for adventure, but these two will have to work very hard to get past their differences. Fixed sign Scorpio will seek a kind of commitment that Mutable Sagittarius may be reluctant to provide, so compromise is key.

Capricorn Compatibillity

Scorpio - Capricorn Compatibility

Any Scorpio is bound to respect Capricorn’s devotion and passion towards their work, which is a kind of recognition that Capricorn will be grateful for. However, Scorpio may wish for a kind of emotional connection that sometimes-cold Capricorn may not be able to give.

Aquarius Compatibility

Scorpio - Aquarius Compatibility

Extroverted and people-person Aquarius may seem like an odd pick for quiet, emotional, and brooding Scorpio — but these two have more in common beneath the surface. This can be a beautiful love connection if they’re willing to demonstrate the patience necessary to dig to get there.

Pisces Compatibility

Scorpio - Pisces Compatibility

Emotional duo Scorpio and Pisces will “get” each other on an intuitive, unspoken level, both Water signs understanding how unspoken communication can be just as valuable as what is said out loud. Mars-ruled Scorpio may have to tread lightly, however, as sensitive Pisces can easily get their feelings hurt.

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