Illustrated planet Mars is hues of red, brown, and orange and depicts the texture of the planet with pits, valleys, and darker marks

Mars Astrology Facts:

Glyph: mars-glyph
Ruler of: Passion, Ambition, Will
Named for: Mars, The Roman God of War
Sign of Dignity: Aries & Scorpio
Sign of Detriment: Libra
Sign of Exaltation: Capricorn
Sign of Fall: Cancer
Physical Body: Muscles, testicles, nose, sinews
Changes Sign: Every 1.5 months

What Does Mars Represent in Astrology?

Named for the Roman God of War, Mars commands our attention from his seat in the solar system. It only makes sense that his planetary influence drives our passions, physical energy, and the force with which we live our lives. 

As a warrior, Mars is primarily connected to aggression. Mainly how quick-tempered we are and how that temper is expressed.

Do you let your feelings bubble under the surface until they boil over and you lash out suddenly with verbal venom? Or do you have a propensity for more immediate physical reactions, like crying or shouting? You can blame your Mars placement for these reactions.

Depending on what zodiac sign Mars is traveling through on a given day, all can feel these energy shifts. For example, when Mars hangs out in Leo, we feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and quick to react impulsively. We work towards our goals with vigor and purpose. In romantic situations, Mars in Leo boosts our confidence.

On the other side, Mars in Taurus is much slower to get worked into a lather, and forward progress takes a slower, steadier approach.

Traditionally, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Being a Fire sign, Aries expresses the feistier side, while Scorpio expresses the slower-burning, more strategic aspects.

Your Mars Sign

Whether you’re loud, stubborn, and quick-tempered or shy, relaxed, and reserved depends on where Mars was traveling when you were born. Mars’s placement in your natal chart determines what spurs you into action and what that action looks like for you as an individual.

  • In Fire signs, Mars is purposeful; quick to act, and defend
  • In Air signs, Mars’s drive is erratic and unfocused, acting intellectually and/or verbally.
  • In Earth signs, Mars is strong-willed but slow moving.
  • In Water signs, Mars’s passionate energy is undulating and fluctuant.

Many aspects of life can be impacted by Mars, including: 

  • Your sex life
  • Sexual desires
  • Passion
  • Drive
  • Ambition
  • Anger

Mars Retrograde

retrograde is a period when a planet appears to be moving backward from our point of view on Earth. 

Mars in retrograde affects our vitality, drive, and passions.

You may feel your energy lower during this time as you’re forced to slow down and evaluate how your passion is expressed or repressed. This period will also make you check in with your aggression. During this transit, people tend to be a bit short-tempered, and things that have been frustrating you might bubble to the surface.

It’s important to have a healthy outlet for stress, be honest with yourself, and you’ll be just fine.

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