Air Sign

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Four elements rule the 12 zodiac signs: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air

The term Air sign refers to the series of zodiac signs ruled by the element of Air:

These signs rule the 3rd7th, and 11th houses are all positive polarities (or more yang instead of yin).

The element of Air rules rational thought. As such, Air signs are the thinkers of the zodiac. Their ever-active and quick minds rule their everyday life, often causing them to think before they feel. 

While signs ruled by other elements (Fire, Earth, and Water) tend to follow their heart (or rational logic for Earth signs). People born under Air signs use their intelligence as their strength. When used wisely, they can truly conquer any situation in front of them. Call an Air sign if you need someone to give you a reasoned and rational response to a situation.

Air signs are the social, light-hearted, change-makers of our society, which is why they are represented by the element of Air in the first place. 

They act upon their common drive, which is to change the world in their own unique ways. Gemini’s are witty and curious, Libras are kind and revolutionary, and Aquarius’ are innovative and unique. 

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