Cardinal Sign

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Cardinal is one of the three sign qualities in western astrology that can be associated with your sign.

Cardinal signs are the leaders in the zodiac and are often considered the most successful as a result. Their inner strength and motivation make them go-getters, often being viewed as the most energetic, outgoing, and engaging signs in the zodiac.

There are four signs that fall under the Cardinal modality:

  1. Aries (Fire Cardinal) – A raw force led by a powerful desire to keep moving.
  2. Cancer (Water Cardinal) – A force of feelings that focuses on pursuing emotion and hearts intention.
  3. Libra (Air Cardinal) – A breath of fresh air that is full of new ideas, creativity, and connections. The only thing that can stop them is themselves.
  4. Capricorn (Earth Cardinal) – a grounded force that focuses on the future and their goals. Achievement and progress matter most.

In Astrology, the word Cardinal is derived from the French “cardo”, which means “hinge”. Cardinal Signs are the hinges that connect and direct our lives — the initiators. Cardinal also originates from the word Cardinalis or important/principal in Latin, referencing each Cardinal sign’s attachment to the beginning of each new season.

The Cardinal Signs also usher in their respective seasons and line up with seasonal equinoxes:

  • Aries season (starting March 21st) launches Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere;
  • Capricorn season (starting December 22nd) launches Winter  in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere;
  • Cancer season (starting June 21st) launches Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere;
  • Libra season (starting September 22nd) launches Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

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