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Have you been searching for abundance and more intuitive energy?

If Gemini season left you feeling mentally scattered and emotionally disconnected, you’re in for a treat because Cancer season is just around the corner – and it’s bringing a calmer, more intuitive energy that’s full of depth and creativity.

The Sun – the planet in astrology that represents the self, the ego, and consciousness – moves into a new sign every month, which brings a new astrological season. And because each sign is unique, each new zodiac season brings fresh energy that shakes things up and encourages us to focus on certain aspects of our lives.

Cancer is a sign symbolized by the crab, and Cancers are often hastily labeled as crabby or moody because of this correlation – but while this Water sign may heighten emotions, it can also bring so much more magic to your summer than you might have thought.

If you’re ready to dive into the ethereal world of Cancer season, keep reading to learn how to make the most of this transit!

Cancer Season 2023 Dates

The Sun moves from Gemini to Cancer on June 21st, where it will remain until July 22nd. That means we have over a month to take advantage of this season’s intuitive, creative, compassionate energy.

What Does Cancer Sun Mean for Us?

Before we explore what to expect in Cancer season, we need to learn more about the sign itself and the ruling planet, and the element associated with it.

Cancer is a Water sign, along with Scorpio and Pisces, and as such, it is deeply connected to emotion, intuition, and creativity. Water signs tend to move a bit slower than the rest of the signs, going with the flow of the Universe rather than trying to hurry things along.

They’re also deeply concerned with their personal connection, desiring close friendships and intimate romance.

Additionally, Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the planet in astrology that connects to our subconscious, as well as our emotions. This heightens Cancer’s intuition and emotional depth even further. Cancer finds itself both deeply connected to and affected by feelings and emotions, and decisions are made based on feeling rather than logic or reason.

In other words, Cancer follows the heart – not the head.

Cancer’s symbol, the crab, represents a motif of protection, especially those near and dear to Cancer’s heart. That shell can also represent the protection that Cancer feels it must offer itself, a place to retreat when feelings are tender.

Some view the crab as a symbol of moodiness or even deceit, but it actually symbolizes compassion, protection, and an appreciation for one’s sacred space.

Finally, as a Cardinal sign, Cancer is a natural leader who finds success in following their intuition. Cardinal signs are known for their outgoing energy, ability to successfully engage others, and willingness to go after what they want.

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Cancer Season Themes

Cancer season might be responsible for those summer romances that begin to deepen and flourish around this time of year, as our feelings are flowing like a river – straight through the heart.

There’s no use in trying to disconnect from your emotions right now; they’re not going anywhere. You’ll get the most from this time by acknowledging and exploring those unavoidable feelings.

That heightened emotional state can also lead to moments of moodiness, so it’s important to remember to practice grounding exercises like yoga, meditation, and crystal healing.

Yet, despite this, your intuition will be spot on, especially if you know how to connect to it. This means that you probably won’t waste time on feelings that have no basis, but rather you’ll have a better, clearer insight into previously murky situations.

These emotions may be best expressed through creative activities, especially as Cancer season is a particularly artistic time. All that dreamy lunar energy inspires your imagination and encourages you to try new creative mediums.

Let that heightened intuition guide you toward an expressive outlet.

There is also a theme of nurturing and protection during Cancer season, especially for your loved ones. Your heart reaches out to the people closest to you and longs to keep them safe.

It’s important that you remember to extend that same level of care to yourself, ensuring to protect your energy and prioritize your self-care rituals.

Cancer is a sign that deeply values its sacred space, and you may feel more like spending time at home, cozy in your own personal sanctuary. It’s a great idea to spend some time sprucing up your home, cleansing the energy, and making room for more positivity and appreciation.

Other Cancer Themes Include:

  • Increased perception
  • Desire for intimacy
  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Homebody behavior
  • Moodiness
  • Creative energy
  • Defensiveness
  • Understanding
  • Sensitivity

A Checklist for Cancer Season

If Gemini season ran you ragged, you can rest comfortably in the cozy arms of Cancer season this month because this energy encourages a languid, leisurely pace. While Cancer is a sign that goes after what it wants, it also understands and appreciates the art of relaxation and lackadaisical creativity.

In other words, this is a great time to slow down and enjoy the moment. Let’s take a closer look at the activities and mindsets that will help you get the most from inspiring, instinctual Cancer season.

1. Focus on Love

This one will help you sail through any astrological season, but it’s important to remind yourself just how crucial love is. This doesn’t mean that you need to be romantically paired to enjoy Cancer season, and if that was your first thought, then we need to focus on expanding your perception and definition of love.

Love is Universal, it’s essential, and it can be found in every corner of life if you look hard enough. (And you really don’t have to look that hard.)

Spreading love during Cancer season can be as easy as giving your cat a bit of extra attention or taking your dog on a longer walk than usual. Call a friend who’s on your mind, or send a care package to a family member who’s been having a hard time.

But most importantly, you must love yourself right now – and always. But if you’ve been feeling disconnected from self-love, if you’ve been harsh with yourself or hard on your spirit, it is imperative that you get back on the road to self-love right now. Without a foundation of self-acceptance and appreciation for who you are, the deep emotions of Cancer season can create murky waters and heavy moods.

Embracing and spreading love also raises your vibration, which is essential for manifesting your deepest dreams and desires. Love really is the most abundant, valuable currency there is – spend it.

2. Explore Creation

The nurturing energy of Cancer flows perfectly with the motherly characteristics of this sign. And what more powerful creation is there than that of life?

A desire to create and share something special with the world is palpable right now, begging you to explore and express your emotions in a manner that stimulates your spirit.

This is a fantastic time to delve into new artistic territories, playing with mediums you have yet to test out. You may just find a new creative outlet that you enjoy more than others or be able to tap into previously hidden emotions through artistic exploration and new forms of expression.

3. Give & Take Support

Cancer season naturally heightens our desire to protect our loved ones, and providing support for your friends and family will come naturally at this time. But it’s important that you’re willing and able to ask for support when you need it too.

During Cancer season, there’s a tendency to want to retreat into your metaphorical shell and keep your feelings to yourself – but this can lead to feelings of isolation or even emotional exhaustion.

It’s important to be able to tell a friend or loved one that you need someone to talk to, just as it is important right now to be there for those who need it.

4. Diving Deep

Conversations were certainly flowing during Gemini season, but they may have been more stimulating and surface-level, as Gemini’s attention span is a bit too short for longer, deeper conversations.

However, in Cancer season, we want to get to the bottom of things, diving deep into the pool of human emotion and experience.

We’re all feeling more intimate and mystical right now, so let those other-worldly conversations flow like the watery energy surrounding us. You may learn more about someone than you ever imagined, bringing you closer together and strengthening your bond.

Celebrities Born During Cancer Season

To truly appreciate the dreamy, imaginative, intuitive energy of Cancer season, let’s take a look at some of the enigmatic celebrities born during this time.

Looking at this list makes it easy to see why creativity and innate talent are two traits that are embodied by Cancer.

Celebrating Cancer Season Creatively

No matter what astrological season you’re cruising through, set that cruise control to the speed of love. But loving energy is even more important during emotional Cancer season, a time when we need to lift one another up and raise the vibrations.

Focusing on love will ensure that you feel even more intuitive and creative during the next month, in addition to deepening bonds both with yourself and others.

When you let that compassionate, creative Cancer energy into your heart, you’ll be buzzing with excitement and appreciation.

How will you celebrate Cancer season creatively?

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