The Sun

Illustration of The Sun depicts hues of orange and yellow glowing around its round structure

The Sun Astrology Facts

Glyph: The Sun Glyph
Ruler of: The Self, The Ego, Consciousness
Sign of Dignity: Leo
Sign of Detriment: Aquarius
Sign of Exaltation: Aries
Sign of Fall: Libra
Physical Body: Heart, eyes, circulatory system, upper back, vitality
Changes Sign: Every month

What Does the Sun Represent?

In astrology, the Sun represents the life force that holds “the Self” and all its different parts together, similar to how it keeps the solar system aligned and organized. 

The Sun also represents our ego. 

Your core identity and role in life are expressed through the Sun’s placement in your birth chart.

Astrologers often refer to the Sun as one of two “luminaries” (the other being the Moon). The Sun essentially determines your personality traits, “shining” on certain parts of you and illuminating them for the world to see. Those certain parts are decided by the zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born.

Physiologically speaking, the Sun rules over the cardiovascular system, which includes the heart.

What Are Sun Signs?

Our core personality traits are represented by our “Sun” or, as astrologers say, our Sun sign. This is also called our zodiac sign or birth sign and is determined by where the Sun was located when we were born. 

For example, if the Sun is in the Aries constellation at the time of one’s birth, then they likely have Aries traits at the center of their being. 

Think of how everything in our solar system revolves around the Sun; in the same way, we as individuals have a center—a core that defines our unique essence. 

Our vitality and resilience in life are ruled by the Sun, motivating the actions we as individuals take in our “search for a unique identity,” as astrologer Judy Hall explains. The Sun determines the nature of a person’s self-expression and creativity.

An Air Sun sign’s creativity manifests intellectually, while a Fire Sun sign’s creativity happens physically and socially. 

Water Sun sign is more likely to be fluid in their self-expression than a stability-craving Earth Sun sign. 

That is the role the Sun plays in our natal charts. Every day, the Sun occurs in a specific transit depending on where the Earth and the other planets are in the solar system. Thus, the Sun “shines” in a certain way on certain planets, which looks a little bit different every day depending on its position.

If the Sun is sextile Jupiter, for example, that would mean the Sun is shining on Jupiter’s optimism and luck on that specific day. Similarly, your Sun sign represents the Sun illuminating your best traits. 

This sign makes one of the big three in astrology, also known as your primal triad, along with your Moon sign and Rising sign.

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