Illustrated planet Chiron has shades of grey and black showing texture and pits on the planet's surface

Chiron Astrology Facts

Glyph: Chiron
Ruler of: Suffering, Burdens, Rebirth
Named for: Chiron, the Centaur
Possible Signs of Dignity: Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Virgo
Sign of Detriment: Unknown
Sign of Exaltation: Unknown
Sign of Fall: Unknown
Changes Sign: Approximately every 4 years (Varies due to eccentric orbit)

What is Chiron?

Although you won’t always find him in natal charts, modern astrologers are beginning to recognize the rather powerful influence of a minor planet (an object in orbit around the Sun that is neither a planet nor a comet) called Chiron (pronounced kai-ron).

We haven’t known him for very long, but since his discovery in 1977, we’ve kept an eye on the space between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, where this minor planet travels. In Greek Mythology, Chiron is the son of Saturn, so it only makes sense that they orbit next to one another.

Because we have only just been acquainted with Chiron, he has not yet been assigned as ruler of any particular zodiac sign. Some astrologers believe he may even be a maverick, meaning he may not rule any sign at all.

Chiron’s significance over human life on Earth is also still being examined. That said, this figure’s history in mythology explains how most astrologers understand his influence.

Chiron is recognized as the most superior centaur in mythology as a physician, teacher, warrior, oracle, and astrologer. After being wounded by a poisoned arrow, he sacrificed his immortality and god-status to end the pain from the infected wound. Thus, Chiron has come to indicate the suffering and burdens we must endure and learn to live with as mortal beings.

In the Birth Chart & Your Chiron Return

You can determine your Chiron sign by examining your birth chart.

Your Chiron placement can be indicative of where you carry your wounds:

  • Fire sign – carries wounds in the ego, the heart, and self-expression.
  • Air sign – carries wounds in communication, relationships with others, and being accepted by society.
  • Earth sign – carries wounds in the body, a sense of security, perfectionism, and authoritarianism.
  • Water sign – carries wounds in the emotions, death-related trauma, and separation of the soul and source (Universe).

Although it appears tragic at first, his release from pain and ascension to the stars makes this story so important. We must all struggle through certain hardships throughout life; how we rise to meet those hardships will free us.

Around your 50th birthday (right around what we know as the midlife crisis, you will experience your Chiron return—when Chiron visits the same place in the sky that it was at your time of birth. This event will bring you an opportunity for spiritual rebirth, similar to your Saturn return.

The challenges you face during this time will get you more in touch with your higher self.

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