Water Sign

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Four elements rule the 12 zodiac signs: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

Water sign refers to the series of zodiac signs ruled by the element of Water:

These signs rule the 4th8th, and 12th houses and are all negative polarities (or more yin instead of yang).

The element of Water represents emotions, intuitive talents, and a robust creative gift. You will see a lot of water signs in artistic fields or fields where intuition is required, and many times even both. Call on your favorite Water sign if you need a shoulder to lean on, an ear with an intuitive gift for advice, or someone to help you feel better after a long day.

While signs ruled by other elements (Air, Earth, and Fire) are fast-paced and future-focused, water signs are not. People born under Water signs move a bit slower than many of the other signs as they take their time to reflect and feel their way through life.

Water signs are the emotional connections of our society, which is why the element of Water represents them. They act upon their shared drive, which is their relationships, nurturing things, and intuition in all aspects of their lives. In their vulnerability and complexities, Cancer is sensitive, Scorpio is profound, and Pisces is spiritual.

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