Do You Have Yin or Yang Energy?

We all have both Yin and Yang energy within us, but for most of us, one dominates the other. This Yin or Yang quiz can provide greater insight into which energy is strongest inside you.

Yin and Yang represent the perfect balance of life. In Ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represent the opposing forces of life that actually create harmonious duality.

  • Yin is feminine energy, receptive and soft, focusing more on the subconscious and what lies beneath.
  • Yang is masculine energy, active and hard, focusing more on the external world and physical surroundings.

How can day exist without night? How can heat exist without cold? How can goodness exist without the darkness?

Yin and Yang is the belief that neither can exist without the other; that for a person to be whole, achieving a balance between the two is the path to nirvana and the enlightened state. It’s not easy achieving Yin and Yang in a world that is so imbalanced and riddled with conflict, but each person’s individual journey is, ultimately, to help lead them to this balanced state.

Finding out whether you have more Yin or Yang energy can undoubtedly help you on your own path to enlightenment. Read on, answer the questions honestly (if you struggle between answers, go with the one you are most drawn to at first), and find out whether you are more Yin than Yang, or vice versa.

This Yin or Yang quiz will tell you all you need to know!

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