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How To Use Your Daily Career Horoscope

Read the horoscope for your zodiac sign to see how to capitalize on the energy available to you each day.

This horoscope can help you know when to make big moves and when to rethink your strategies. It can help you avoid confrontations in the workplace and allow you to harness your creativity on certain days when it’s high. It will help you work more efficiently and help you become the best version of yourself in your career.

What Determines Career In Astrology?

Besides your zodiac sign, there are many other places to look in your birth chart that reveal information about your career path and career aspirations.

Take a closer look at your chart and locate the following planets and houses to learn more about what determines your career in astrology:

Career & Work Planets


The placement of Mars in your birth chart is important for determining career compatibility in astrology. The famous red planet of our solar system rules your ambition, willpower, and passion. Anything that motivates you and the way you express your inner drive all fall under Mars’s domain.


Saturn’s appearance in the birth chart is telling of your sense of responsibility and discipline. Often known as the “planetary taskmaster” of the solar system, strict, stoic Saturn governs law and order, control, and stability. Saturn tempers the impulsivity of excitable Mars, taking up the reins to direct your drive and power productively towards your career goals.


Find the lucky planet of the solar system, Jupiter, in your chart, and you’ll see how you go about attracting fortune and expanding your career. The traits of the zodiac sign and the house Jupiter resides in your chart will help you understand which parts of your personality will be integral in your growth and abundance and in which areas of your life you’re likely to see the most luck and expansion.

Career & Work Astrological Houses

10th House of Career, Reputation, and Ambition

When it comes to using astrology for work and career, there is no better place to look in the birth chart than the 10th house. The zodiac sign and planet(s) that appear in your 10th house represent your unique calling to serve in your lifetime.

The ruler of the 10th house is Saturn, which governs work, discipline, and ethics, as does the zodiac sign it’s linked to, the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn. As an Earth element house, it reveals your work ethic, your reputation and how the public views you, and the overall energy you’re putting out into society.

2nd House of Money, Resources, and Values

The 2nd house in your birth chart acts as a tell-all for how you view your income, assets, and talents when it comes to wealth and your sense of worth. Here’s where you learn about how much and what kind of value you place on money, and how you’ll attract income over your lifetime. The 2nd house reveals the hidden talents you can use to make money, as well as the types of jobs you would excel in.

The 2nd house is associated with Earth, the element ruling material possessions and financial foundations. It’s also linked to Taurus, the Fixed zodiac sign famous for its practicality, patience, and love for material indulgence and luxury. Taurus and the 2nd house are linked with Venus, the pleasure planet ruling beauty and money.

Which Careers Fit Your Zodiac Sign Best?

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