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Aries Zodiac Sign

Dec 03, 2022 - Do you know how to give yourself as much love as you do your romantic partner? Is it easy for you to not completely lose yourself in your lover, remembering that it's equally important to devote time and energy to self-love?

These are relevant questions to ask yourself today as the Moon is in Aries and your 1st house of self. It is so common for us to get so swept up in our partner's world, taking care of their needs while neglecting ours. This is a perfect time for you to do practices that nourish you and give you pleasure.

Doing so allows you to be more fulfilled in your own being which immediately allows you to be more capable of pouring that energy and love into your relationship.

Dec 03, 2022 - You’ve got your eye on the prize today, so trust your instincts and if an unusual opportunity comes your way take a leap of faith and don’t be scared. There’s a harmonious angle occurring in the sky between the intuitive Moon and luxurious Venus,…

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Dec 03, 2022 - You’re tapped into something primal and magical, so trust your instincts and if a romantic proposition comes your way out of the blue take a leap of faith and let it take you where it may. There’s a sensual angle occurring in the stars…


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