Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Zodiac Sign

For the week of: Apr 22, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024

There is some pretty powerful energy pinging around the heavens this week, and while it won’t make for exactly a simple ride, I do think you’ll manage to ride out these waves and use them to your advantage to boot, Aries. Things start off at a rolling boil on the 23rd when the annual Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the skies. This Full Moon lands in your intense 8th House of Sex, Intimacy, and Shared Resources, so things might feel a little heavy right now. This sector of your chart is all about playing for keeps, whatever you might be playing for, so if you do indeed feel a little ruthless in your pursuit of your goals that wouldn’t be totally out of keeping with the energy overhead–just make sure you don’t earn any bad karma as you chase after whatever you want. You can get your kicks without kicking anyone, you know what I mean?

Pluto will be forming a tight angle to this lunation, and as it is the first we’ve experienced since emerging from eclipse season, it could feel a bit like getting off a roller coaster, when we need a moment for the earth to feel solid beneath our feet once again. That being said, there is a new stability waiting for us, so there’s lots to lean into, especially since Jupiter and Uranus are still tightly aligned, giving us a positive boost forward.

It is true, however, that you’ve had it a bit more difficult lately than the other signs, and that’s because you’ve been hosting the current Mercury retrograde in your sign and your 1st House of Self-Expression. With the cosmic communicator taking a very long nap in your sign it’s only too easy to feel completely out of sync with just about everyone you come into contact with, be it professional or romantic or otherwise, but the good news is that this transit comes to an end on the 25th as Mercury wakes up and surges forward once again. It’ll take the messenger planet a few days to get back up to his regular speed (the zodiac equivalent of some morning yoga and a few cups of coffee) but once he does, know that you’re going to have plenty of star power pushing you ahead to the future.

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