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Mar 25, 2023 - It’s time to power down and do some nesting, Aries. Motivator Mars slinks into Cancer and your 4th House of home and family today, giving you the urge to focus on self-care and your emotional needs until the end of May.

This transit is one of the less exciting Mars transits because the focus is so internal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be living like a nun or priest for the next eight weeks. You can absolutely still entertain a special someone at Chez Aries, just don’t force yourself to meet anyone else’s expectations but your own.

You’ll be more sensitive than usual during this time so look for people who can meet both your physical and your emotional needs; if someone is only pushing a few of the right buttons that might turn out to mean they are actually just pushing the wrong ones. Trust your intuition now; you know what you want.

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