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For the Month of: May 2024

May - Welcome to a brand-new month, beautiful Aries! Last month was filled with a stressful eclipse in your sign, yet this month is filled with growth and potential. Although creativity and curiosity are on the rise, you might run into some minor challenges. Yet, it's the universe’s way of testing your commitment and keeping you on your toes. If your ventures in the past didn't go as planned, you can expect this month to bring a fresh, innovative outlook on achieving your goals. So buckle up, and get ready to dive into your monthly horoscope.

The month begins with Pluto turning retrograde on the 2nd in Aquarius, signaling a time of introspection and transformation in your social circles and aspirations. Focus on reevaluating your connections and goals. Mars, your ruling planet, sextiles Pluto the next day, amplifying your energy and determination. It's a high-vibe time for making strategic moves and initiating changes that align with your goals. This is the beginning test of your commitment; use this energy wisely to overcome obstacles on your path.

The New Moon arrives on May 7th, closing the intense eclipse portal. This Taurus New Moon brings grounding and stability, after a dynamic period of upheaval and change. It's an ideal time to set intentions related to finances, self-worth, and material security. Set intentions to cultivate financial abundance through a healing poverty mindset and limiting beliefs surrounding your self-worth. Avoid clinging to outdated beliefs about your worth. Focus on practical and tangible steps to build long-term security. Trust in your ability to stay committed and manifest.

Unexpected events unfold from the 13th through the 18th, as the Sun aligns with Jupiter and Venus aligns with Uranus, gifting opportunities for expansion, luck, and sudden changes in your financial and social spheres. Mercury enters Taurus, encouraging practical thinking and communication regarding your resources and values. Use this time to revamp your investment strategies and explore innovative ways to increase your income and strengthen your economic foundation. Avoid impulsive spending and watch your words, as they create your financial reality. If you desire long-term security to attract wealth, speak it into existence.

Gemini season begins on the 20th, the master of communication, stimulating you to connect, learn, share, and communicate with others. This season is about confidently articulating your thoughts and desires to the universe. This is further enhanced when Venus enters Gemini on the 23rd, amplifying your charm and desire to connect with others intellectually.

At the same time, a Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs, illuminating adventure, expansion, and higher education. You'll feel drawn to taking risks, yet you are encouraged to move slowly because your manifestations are in the early stages of formation. Allow it to develop and blossom into what it is meant to be. Do not force it. Sit in the creative potential and allow it to unfold. Use this Full Moon energy to reflect on your goals for personal growth, education, and spiritual development. It's an opportune moment to release any limiting beliefs or fears that may be holding you back from success and wealth.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, begins its year-long journey through Gemini on the 25th. Jupiter amplifies communication, showing you the path to bringing your manifestations into reality through your thoughts, words and learning new things. You may be drawn to activities involving sharing ideas and networking with others. Focus on improving your skills and reaching success in all of your endeavors.

The month ends with a waning moon in your sign on the 31st, highlighting self-expression and personality identity. This phase invites you to reflect on any challenges or obstacles you faced surrounding your ability to manifest and generate multiple streams of income. Reassess your priorities and responsibilities.

Overall, this month is about your ability to achieve your dreams, who you surround yourself with, and the power of words that create your environment.

Self-care tip: Prioritize active listening during conversations, allowing others to fully express themselves before responding. This wecomes greater understanding and strengthens your connections.

May's affirmation: "Today, I know that I will make the right decisions to maintain a happy and healthy life."

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