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Mar 01, 2024 - Do your romantic relationships provide your life with a sense of meaning? Do you feel spiritually fulfilled through them? The Moon is in Scorpio and in your 9th house and is inviting you to reflect on these questions.

Relationships are so much stronger when we feel that those we are in connection with share similar beliefs and philosophies as ours. Not to say that you shouldn't have any differences with your partner, on the contrary, these few days would be a great time to get into those kinds of discussions.

This allows you to connect on a spiritual level and not just an emotional. Just make sure that you and your partner agree on the fundamentals of life because then your relationship will serve as a propeller for you to develop where you seek to in your life.

Mar 01, 2024 - Let the wind carry you wherever it may, Pisces, because chances are you could wind up learning something or meeting someone who sheds an unexpected light on a corner of the world you never even know about, and in the process the wheels in…

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Mar 01, 2024 - Even if you wake up with nothing to do and no plans for the day, Pisces, just know that you’re probably going to wind up engaging in some kind of activity or project you would never have seen coming your way. The Moon is…


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