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For the Month of: June 2024

June - Welcome to June, beautiful Pisces. There were a lot of changes last month that highlighted your finances and self-worth. The space you created for forgiveness, acceptance, and healing was awesome. Now, this month comes in hot and off the press, filled with emotional bonds, compassion, travel, romance, and fun. Have faith in your dreams, as you're bringing new emotional connections, healing, and empowerment to the world. Don't give up if you're having trouble in some areas. Manifestations are still taking shape. Take care of yourself and invest in your inner world. Now, let's dive into your monthly horoscope.

The month begins with Mercury entering Gemini, its home sign on June 3. This is followed by a meeting with Jupiter the next day. You may find yourself getting together with family or loved ones since Mercury will be in your family zone. Maybe a quick trip out of town.

Then, a New Moon in Gemini arrives on June 6, marking a fresh start in your relationships. Also, it could coincide with you renewing your relationship with comfort. You're also given the chance to let go of your past. Gemini's wisdom provides insight and ideas for your future goals during this time. In addition, you may feel compelled to through a small get-together or attend one.

Mars enters Taurus on June 8 and you'll be motivated to start new projects. You may feel a little stagnant, but remember that slow and steady wins the race. Make new goals and take baby steps to achieve them. Overall, you'll feel confident and happy.

On June 14, the Sun and Mercury align, bringing big news or an answer you've been waiting for. Be prepared for an unexpected call. And your intuition is at an all-time high on June 16 thanks to Venus and Neptune. Relationships and finances are positively impacted by your foresight.

If you feel off-balanced, turn off your phone and reset from the world. Because on June 17, Mercury and Venus enter Cancer, followed by the Sun entering Cancer on June 20.

Mercury will enhance your creative perspective, while Venus focuses on creating financial streams, investments, a little fun, and all romance. And with the Sun in Cancer, marking the start of Solstice. You'll feel the heartfelt creative energy and deeply felt emotions you can pour into your artistic passions. It's a great time to showcase your talents and skills. If you are feeling unsure about yourself, spend time brainstorming new outlets to release stress.

The following day a Full Moon in Capricorn arrives, calling for a shift in routine. This Full Moon illuminates networking, friends, social circles, wishes, and dreams. It's a great time to meet people who share your vision. Maybe they know a few people who can take your dreams and plans to the next level. When the Full Moon comes around, it's a high vibrational time for manifesting, so you should address any underlying emotional issues. Don't be afraid to take the next step and go after what you desire.

Lastly, a waning moon in your sign ends the month on June 25. This is great for new beginnings, whether that's a spiritual journey, a belief system, or a daily regime. Your dreams will be vivid and your energy will be sensitive.

Basically, the month is about the garden you grow from your healed inner landscape. Your friends and family are also in that garden. So celebrate yourself and surround yourself with love.

Self-care tip: Use water to heal emotional wounds. Spend time near a calming body of water, take a bath, swim, or just relax. Float away your troubles and let the water refresh you.

June's affirmation: "I face change with bravery, guided by the wisdom of the universe."

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