The Moon

Illustrated Moon shows its various hues of grey with various pits and striations on the surface

The Moon Astrology Facts:

Glyph: The Moon Glyph
Ruler of: Emotions, The Subconscious
Sign of Dignity: Cancer
Sign of Detriment: Capricorn
Sign of Exaltation: Taurus
Sign of Fall: Scorpio
Physical Body: Stomach, breasts, lymphatic system, digestive system, womb
Changes Sign: Every 2-3 days

What Does the Moon Symbolize?

Even though there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of other moons in the solar system, Earth’s Moon’s proximity to us means it influences humans just as heavily as any of the other full planets. Despite having no water of its own, the gravity of the Moon controls the tides on Earth. 

It is no surprise that it represents the fluidity and sensitivity of human emotion, instinct, and the subconscious. Just as you think of your emotions as flowing through you like water, this planet influences your emotional side.

The Moon symbolizes “the part of you that you see,” as astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk puts it. In other words, it rules the five senses and the way you react instinctively to the sensory stimuli of the world around you. 

The placement of this celestial body in the birth chart—known as the Moon sign—explains how we react to and receive the world, while the Sun represents our initiative and the outward actions we take. “The Sun signifies your individuality,” wrote astrologer Evangeline Adams, “and the Moon signifies your personality.”

The Moon represents femininity and maternity, while the Sun stands for the opposite—masculinity, and paternity. Because of this, it is indicative of your past—your infancy, childhood, and memory. 

It is one of the three signs that make up the big three in astrology, or primal triad, along with your Sun sign and Rising sign.

What Are the Moon's Phases?

There are eight phases of the Moon, and each means something different. In order, the phases are:

It takes about 29.5 days to move through these phases (but only 27 days to orbit Earth). The time from a New Moon to the next New Moon is called a Moon cycle or lunar cycle. 

The phases throughout this cycle last for about 2 – 3 days at a time, meaning the Moon passes through all of the zodiac signs in order every couple of days. 

*Indicates phases of particular importance in astrology.

Each phase of the Moon is shown starting from a New Moon and ending, getting larger until it reaches the Full Moon, and then lessenging in size until the phases end with a New Moon

What Are Moon Glyphs?

Moon glyphs, or the Moon symbols, made of simple lines and shapes, represent the different phases discussed above as a picture. These symbols are ancient and have been used for a long time. 

You most likely recognize the most popular—the main symbol—the crescent Moon, and you’ll notice this symbol in your birth chart, showing you where the Moon was at your time of birth.

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