The Ultimate Guide to Your Moon Sign

moon sign ultimate guide

Whether you’re more left-brained or right-brained, whether you subscribe to faith or science, and whether you believe in astrology or not, there’s one thing that everyone knows: their Sun sign. Even those who staunchly oppose astrology usually know which sign applies to them.

The Sun sign is so ubiquitous in astrology, that those who are less familiar with astrology often believe that this is the only sign, when in fact, astrology is much more complex.

We can’t exactly blame the Sun for demanding so much attention—that is, after all, its very nature. It is the center of attention in our galaxy. But is it the only planet, nay, the only sign that we should be paying attention to?

Absolutely not.

In astrology, there are three big placements within your natal chart that an astrologer will typically ask for first—your Sun sign, your Moon sign, and your Rising or Ascendant sign.

This group of signs is often referred to as the Primal Triad, and together, they best represent a glimpse into your soul and its purpose here on Earth without scuba diving into your complex natal chart. While each sign within your chart is important, these three signs combined can paint a vivid portrait of someone’s celestial destiny.

Today, we’ll be talking about the value and importance of the emotional, mysterious, intuitive Moon sign.

What is a Moon Sign?

If you ask a scientist whether the Moon is a planet, you might receive a puzzled or even humorous look on their face. “Of course, it’s not a planet!” they might proclaim.

Technically speaking, the Moon is not a planet but a “rocky cratered place,” which acts as the Earth’s only natural satellite. However, this definition doesn’t quite capture the active, crucial role that the Moon plays in our daily lives.

The Moon affects the tides in our oceans and the crops in our soil. While it may not be considered a planet, it is the closest celestial body to our globe and has a great effect on our energy.

You’ve probably heard someone forewarning of an approaching Full Moon, as energy is noted to be more erratic during this phase. There is a longstanding myth that the emergency rooms of hospitals are nearly overrun during Full Moons. This myth has since been debunked, but the fact remains that the Moon does affect our emotional state, which brings us to the Moon sign.

The Moon moves in cycles and through the signs, meaning that its influence can change drastically from one day to the next. The Moon typically spends about 2.5 days in each sign and completes each lunar cycle in 28 days, moving from New to Full and back again.

Throughout the centuries, astrologers have noticed distinct variances within human emotion that can be directly linked to the Moon’s influence.

Your Moon sign represents the sign that the Moon was passing through or resting in at the exact moment you entered the world.

Because the Moon is connected to our emotions, your Moon sign represents the depth of emotions with your spirit and how you express them.

Sun vs. Moon vs. Rising: What Does It All Mean?

To better understand the Moon sign, let’s break down the other portions of the Primal Triad—the Sun and the Rising signs.

The Sun sign represents where the Sun was located at the time you were born— this also depends on where you were born, as time zones affect your chart’s planetary positions. The Sun typically spends around 21 days in a given sign, but it moves into certain signs on different days each year, so you can’t always determine your Sun sign simply by the day you were born.

The Sun sign represents the core of your personality, the deeper, basest version of yourself.

The Sun is the center of our galaxy, and your Sun sign is the center of yourself. It is connected to your ego and morals, who you are at the very center.

Your Rising sign—also called the Ascendant sign—is a bit trickier to explain, as it isn’t tied to a specific planet.

Your Rising sign represents the sign that was rising along the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This sign connects to your body physically – its appearance – and your own personal style. It represents the impression you give others and how others perceive you.

It also connects to your reactions to situations, who you are on a spontaneous level.

With these signs in mind, it’s easy to see how your Moon sign completes the triad. Your Moon sign represents the emotional part of yourself that may be hidden from others, the mysterious side of your personality, your secret desires, and your hidden wishes.

Learning about your Moon sign will help you understand how you relate to others emotionally, why you react in certain ways, and how to facilitate more positive moods.

Understanding more about your Sun sign (essential personality), Rising sign (outward style), and Moon sign (emotional style) will help you feel more connected to your spirit than ever.

Why is My Moon Sign so Important?

We’ve talked about the Moon’s phases and its transition through the signs about every 2.5 days; your own personal Moon sign will interact with the position of the Moon in unique and interesting ways. Knowing your Moon sign and what it represents can help you understand the current position of the Moon and how it might affect you.

The Moon, like our emotions, is unpredictable.

Astrology is like a celestial weather forecast; even if it doesn’t rain, it’s always nice to be prepared and know when to carry an umbrella.

A Moon sign calculator will help you determine your Moon sign; birth chart calculators can also provide this (and much more) information. You’ll need to provide your birthday and the time you were born, which is found on most birth certificates.

The Moon in Each Sign

We’ve boiled down the most important things you should know when the Moon is in each zodiac sign so you can observe and use the potent, powerful energies to manifest change in your life and build your relationships.

If you’ve ever felt overly sensitive or that you can’t quite connect with people who are close to you, it’s quite possible that you just need to get more in tune with the Moon’s energy.

If you’re extra sensitive, you may even feel the energy from the zodiac sign the Moon is in on that day, compounding your emotions.

The Moon in Fire Signs

When the Moon is in a Fire sign, we tend to be short-tempered, energized, and irritable. It’s extremely important to think before you react (or at least take a deep breath before blurting out whatever is on your mind) so you don’t stick your foot in your mouth or hurt someone’s feelings.

People’s emotions often bubble to the surface explosively when the Moon is in a Fire sign, so don’t let outbursts surprise you (yours or others), and try your best not to hold grudges. Most people who are hit by this energy don’t know why their anger is getting the best of them.

1. Aries Moons

This is the sign with the shortest, hottest temper.

Emotionally, they are generally filled with excitement, quick reactions, and spontaneity. While this can differ from person to person, the key element an Aries Moon is a desire to move fast and find independence.

When an Aries feels self-reliant and like they are contributing to some greater cause, they are like a tornado that can till the soil or destroy things in its path (whether it wants to or not).

Often overlooked is Aries’ need to help others. Their fiery passions manifest in helping others, especially those that they feel are more emotionally vulnerable than them.

They feel that they are most useful in relationships when they can act as a shield for their loved ones, which makes them appear strong and sure of themselves. This sometimes can be to their detriment, as their ability to appear like a strong brick wall makes it hard for others to see when cracks begin to form.

Relationships with Aries Moons

If they want to do something, don’t make them wait. Understand they have a need to move and to do a lot of things. They also will want you to listen to them about their emotions. They are harmless as long as you understand they are spontaneous and willing to change plans quickly.

Don’t take their sharp tongue personally because their emotions flow out of them, so they don’t hold grudges. They enjoy a good debacle and won’t back down from confronting you on things.

Remember that they do have feelings, even if they don’t admit them. Let them do what they want when they want, and you’ll get along just fine.

2. Leo Moons

While Leo’s are generally outgoing, when you have a Moon in Leo, this may not be the case. What is true is that you emotionally love being the center of attention, and your love language generally has something to do with making others laugh.

When your Moon sign is Leo, you require lots of love from the people in your life. Others can view you as hard and blunt because the fire sign in you will call out when people aren’t giving their full amount of emotional labor in a relationship. You don’t create drama because you like it; you create it because others refuse to be their true selves, and you are as real as they come.

Friendships are incredibly important to you, but you aren’t one to be a follower. You love to treat other people and show affection, when people click with you they are stuck with you for life. Which is a pretty good place to be.

You are happiest when you have a close-knit group of pals or a close partner who shares your interests and lets you choose what to have for dinner.

Relationships with Leo Moons

Let them fix the problems they see, and they will feel purposeful. If they seem controlling, try to see why they are being strong-headed because they can fixate so much on solving a problem that it seems insensitive.

Let them have creative outlets, or that energy will fester into anger. To appeal to a Leo Moon, tell them you love them a lot.

They feed on energy and want to do good things for people to make the world fair. If you want a strong friendship, just don’t tell them what to do.

3. Sagittarius Moons

This sign is known for being adventurous, so when your Moon is in Sagittarius, you are always the one who is ready for anything. While Sagittariuses love to have lots of friends, they emotionally are searching for one or two people who understand them and are spontaneous like them.

It takes a lot for them to be vulnerable with other people, meaning that overcoming the emotional barriers a Sag has set up can be difficult if you’re not ready for the climb.

They love to learn and can often be very insulted when someone questions their intelligence. They also desire to search for the truth and find lying to be one of the worst things a loved one could do to them. They would rather discuss the truth and digest it than live their lives based on baseless fantasy.

Relationships with Sagittarius Moons

In essence, a Sagittarius Moon does not want to be cooped up at home. They have to move and explore new cultures, make new friends, and be in nature. They crave spontaneity and flying by the seat of their pants. If you’re a routine type of person, you have to realize they are not if you want to have a good relationship with them.

Let them be free and give them space. They want to understand ideas and philosophy, so meeting them in this space will inspire them to share your company.

The Moon in Earth Signs

You know those days when your creativity seems to shut off? This might be because the Moon is in an Earth sign.

You’ll feel more like being productive, cleaning, and taking care of things in your day-to-day life that will put your mind at ease. You may also slow down enough to actually enjoy yourself!

1. Taurus Moons

Taurus is a sign that can cause us to be a bit stubborn and want to make decisions for ourselves in our own time. While many see them as just the stubborn bull, Taurus Moons are the best at taking care of others emotionally and truly connecting to others, even when it means breaking down the walls of, particularly guarded signs.

They are incredibly emotionally secure, which means sometimes they don’t understand the rat race of insecurity they witness in other signs. When it comes to sensuality or vulnerability, they rarely struggle in their approach, but sometimes they get too comfortable and make others feel out of place.

A Taurus will often want to stop and smell the roses when the Moon is in Taurus, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel like working quite as hard.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming about your favorite food or a romantic evening – Taurus loves their creature comforts.

Relationships with Taurus Moons

You really can’t expect to get them to do anything.

They won’t budge, but they are caring and loving, reliable and steady. You’ll notice their home will always look the same because they find comfort in a nice home and a predictable environment.

You can appeal to them by creating a nice home environment and not asking them to make big changes quickly (or any, for that matter). They are not inspired by revolutionary ideas as much as they are by security, stability, and pleasures of the senses. As long as a progressive person understands what they need, they can balance each other out.

Speak practically to them, and they’ll love you for life. Let them have their routine so they can keep themselves happy.

2. Virgo Moons

Virgo Moons crave order, which means that emotional vulnerability can be quite a struggle for them. Under the sign of Virgo, perfectionism meets altruism, meaning that Virgo moons often can be too hard on themselves and not hard enough on others who are toxic to them.

Relationships are filled with a desire for structure, and like a certain character named Spock, Virgo Moon often dismisses overpowering emotions as being “too illogical.” As an Earth sign, they would rather stay grounded than in the wind.

When Virgos surround themselves with passionate, fun-loving signs, they often bring out the best in themselves. They have a tendency to emotionally invest in ‘their person,’ so once a Virgo Moon has identified their match, they will come out of their shell and show how loving and giving they truly are.

Relationships with Virgo Moons

Give them a job to do to keep them happy. They want to have a purpose. Allow them to be meticulous and thorough,, or it will create anxiety. Let them have creative pursuits that they can analyze and the routines they desire to feel secure.

Don’t expect them to lead the charge into battle because they are not glory-seeking. They are susceptible to self-degradation. You can help them by showing them their strengths, which are their caring, selfless natures.

3. Capricorn Moons

While Capricorn has a wrap for being a workaholic, emotionally, they have lots that are hidden. Capricorn Moons love to laugh and ground themselves with one or two individuals who will love them no matter what… but especially when they fail. 

Capricorn Moons often connect a lot of their worth and emotional balance to their work, so their high standards and perceived failure can cause them to go inward and shut people out. Criticism is a hard pill to swallow and will often lead them to lash out like a wounded animal. 

When people with a Capricorn Moon surround themselves with good people, they will work to uplift them and support them.

They take things very seriously and sometimes will push their own emotions back to further progress.

Relationships with Capricorn Moons

Don’t ask a Capricorn Moon to take a big uncalculated risk, that’s not the language they speak. However, show them a long-term plan, and they’ll be interested. Don’t talk about metaphysics and spirits too much, or they will be turned off because these people have their feet firmly planted in the earth as well as their focus.

They will be impressed with your organization and commitment to a well-oiled budget. Speak to them about school, goals, and business, and they’ll enjoy the conversation. Don’t expect them to show their vulnerabilities because they aren’t wired to do so.

To make them feel safe, give them a purpose and a steady income.

The Moon in Air Signs

When the Moon is in an Air sign, we are flighty, full of ideas, and chatty. We are able to perceive new things and are often easily distracted. When the Moon is in Air signs, you’ll find your head rising up into the clouds more often.

1. Aquarius Moons

An Aquarius Moon wants to be where the people are and experience all emotional triumphs and lows.

Aquarius Moons really want to connect with people but often struggle to find the right connection. Because of their egalitarian ideals, they can often feel very alone in the world and will put the needs of others above their own.

This can make Aquarius Moons people-pleasers if they are not careful with their emotions. While the greater good is… well, good, it’s also important to explore your own vulnerabilities with those that you cherish.

Let people in!

Relationships with Aquarius Moons

They will always want to talk about big ideas because this is how they find meaning. They think they are different, and you just have to accept that they are not going to be interested in talking about emotional drama from daily life experiences. They also need space and don’t like being controlled.

You can appeal to their emotions by showing interest in progressive issues. They also have a need to express their uniqueness, so let them. They will be very focused on their ideals and wrap their life up in them, so if you want to get along with them, support their vision.

2. Gemini Moons

Social and explorative, Gemini Moons want to follow where the wind goes.

They do not find emotional attachments worth their time and would rather have lots of friends instead of one or two close friends. Some may see this as having a lack of emotions, but in reality, this is because they have such a big heart that they don’t see the point in reserving love for just one person.

They are one of the most expressive signs in the Zodiac, so when your Moon is in Gemini, you usually express your deep and wandering emotions through creative medians or hobbies. Their emotional balance is often dependant on their busy social schedule, when they are alone for too long they can find themselves falling into a deep low.

They love deeply, express loudly, and rarely keep their feelings close to their chest.

Relationships with Gemini Moons

This sign has a lot of energy that needs an outlet. They require mental stimulation almost constantly. You’ll rarely see them unoccupied. Knowing they need to explore and inquire, you can keep them happy by giving them opportunities to do that. If they seem nervous, it’s energy that needs an outlet.

Don’t ask them to be organized because it’s not their forte. Make them feel purposeful by asking them to try new things and discover new ways of doing things.

3. Libra Moons

Libra Moons are all about friendship and sharing positive energy. They are quite relationship-oriented, often craving a loved one’s presence over anything. They thrive in partnerships and are often serial monogamists because they value one-on-one time.

They are also the most likely to get really heated or deeply affected by current events. When bad things happen in the world, they will either shut down or take to the streets to express themselves. When things get emotionally tumultuous, someone with their Moon in Libra will be very vocal, which can alienate them from time to time.

When they feel safe and secure in their surroundings, Libras love to chat and talk about their feelings about things. Their emotions are seeded in balance, harmony, union, and fairness.

Relationships with Libra Moons

A Libra Moon sign will need partnership. They thrive on companionship and are charged with being around people. They want to be respected for their viewpoints, so they will take time to explain themselves. They also have a strong urge to show people they care for them and to do whatever it takes to make an environment harmonious.

The peacekeeper is not afraid to debate and hates to be wrong. Where they may struggle is that they can be exceedingly negative because they harbor any negative aspects that are creating rifts in relationships. They crave positive people and connections.

The Moon in Water Signs

When the Moon is in a Water sign, we are emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. Our imaginations come to life and we are able to pick up on how others are feeling.

You’ll notice people cry more when the Moon is in a Water sign, and they’re more inclined to have deep conversations.

1. Pisces Moons

A Pisces Moon is an unconventional and artsy sign. It is often the sign that is really into music, following its whims, or conversing about metaphysical topics. Pisces people connect to the spiritual and their emotions are often seeded in their chase for something bigger and more meaningful in life.

They fall in love easily and value intimate, deep connections over vague, surface-level ones. They are really in tune with the energy of a room and can often tell when others are feeling off. Their emotions live in this emotional balance, which, as a Water sign, can leave them feeling overwhelmed.

When a Pisces can write or paint or sing, they are able to let this floodgate go. They are drawn to still, deep waters and jump right into emotional vulnerability.

Relationships with Pisces Moons

A Moon in Pisces person has strong compassion as well as love. They are accepting of others and will often see themselves in others. If you think they are aloof, they are tuning into their intuition to make their decisions, and you must give them space to sort things out, or they get overwhelmed.

If you do not appreciate their need to express their heart, they will not feel complete.

2. Cancer Moons

Cancer Moons are intuitive, sensitive, and loyal. Their emotions are always in flux and they often find themselves leaning on the emotions of others as a guide for their own.

They seek out support from other people and often really put their vulnerability in the hands of others. This often leads them to get hurt by those who do not live at the same level of emotion as they do.

They can lash out because of bubbling emotional flux, so it is important for those with their Moon in Cancer to find balance in their sensitivity and treat it as a gift, not a weapon.

Relationships with Cancer Moons

They will understand your emotions and ask you about them, so be sure to open up. They will need someone to recognize their emotions, or they will feel unhappy, even if it’s unconscious. They value emotional bonding and nurturing others, so let them give to you to appeal to them. If you are warm to them, they will open up to you.

Their tendency to play the victim comes from their struggle to let things go. They need attention and affection to feel safe, so if you require space, be sure to communicate in a loving way to get along with them.

They desire to please others, and a true friend will let them know it’s okay to express their feelings directly. Home and family are their comfort zones.

3. Scorpio Moons

A Scorpio Moon is categorized by its intense, sensual, and even a little frisky nature from their emotional attraction to all things dark and pleasure-filled.

They tend to be obsessive types who seek the truth, their emotion tendencies would be perfect for a master detective who throws their heart and soul into getting to the bottom of a mystery. This obsessive streak can lead to bitterness and frustration, so beware of this feeling of not moving fast enough, Scorpio Moon.

They rarely trust others until they test the waters a bit, so they can appear very guarded at first, but once they feel comfortable they are the type to have ‘their person’ who they share their hopes and dreams with.

Relationships with Scorpio Moons

This sign will want to know your secrets. If you don’t open up to them, they will probably not be interested. They thrive on talking about emotions and almost need to have intense emotional experiences to survive. They can be too deep for some people, prodding and provoking to understand.

They aren’t scared of the truth and can handle our darkest secrets.

acquiring physical possessions. Their security is found in getting to the core of someone’s intentions, past the surface. If you don’t share personal things about yourself, good luck trying to be friends with them.

If you want to please them, engage in intellectual debate and please do not be intimidated by their need for intimacy.

Is a Moon Sign Match Important?

If you want to deepen and strengthen your relationships, ask your friends what their Moon sign is. You might not be aware of just how helpful it can be to understand your loved one’s emotional styles and motivations.

This is like being able to read a guide on how to keep them satisfied. You can read all the books in the world about how to keep your partner happy, but if you do not know their unique emotional needs, you won’t truly understand how they relate to the world and what they truly desire. Getting along with someone requires understanding how they respond to situations and why they are inclined to certain habits. 

The Moon sign is the best place to look to truly understand someone, allowing you to peer into their emotional state.

These Moon sign secrets can improve our relationships with family members, coworkers, friends, and lovers. The more we work to understand someone, the less confusion and separation we feel between us. If there is someone in your life who is really difficult for you to deal with, why not try to understand them better instead of letting them get under your skin?

Understanding more about their Moon sign can even show you which methods will best help you get along.

I Identify More With My Moon Sign Than My Sun Sign… Is That Strange?

Absolutely not, especially if your Moon sign is in a more emotional zodiac sign, like a Water sign. For instance, someone with a Moon in Pisces and a Sun in Sagittarius may feel more emotional and intuitive than optimistic and fiery. 

It also depends on the surrounding signs in your chart, as there are many astrological factors that comprise our entire celestial being.

The point is, there is nothing strange about identifying more prominently with your Moon sign. Embrace it!

Your Moon Sign Can Reveal So Much

Your Moon sign is another astrological gateway into the galaxy of your own soul. There is so much to understand about ourselves, and astrology can be such a wonderfully enthralling method for peering into the hidden nooks and crannies of our spirit.

Look to your Moon for more insight into your creativity, emotional style, and intuition.

Interested in learning about your Moon sign? Get a FREE Moon reading right now!

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