Your Powerful July 2022 Energy Forecast

Welcome to July, lovelies!

We’ve reached the third quarter of 2022, as well as another month full of dynamic astrological shifts, healing energy, and unique higher frequencies.

Essentially, July is known as the seventh. Yet, in numerology, the collective numerology of 2022 is the number “4” vibrations of divine creation.

The energy of 4 carries the power of:

  • Self-expression
  • Self-fulfillment
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Support

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    What to Expect Astrologically for July 2022?

    Intense energy has been brewing in the skies since eclipse season, moving us all through the portal of transformation and truth. It seems that these shifts have created a sense of optimism for what lies ahead. Yet, feelings of doubt and uncertainty still linger.

    The rhythm of life has us riding the emotional waves of the Sun in Cancer into Leo season, along with Saturn retrograde taking us through the gates of initiation. If you are still feeling the lows, you must trust that you will ride out this dark path.

    Jupiter is here to remind us, “this too shall pass.”

    This month’s collective themes represent cause and effect, higher mind emergence, emotional nourishment, and otherworld contact.

    There will be a significant reshuffling of the right priorities—the priorities of your heart. And through the unraveling of struggle and pain, you soon will gain a gentler approach to life.

    Take stock of your attitudes and thoughts this month. You have more power than you realize. The Universe wants you to stand your ground and remain in your force without having to become aggressive or brutal.

    So, with that said, explore the astrology of July 2022.

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    What are the Major Transits Happening in July?

    July 3: Sirius Solar Gateway

    The Embodiment Acceleration Portal Opens

    Today offers a new beginning and relationship with the higher realms when the Sun in Cancer forms a conjunction with the fixed star Sirius.

    As a result, we’re stepping up to expanded consciousness, far beyond what we could imagine in the physical dimension.

    Sirius beams down high vibrations and spiritual advancements through the Sun into our psyche from July 3rd to 7th, enabling you to open yourself up to higher dimensions by learning how to honor your life cycles and how they have helped you grow.

    July 5: Mars enters Taurus & Mercury enters Cancer

    Use the Intuitive Power of the Body

    Warrior Mars enters stable Taurus, grounding the new consciousness of our physicality into the sacred presence of the heart.

    On the same day, Mercury enters empathic Cancer, encouraging us to listen and pay more attention to our intuition. Both influences urge us to slow down and be fully present to dissolve attachments of the lower mind and listen through the inner movements of the spirit.

    As a result of these energies, you may experience a low physical drive and level of activity. However, this is an excellent opportunity to connect power and stability—determination, endurance, and sexuality are strong.

    July 6-7: First Quarter Moon in Libra

    The First Quarter Moon is a 90-degree square between the Moon and the Sun that demands action and change and makes suitable on our New Moon promises. Half the Moon shines bright, while the other half hides in the darkness.

    As a result, there is an intense desire to build, create, stabilize, and grow as light increases.

    This month’s First Quarter phase in Libra will oppose Jupiter and Chiron while in a harmonious trine with Mercury, Venus, and square Pluto.

    Since Libra is all about balance, there will be a strong need to find harmony in your relationships. Cooperation and diplomatic relations will seem more effective at this time.

    Overall, the Universe provides a power boost to create better habits. So, you can put the past behind you and take the action necessary to achieve your goals.

    Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to set my vision in motion?” You can either be the creative or the passive victim of events in your life.

    July 13: Full Moon in Capricorn

    Align with Divine Law & Divine Will

    July’s Full Moon takes place in Capricorn on a Universal Day number 8 day, opening the doorway to a brand-new beginning in the heart of summer. A Full Moon is a magical peak in the Lunar cycle that offers a dynamic time to manifest goals, release inner stress, realize dreams and potential, and make magic in your life.

    Capricorn is the light of spiritual power and the doorway into higher dimensions. It is the birthplace of Saturn and the sign of discipline, patience, structure, and order in the full authority of the Crown chakra.

    The Full Moon tightly conjuncts Pluto while loosely opposite Mercury and trine Uranus. This dynamic combination shines a light on higher ground and initiates an emotional breakthrough and a more straightforward pathway.

    The Full Moon challenges you to forgive yourself for any regrets so you may make peace with them and learn that you are fully supported. Learn to let go of the harshness and seriousness of life and bask in the energy of following your heart.

    You can connect with the highest level of authority inside you; this is the empowered side of you that commands and creates its experience. It’s time for you to take responsibility for your life.

    There is some slight relief under this energy, helping us recognize the fruits of our labors. So if you’ve planted seeds throughout the year, expect them to sprout.

    Themes to expect this Full Moon:
    • Breaking cycles
    • Exploring ambitions
    • Completion of projects
    • Recognition, success, and status
    • Taking responsibility for our emotional well-being
    • Power struggles or possessiveness in relationships

    Learn to release self-judgment, harsh expectations, and criticism so you can start nurturing your mind, body, and Soul.

    Happy Full Moon!

    July 17: Venus enters Cancer

    Sync All Systems with the Frequency of Love

    Venus enters Cancer, bringing nourishment to our hearts, our root, and our core foundation.

    In astrology, Venus rules beauty, love, relationships, values, and our decision-making process. This three-week period shifts the focus toward pouring into ourselves by nourishing our comfort zones.

    There’s a lot of planetary activity this month, and Venus in Cancer initiates newfound emotional power and alignment of inner harmony. Comfort, commitment, and emotional security are prioritized as the collective continues to work through individual challenges and obstacles within relationships.

    Your closest relationships need tender loving care now to heed future misunderstandings. Take time to appreciate and be there for the people you love.

    July 19: Mercury enters Leo & Chiron goes Retrograde

    Acknowledge Your Inner Child

    On Sunday, July 19th, Mercury, the messenger, enters blazing Leo, filtering out the mind to open the doors and windows for new possibilities in the heart.

    When Mercury places itself in Leo, the ruler of the Sun, a new realm of creative expression unfolds. As a result, there’s a dynamic approach to communication and relationships. Under this influence, we will better understand how to make our initiatives concrete and lively.

    At the same time, Chiron, the “Master healer teacher,” goes retrograde in Aries and ends on December 23rd, during a New Moon in Capricorn.

    Chiron has been hanging out in Aries since 2018, and this retrograde will occur in the bold fire sign. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this new level of bravery and mastery through healing efforts will take everyone on an inner journey of healing and wholeness, courage, and self-acceptance.

    To heal ourselves, we must go within and face the parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and scary.

    Use this retrograde to recognize the importance of self-care.

    See, this is an empowering period that can help you move forward to live your best and healthiest life. Remember, healing is the expression of wholeness; this is where all parts of your Soul come back to celebrate in love.

    July 20: Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

    The Last Quarter Moon phase is a time in the Lunar cycle to follow up and complete activities while taking closing action. Darkness heightens currently, signifying a powerful release and shedding of the past self. 

    The energy peaked during the Full Moon and now wanes down to balance, reorient, and complete activities that began at the prior New Moon.

    The Last Quarter peaks at 10:19 AM Eastern Standard Time in Aries, transitioning to the Moon’s dignified position in Taurus. First, Aries ignites your Soul’s fire, moving toward Taurus to manifest your goals and create a luxurious life. 

    Use this energy to dissolve the barriers and commit better to your goals.

    July 22: Leo Season

    Usher in The Creative Magic of Our Inner Light

    The Sun moves forward into its home sign of Leo, the bold and courageous Lion. 

    After Cancer season reconnected us to the love we are, Leo season reconnects us with our passions and ignites creative inspiration, fulfillment, and satisfaction. It is time to be brave in decision-making and trust your heart’s calling. Leo Season offers a great deal of Soul expansion and encouragement to express ourselves by shining our inner flame fearlessly.

    Leo season also brings the monumental Lion’s Gate portal, infused with more Sirian energy, Soul growth, increased manifestation, and accelerated transformation. Rest and unplug when possible, and don’t engage in draining activities. 

    Feed your senses this season and pour yourself into your deepest desires.

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    July 25: Venus square Jupiter

    Deliverance Through an Awakened Heart

    Venus clashes with Jupiter, ushering in a period of inner growth and spiritual maturation. Overcoming laziness and neglecting our desires needs to be addressed to expand oneself. Please focus on the habits you’ve taken on over the years and let them go. 

    At this time, your interest in spirituality is likely to increase, although you may experience slight difficulties in business matters, finances, and relationships. So, be cautious. It is crucial to notice what triggers an agitated response and the habits you put focus on. 

    Instead of battling it out with others, tune in and nurture the authentic voice emerging within.

    July 28: Jupiter goes Retrograde & New Moon in Leo

    Use This Time for Full Blown Awareness of Self

    This month’s New Moon in Leo is an activation point for the upcoming Lion’s Gate portal, highlighting the journey of awakening the heart. New Moons are when the sky is completely bathed in darkness, suggesting a time of rejuvenation, mystery, and possibility. 

    A brand-new show is about to begin when the shadow of the Moon indues something fresh and unknown.

    Leo is the heart of the Sun and the birthplace of the Soul self. This sign’s archetype teaches us to express our true nature and not shrink ourselves back. 

    This New Moon highlights the aspect of our light that needs to shine. Any revealing of our repressed desires and emotional blind spots will inform us how we act and react in the world. 

    So, tap into your inner child; have fun, and be a kid again. Move out of self-doubt, and don’t dim your light. It’s time to prove to yourself that you can reach your dreams.

    Later that afternoon, the largest and most majestic of the planets takes a backspin in Aries, activating a full-blown expansion of the mental body. 

    When wise, wild, and galactic Jupiter retrogrades, some necessary attunements, and adjustments bring us closer to truth and unity. Since Jupiter represents the higher mind and one’s ability to travel beyond known boundaries and into the unknown, it will herald deep, reflective, and spiritual work.

    July 31: Uranus & the Nodes

    Radial Awakening of New Consciousness

    The Uranus, the Great Awakener forms a new cycle with the North Node while opposing the South Node. This dynamic influence will attract people or lessons into our lives that encourage us to detach from societal traditions that stifle our growth. 

    Uranus has not touched the Lunar Nodes since 2002, at that time in Pisces. Now, Uranus and the Nodes bring in the most electrifying, eye-opening moment of the year—A radical awakening rooting our hearts with the heart of the Earth.

    The themes we will experience in this conjunction are:
    • Reshaping core values
    • Change, liberation, and freedom
    • Learning to be more self-sufficient
    • Redefining relationships with food, money, and sex
    • Bettering the world around the community and us, and society in mind
    • Redefining what it means to be comfortable, secure, stable, and wealthy
    • Shifts in our economic structures

    You can expect the energy and themes of this transit to play out well into 2023. This is a bold wake-up call to get present, clear our inner environment, and find balance through the heart.

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    Energy Tips for July

    July proved that accessing the power of your inner knowing and riding the wave of trust will bring about your highest outcome.

    This month’s oracle card is “Eye of Horus,” awakening divine perception, brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

    The Eye of Horus comes to you this July with a message of encouragement, approval, and protection. If you have been confused or wondering about your life purpose, the Universe wants you to open your heart and trust what’s occurring will unfold for your highest good. 

    Your inner sight is expanding, and you are moving through a spiral of higher perception. 

    Angelic support is making its way into your life so that you may grow your abilities and serve others with your divine gifts. These gifts include higher clairvoyance, divination, energy healing, and pure insight.

    It also indicates a significant triumph over darker energies and emotions. Perhaps in the past months, you’ve struggled with psychological darkness, negative habits, patterns of self-sabotage, and undermining behavior within yourself or toxic relationships. Now, the light of the divine shines brightly over any night in your life. 

    So give thanks because success and growth are assured.

    July’s ascension codes encourage us to keep our eyes and heart open and let go of doubt or fear surrounding our life path.

    Make productive use of this energy by:
    • Dancing
    • Engaging in inner child work
    • Connecting with the four elements
    • Finding healthy ways to express emotions
    • Scheduling a weekly walk around your neighborhood

    Overall, July is about fine-tuning our behaviors, patterns, relationship dynamics, and everything else in our lives. It’s about restructuring our foundation and creating a supportive environment while remembering to have fun and play.

    So, surrender the limiting ways of the mind and become willing to dance to the great orchestration of your heart.

    With love, July

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