Ultimate Guide to the Nodes

There are many different parts to a natal chart governing every facet of your life in astrology. You may get started focusing on things like which of the astrology signs your Sun or Moon fall in, or love and money, but most of us quickly start to ask if astrology can help us figure out what we should be doing with our lives.

What’s your purpose and potential, and where can you find your ultimate fulfillment and happiness? The answer is usually found with the Lunar Nodes.

To get technical, the Lunar Nodes in astrology are the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the path of the Sun). They’re not actual physical bodies, and instead, are imaginary points on an imaginary line. There are two Lunar Nodes: the North Node and the South Node. These nodes both have identifiable zodiac signs, each being exactly opposed to the other one another in the zodiac, so if you know the position of one Lunar Node, you know the position of the other.

Here are the opposing astrology signs:

  • Aries opposes Libra
  • Taurus opposes Scorpio
  • Gemini opposes Sagittarius
  • Cancer opposes Capricorn
  • Leo opposes Aquarius
  • Virgo opposes Pisces

So, if your North Node is in Gemini, your South Node is in Sagittarius; if your North Node is in Pisces, your South Node is in Virgo; and on and on.

Here are the opposing astrology houses:

  • 1st house opposes 7th house
  • 2nd house opposes 8th house
  • 3rd house opposes 9th house
  • 4th house opposes 10th house
  • 5th house opposes 11th house
  • 6th house opposes 12th house

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So, if your North Node is in the 2nd house, your South Node is in the 8th house; if your North Node is in the 11th house, your South Node is in the 5th house; and on and on.

The Lunar Nodes spend about 1.5 years (or 18.6 months) in their signs. You can use a Lunar Nodes table to find the signs your Lunar Nodes fall in.

There are also two different positions for the Lunar Nodes, True and Mean. True Nodes are the exact position while Mean Nodes are the averaged-out position (since the movement can be a bit wobbly). They’re usually not far apart though; in the rare cases where they may be in different signs, you can assess both and see which fits best for you (I find the True position tends to be the one that does). You’ll often see the True Node position is the North Node position.

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North Node vs. South Node

About The North Node

The North Node is also known as the dragon’s head because it symbolizes where you’re going. The North Node is your potential in this life, what you’re capable of, and where you can find your ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

The problem with the North Node is this is energy that we haven’t learned yet. It’s the future, it’s what’s possible, which makes it the unknown and unfamiliar. This unfamiliarity makes the North Node uncomfortable, especially in your younger years. The goal is to start learning the North Node as you get older and manifest this position in your life to help you find the path you’re supposed to be on. You have to push through the discomfort first though, and force yourself into the unknown so your soul can grow.

About The South Node

The South Node is also known as the dragon’s tail because it symbolizes the past, and what’s brought into this life. The South Node is what you already know, what you’ve already learned, and what is deeply embedded in your soul and your subconscious.

The problem with the South Node is that the energy that is so familiar, so comfortable, that it can become an emotional crutch or bad habit that you fall back to in times of stress and emotional duress. When you’re in a bad spot in your life, you’ll most likely fall back to the South Node, but this can become an unhealthy cycle that has to be broken. There is usually baggage associated with your South Node from past lives or from early in this life.

The goal is to pull away from using your South Node as a crutch, and instead use it as a foundation to build toward your North Node.

Transits & Nodes

The Lunar Nodes aren’t easy positions to get right, but they are absolutely worth the effort. The more you manifest them properly, the easier life can get, and the happier and more fulfilled you can be.

Transit aspects to your Lunar Nodes can open you up more (sextiles and trines) or make clear blocks and challenges that need to be worked through in order to manifest your Lunar Nodes (squares). A transit planet conjunct your North Node can push you to embrace that uncomfortable energy and move toward your purpose, while a transit planet conjunct your South Node can push you to release baggage and confront bad habits or crutches that aren’t serving you in a positive way.

Aspects in your natal chart to your natal Lunar Nodes can also impact your ability to manifest your Lunar Nodes. The most important aspects will be planets conjunct either your North Node (which are a part of your potential) or your South Node (which are a part of your baggage and crutches). You’ll first assess the sign and house placements for your Lunar Nodes, and then consider the planets involved.

A birth chart on a table.

Lunar Nodes in the Astrology Signs

Aries North Node, Libra South Node

Your Aries North Node wants you to get out there and be assertive. Go for what you want! You don’t have to wait for anyone to give you permission. Aries is the sign of adventure and daring, and a north node in Aries embraces those qualities. You’re meant to forge your own path and go through life enthusiastically. You may shy away from this until you learn how to take initiative and stand up for yourself and your own desires.

It’s easy for you to see both sides of things because of the influence of your Libra south node. You overthink things, and if you’re going to succeed in this life, you have to try to overcome that, and tap into the leadership potential that your Aries North Node is there to bring you.

Your Libra South Node shows that you’re someone who is likely very considerate of others—TOO considerate! This may get in the way of allowing yourself to go forward with what you really want because you don’t want to upset anyone. You may feel that you have to do everything with someone by your side, and are uncomfortable alone but you should focus on making sure the people around you are supportive of your dreams and help boost your confidence so you can fly on your own.

Taurus North Node, Scorpio South Node

Your Taurus North Node wants you to do one thing – relax! Taurus North Nodes are meant to learn to take it easy. Taurus is the sign of the present, the chill, the slow-and-steady, so you can slow things down, take a beat, and not rush into anything. Confidence can go a long way for you, along with understanding your values in life.

You may feel you need to push things until you learn how to stay calm. Your Taurus north node will enable you to really appreciate the finer things in life.

Your Scorpio south node might be tempting you into taking shortcuts, or perhaps using people for your own gain and of course this needs to be overcome. A Taurus north node is beckoning you to learn who you are, to understand your emotions, and to find some stability.

Your Scorpio South Node shows that you’re someone who is likely deeply passionate and intense, at times obsessive and controlling, and you throw yourself into everything with gusto. There can be difficulty in learning how to take a step back, calm your extreme emotions, and not feel so wrapped up in what you’re doing or who you’re helping. The goal for you is not to get rid of the passionate energy inside of you, but rather to calm yourself enough to channel that passion in productive ways, controlling it rather than letting it control you. This can make you a powerful force!

Gemini North Node, Sagittarius South Node

Your Gemini North Node wants you to focus more on your own mind and way of expressing yourself. Expression and open communication may be crucial for you, and without that, you may feel you’re always being stifled subconsciously. Connecting with the world around you can be beneficial for you, and learning more about it, taking in more facts, and pursuing your interests.

A Gemini north node is often thought to carry more than average luck with it. Gemini is a very intellectual and mercurial sign, and brings this to your North Node and the path of your destiny. You’re good at multitasking, but responsibility doesn’t come easy for you.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s food for the Gemini North Node! You’ll have to learn to blend your many interests with a sense of commitment, so that you don’t come over as superficial or too independent. In previous lifetimes, or maybe earlier in this one, you’ve been a bit of a loner, or an outcast, thanks to your Sagittarius South Node.

Your Sagittarius South Node shows that you’re someone who already knows how to think big and see the big picture, but you may get lost in that big picture at times, and have a hard time seeing the smaller picture, the details, and life in the short-term. That prevents you from being able to accomplish much, and you may be all talk, no walk at times because of it. Get into the smaller picture and don’t be afraid of shrinking your world. In your case, it may be what expands it.

Cancer North Node, Capricorn South Node

Your Cancer North Node wants you to embrace being the nurturing, supportive, caring soul that you can be. Cancer is the sign of emotion and support, so you can be an incredibly emotionally supportive person with your loved ones. Compassion comes naturally to you, even at times when perhaps you need to learn to be more firm, so people don’t walk all over your good nature.

You’re someone who can take care of the needs of others, and feel good about yourself in doing so. This can go two ways, and the support you give to others can come back to you, and help you feel confident and secure in your life.

As long as you remember it’s okay to regulate ideas and events, but people have to have the freedom to be who they are, you’ll go a long way both in your profession and as a valuable family member.

Your Capricorn South Node shows that you’re someone who knows how to focus on the external, on your goals and ambitions, and how to take responsibility and do things yourself. This can become an issue when you don’t know how to rely on others, how to trust others, and when you’re going through life all alone because you’re afraid of connecting emotionally and feel others won’t get things done right anyway. You have to learn how to connect more to your emotions and the emotions of others, and how to be vulnerable.

Two people pulling on a rope showing the opposing forces of your south and north nodes.

Leo North Node, Aquarius South Node

Your Leo North Node wants you to focus on your own path. Leo is a highly creative sign, so this may be a creative path, and no matter what, it’s a path where you’re meant to shine. This placement brings you natural good taste, an appreciation for quality and luxury, and strong leadership potential. You’re capable of great generosity, friendliness, and fire, and you can get attention for just being you. You may feel resistant to showing your true self though until you develop some solid self-esteem and recognize the importance of being yourself.

Don’t be so fixed on your goals that you alienate yourself from others who could help you achieve them.

Your Aquarius South Node shows that you’re someone who is highly independent, a unique spirit, who isn’t afraid of being different and unconventional but this may be used as a way of keeping people at a distance, worried about them breaking your heart. You’re someone who is capable of being all heart, leading a heart-centric life, and this is where you can find your happiness. Don’t worry so much about what others think and focus more on what makes YOU happy.

Virgo North Node, Pisces South Node

Your Virgo North node wants you to get focused. Virgos are a practical, detail-oriented sign. You’re meant to carefully craft plans and gather information and then take action to make it happen. Get organized, make lists, and follow a routine. Stick with it, take care of yourself, and get to the work of life. A Virgo North Node means that you have the ability to dream big dreams but also put the practical foundations under them to make those dreams a reality.

You’re probably very creative in some way, and might even be able to apply that creativity to your profession.

There may be temptations to do the same this time around, for often a Pisces South Node brings a tendency to self-medicate. Instead of allowing yourself to become over-sensitive, focus on creating a detailed path to your success, then follow it towards your life’s fulfillment.

Your Pisces South Node shows that you’re someone who has a strong spiritual side, an active imagination, and can get lost in daydreams. This can keep you from getting down to business and getting things done, so you wander from one thing to the next aimlessly and may be easily pushed around by others as a result. Don’t just let your life be nothing but dreams and fantasies. Take some control and make them real.

Libra North Node, Aries South Node

Your Libra North Node wants you to find some balance in this life. Balance can be incredibly important for you and it may feel like your life is a quest for balance. You can learn how to be charming, pleasant, mediating, and diplomatic, and can softly get people to your side rather than pushing in a hard way. You may shy away from others at first though, and have to learn to work with others, trust others, and commit to others.

Commitment often comes hard for the Libra North Node, but that’s what it’s here to teach you. You’ve got fantastic mediation skills and can use them to your advantage to get what you want.

Let yourself be drawn to aesthetics and the philosophies of beauty and balance, and you’ll find a life that is very rewarding indeed! s. The Libra Sun sign represents an appreciation for luxury and beauty, and it’s the same with a Libra North Node.

Your Aries South Node shows that you’re someone who knows how to do things on your own, is independent, assertive, takes initiative, and pushes for what you want. This may mean you do everything alone and have difficulty connecting with others. You may fear losing your independence and the inability to pursue your own desires. Interdependence is the key for you and cultivating relationships that are balanced and rooted in mutual respect. Having that gives you the ultimate sense of satisfaction in life.

Scorpio North Node, Taurus South Node

Your Scorpio North Node wants you to transform. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and this North Node usually means you have to undergo a massive transformation or many smaller ones in your life in order to find your fulfillment. You’re meant to shed what no longer serves you positively, and dig deeper inside of yourself to understand what you hold inside. You were born with a sense of purpose, and the determination to achieve your goals.

The problem lies in finding out what those goals truly are! Scorpio North Nodes have a lingering sense of material gain, and perhaps wanting what is tantalizingly out of reach.

You do have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be, and that is something that has to be overcome if you’re going to be successful. The South Node in Taurus has a preoccupation with material gain, and in past lives or earlier in this one it’s been a focal point. Find your passion, your power, and your intensity.

Your Taurus South Node shows that you’re someone who knows that you want to accumulate things but may not know how exactly to do that, or may lack the motivation to get up and get moving to make it happen. In part, this may be because accumulation isn’t supposed to be your sole goal in life. You’re meant to go beyond that, but you may have to let go of being stubborn and stuck. Holding on to everything might feel comfortable and safe, but it won’t make you feel fulfilled.

Sagittarius North Node, Gemini South Node

Your Sagittarius North Node wants you to break free. Sagittarius is the sign of freedom and expansion, so you’re meant to get out into the world and experience life for yourself. Gain wisdom through life experience, travel and learn, and teach what you know. The pursuit of truth can be a noble one for you. This is a happy placement, for Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and above-average good luck. The Sagittarius North Node reminds you that you have the wherewithal to pick yourself up quickly after a fall, and to put pain and hurt behind you on your way to success and fulfillment.

It calls you to pursue the truth and to find a sense of maturity by constantly learning and keeping an open mind. You were born to seek, speak, and embrace authenticity, including finding and welcoming your authentic self.

Your Gemini South Node shows that you’re someone who knows how to process the details, the facts, and the information, but may have a hard time putting that together with the big picture. You can become interested in lots of different subjects and ideas but may not stick with anything very long to gain real expertise. You may keep your life small, wanting to live in a little world, but you won’t find fulfillment that way. You need to be bold, daring, and GO!

A red sun and a moon oppose each other representing the south and north node in your birth chart.

Capricorn North Node, Cancer South Node

Your Capricorn North Node wants you to focus on creating something externally and pushing for goals and ambitions. You can accomplish a great deal in your life and can be looked up to as a result. You can manage responsibilities, take control of situations, and go higher. You may be afraid of these things at times though and may need to improve confidence and security to allow yourself to keep going forward. A Capricorn North Node is sometimes hard to navigate because there’s a fine line between prudence and stubbornness, between practicality and harshness.

Your Cancer South Node often means emotional issues are difficult for you. Earlier, or perhaps in other lifetimes, you’ve struggled with emotional attachments and relationships, perhaps sticking with them long after it was good for you.

Your Cancer South Node shows that you’re someone who is connected to your emotions and can crave lots of emotional support and encouragement from others. This may get in the way of focusing on what you want to achieve in life, and you may shy away from pushing toward your goals out of fear of the responsibilities that would come with it. Yet you can handle the responsibilities if you believe in yourself. Focus on moving forward, and don’t get stuck in the emotional past.

Aquarius North Node, Leo South Node

Your Aquarius North Node wants you to focus on your dreams for the future. You may have big dreams, but you can hold yourself back from attempting to pursue them. Let go of the fear and let yourself go for those big dreams you have. You’re capable of shaping the future for yourself and for the world and can embrace your individuality and eccentricities. With an Aquarius North Node, you’ll be called to serve humanity in some way.

Perhaps you’re a natural philosopher, or you have a passion to champion a cause. You’re intelligent with a sharp wit and an active mind, and there’s humanitarianism around you that inspires people. Be the rebel!

They see your devotion and your dedication and want to be like you, full of purpose, full of goals and ambitions. It’s possible to be too dedicated, though. With your Leo South Node, you may come over as being superior and aloof, and that will alienate people rather than draw them close.

Your Leo South Node shows that you’re someone who is highly creative and can express yourself through creative avenues. You may be more focused on your ego needs, and this may keep you from going against the grain, afraid of what others may say. You need to focus more on what’s right and what your purpose is. Allow yourself to stand out by being yourself and allow others to be themselves too.

Pisces North Node, Virgo South Node

Your Pisces South Node wants you to get in tune with your soul. You’re capable of being extremely compassionate, imaginative, and highly intuitive. You can help others with a gentle touch, and your empathy can be of help in dealing with others. There may be a major release at some point in your life, and this allows you to grow and evolve in big ways.

This placement has the potential to be such an enigma! You want to be creative, to appreciate beauty, to be dreamy and romantic and fanciful, but then the Virgo South Node rears its head with a harsh dose of reality, practicality, and criticism. Finding a balance between the two may seem hopeless, but it is possible with a bit of diligence—one of Virgo’s more positive aspects!

Your Virgo North Node shows that you’re someone who is detailed, always focused on the little things, and wants to stick to a rigid schedule. You have to learn to let go, let loose, and go with the flow more. If you don’t, you can stress yourself into sickness. Try not to put so many rules around your imagination or intuition, and this can help you feel more fulfilled.

Look to Virgo to anchor you, then spread those Pisces wings as wide as they want to go, and know that with some dedication, you can make any dream a reality.

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Lunar Nodes in the Astrology Houses

1st House North Node, 7th House South Node

Your 1st house North Node wants you to do more on your own and not rely on others so much. You’re someone who actually has a great deal of luck on your side (North Node in the 1st house is one of the luckiest positions!), but you have to embrace what you want for yourself and be willing to blaze new trails and be the pioneering spirit you can be.

Your 7th house South Node shows that you’re someone who can strike a balance, keep the peace, and maintain harmony in your life, but this may be because you’re afraid of disruption. You don’t want to cause any problems for anyone and may be desperate for company, which makes you sacrifice your own wants and needs. You already know how to operate in partnerships and with others, so you need to learn how to operate alone.

2nd House North Node, 8th House South Node

Your 2nd house North Node wants you to cultivate your own resources, your own values, and your own self-esteem. There may be a tendency to look more toward others for these things, but you’re meant to rely on yourself for the things you want and need in this life and share that with others in a positive way.

Your 8th house South Node shows that you’re someone who understands power, control, and using the resources of others, and this can create intensity, struggles over power and control, and a tendency to get sucked into the drama. This position tends to come with some early life trauma that needs to be addressed before you can move away from the darkness of the 8th house and toward the lighter energy of the 2nd house.

3rd House North Node, 9th House South Node

Your 3rd house North Node wants you to connect with your immediate environment – the people you’re around all of the time, the places you’re in all of the time, and the community you live in. You may feel a tendency to want to run far and wide, but this can keep you from feeling fulfilled. Stay in the smaller zone, and use your mind to help you see how the big picture is really just a lot of little pictures combined.

Your 9th house South Node shows that you’re someone who loves freedom, space, travel, and expansion, but this may become a crutch. You may run away from situations or people you don’t want to deal with instead of staying put, and staying put is what you need to do. Use your knowledge and wisdom to come up with solutions and find ways out of problems instead of running away from them.

4th House North Node, 10th House South Node

Your 4th house North Node wants you to focus on your internal foundation. You’re meant to get down into your roots, into your core, and strengthen yourself internally. This allows you to have greater emotional security and stability, and you can be more supportive and nurturing of others. You can build your life on this solid foundation, and feel yourself grow.

Your 10th house South Node shows that you’re someone who may search for success in life, and while you may find it at times, it can feel empty and meaningless without the rich personal connections that you need. You likely have to stop looking externally for validation, for recognition, for security, and turn inward. This can give you the true security that you’re looking for.

5th House North Node, 11th House South Node

Your 5th house North Node wants you to express yourself openly. This may be creatively, and you may even get some attention for it. This may worry you, and you may shy away from anything that could get your attention in your younger years, but you have to learn to not be afraid. Believe in yourself enough to let everyone see your light.

Your 11th house South Node shows that you’re someone who feels very comfortable in a crowd, but this may come at the expense of showing yourself as an individual. You may worry about what others think of you too much, and have to focus more on what you think of you. Focusing on yourself isn’t selfish if you use your own light to light up the lives of others. This is something you can do for the world.

6th House North Node, 12th House South Node

Your 6th house North Node wants you to focus on work and service. You may feel that being of service means sacrificing yourself, but in your case, it means more tangibly being of service to others. Getting things done, being practical and detailed, and maintaining organization and routine can get you on the right path. Fulfilling work (whether work that pays or work that doesn’t) is a part of that.

Your 12th house South Node shows that you’re someone who is deeply connected to your subconscious mind, imagination, and spirit. This can make you prone to escapism, and you may struggle with the daily realities of life. You need to use your intuition to your advantage, and trust your instincts as you get out into the physical world. The 12th house also likes to hide energy, so you may not be fully aware consciously of baggage, crutches, and bad habits that are tied to your South Node. You have to eliminate the fog to see what’s hiding there.

A row of colorful different houses on a block.

7th House North Node, 1st House South Node

Your 7th house North Node wants you to connect with others. You can accomplish more in your life with others than alone, and you may find yourself through the connections you make with others. The commitment may seem a little scary to you at times, but it can lead you to find the peace and satisfaction you need.

Your 1st house South Node shows that you’re someone who is independent and feels that having a solid sense of self is important. It is important, but this may be used as a defense mechanism to keep people at a distance. You need to learn to embrace your identity in every way, not just by yourself but within your relationships as well, and find all of the different sides to you.

8th House North Node, 2nd House South Node

Your 8th house North Node wants you to go beyond the physical. The 8th house naturally connects to Scorpio and Pluto, and transforming becomes important with this house. You have to transform what you value to go beyond what you own or physical resources and elevate to find value in people and knowledge.

Your 2nd house South Node shows that you’re someone who knows how to relax, take your time, and not push for anything, but this may give you an inability to really find solutions to challenges or to approach serious matters with the right attitude. You may focus more on yourself, what you have, and not share with others, but you should share what you have. Sharing, transforming, and finding passion can help you to evolve.

9th House North Node, 3rd House South Node

Your 9th house North Node wants you to expand your life and mind. Learn more about the world to expand your view, travel and experience life to enhance your own, and share the wisdom you can accumulate, putting your new perspectives out into the world. You can be a wonderful teacher, philosopher, and story-teller.

Your 3rd house South Node shows that you’re someone who is connected to your immediate environment and may feel that life is safest spent that way. You may not find fulfillment until you open your life up to the world, and not get so caught up in the little details. Think bigger, think brighter, and be an adventurer.

10th House North Node, 4th House South Node

Your 10th house North Node wants you to focus on your goals, your ambitions, and what you strive for in life. You can accomplish and succeed and can get recognition and respect. Show the world your talents, and let everyone give you the attention for the hard work that you deserve.

Your 4th house South Node shows that you’re someone who may lean back on your personal life, wanting to spend your time focused on the home, family, comfort, and support. Having a good personal life and being a nurturing person aren’t bad things, but you may rely on them too much because you’re afraid of sharing your talents and goals with the world. You may feel that’s being selfish, and that you should only focus on others but for you, focusing on your goals is what allows you to feel fulfilled.

11th House North Node, 5th House South Node

Your 11th house North Node wants you to pursue a cause, champion what you believe in, and make your mark on the world in your own unique way. You’re meant to do something beyond yourself, something that will last for generations to come, and that improves all of life. For some, this may mean something big, and for others, this may mean in a small way. Every little way matters and you can use your dreams to benefit the world.

Your 5th house South Node shows that you’re someone who is creative and heart-centric, which are good things until you use them as an excuse to not pursue a higher purpose. You may crave praise and approval, always in search of love and acceptance, but you’re someone who needs to be more independent. Don’t rely on others to fill your heart so much. Make yourself whole by benefiting the whole.

12th House North Node, 6th House South Node

Your 12th house North Node wants you to let go of baggage and embrace the good in your life. You can develop strong intuition to help guide you through challenges, and you can use compassion and empathy to help you manage others. Your imagination can be active, and you can use this to help you find the positives. The 12th house hides energy, so you may have difficulty actually understanding what your purpose is in life consciously. Releasing is incredibly important, letting go of baggage and moving on from the past, and connecting more to your subconscious to get on the right path.

Your 6th house South Node shows that you’re someone who strives to be practical and get things done. This can be helpful, but not if you’re ignoring your imagination and spiritual needs as a result. You may be too critical, especially of yourself, and need to learn to go easier on yourself. Connect to your subconscious, to the quiet space within, and let the nagging voice fade away.

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Lunar Nodes & Your Natal Planets

To deepen your understanding of your Lunar Nodes, you can also evaluate your natal planets in relation to your Lunar Nodes. Planets that are conjunct can be important players in your life and purpose. Know that with the Lunar Nodes, you only need to look at planets that are in the same sign as your North or South Node and not the actual degree and distance. Sometimes it’ll matter with the conjunction if the planet isn’t in the same sign, but still close (within a few degrees). For the most part, you should just consider the sign placements.

Let’s review the planets conjunct your Lunar Nodes:

Sun & the Nodes

When the Sun is conjunct your North Node, you can find it easier to identify with the energy of your North Node, and manifest your true purpose. The uncomfortable energy most of us feel isn’t so present for you. When the Sun is conjunct your South Node, you may identify too strongly with your South Node, and fall back on bad habits too easily. You have to work harder at letting go of those bad habits and work on not being your own worst enemy.

Moon & the Nodes

When the Moon is conjunct your North Node, you can also find it easier to identify with the energy of your North Node because it’s emotionally comfortable to you. You may be capable of being a great nurturer and supporter of others and can do more when you feel emotionally supported. When the Moon is conjunct your South Node, you may fall back on emotional crutches far too easily when you’re upset. This can make you self-destructive, and you have to work on finding healthy emotional outlets.

Mercury & the Nodes

When Mercury is conjunct your North Node, your mind can be a great asset to you, and you can focus on pursuing your ideas and plans. Embracing your mind, your perceptions, and your views can give you a boost. When Mercury is conjunct your South Node, you can fall back on your mind too much, overthinking, overanalyzing, and getting stuck in your head. You need to work on getting out of your head and giving your mental energy-positive outlets.

Venus & the Nodes

When Venus is conjunct your North Node, your connections with others can be a great asset to you, and you can do well with others and accomplish more when feeling confident. You may find yourself through relationships and connect to your physical self. When Venus is conjunct your South Node, relationship baggage may be a problem, and you may struggle with being stuck and stubborn. You have to work on having healthy connections and get moving.

Mars & the Nodes

When Mars is conjunct your North Node, your assertiveness can be an asset. You can take action for what you want, and you can move independently. Finding your purpose is something you can be driven to do. When Mars is conjunct your South Node, you may fall back to anger and aggression when stressed or upset. You can give in to impulse and impatience, but this just creates more problems. You have to work on having healthy outlets for your energy.

Jupiter & the Nodes

When Jupiter is conjunct your North Node, you can benefit from expansion and exploration, and opportunities can come your way with greater ease. The more you focus on your purpose, the more you can discover new opportunities in life. When Jupiter is conjunct your South Node, you may fall deeper when you fall back to your bad habits and crutches, and you can make big problems bigger problems. When you take action to improve, this can go more easily for you, so it’s a matter of taking that action and not being lazy.

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Saturn & the Nodes

When Saturn is conjunct your North Node, you can accomplish a great deal in your life, but this usually comes later in life after you’ve learned all of your lessons first. Once you do, you can be seen as an authority figure, given lots of respect and recognition. When Saturn is conjunct your South Node, you may struggle under the weight of responsibilities, especially earlier in life. When you fall to bad habits and crutches, you can be punished by Saturn, so you have to make sure you don’t no matter what is happening.

Uranus & the Nodes

When Uranus is conjunct your North Node, you can be a super individual, independent, and unconventional. You can go about pursuing your purpose in your own way, and your purpose is likely different in some way. When Uranus is conjunct your South Node, you may behave erratically or impulsively when stressed and upset, which can lead to further problems. You need to control that and channel rebellion productively.

Neptune & the Nodes

When Neptune is conjunct your North Node, you can let your intuition be your guide, and it can be an incredible guide for you. Establishing some boundaries may be needed for you in order to fully follow your purpose. When Neptune is conjunct your South Node, boundaries are incredibly important for you as you may give way too much away to others as a default position when stressed or upset. You can easily be manipulated or taken advantage of, and you need to have those boundaries to protect yourself.

Pluto & the Nodes

When Pluto is conjunct your North Node, you can be seen as a powerful person, someone formidable and strong as you pursue your purpose. You may need to find your own power and take control of your life in order to get on the right path, and a major transformation may be needed first. When Pluto is conjunct your South Node, this tends to come with some major baggage that has to be worked on and let go of, otherwise, it can weigh down your life significantly. You may be dragged into problems until you take back your power.


Working with your North and South Nodes opens up a door into your past, and your karmic lessons for this lifetime. They may not always be easy, or even pretty, but they’re what your soul chose to learn.

Your karmic lessons are what give this incarnation direction and purpose and studying the node – what planets influence them with aspects and transits, what houses they fall in your natal chart – all help you find your way forward, and turn your life into a wonderful adventure to be lived, and not a problem to be solved.

The Lunar Nodes can be complicated, full of challenges, but ultimately are one of the most important aspects of astrology you can focus on. So much can be learned about your baggage, potential, and purpose from your Lunar Nodes. Let them be the start of your astrological journey of growth!

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