The Lunar Nodes: Spiritual Life Lessons

The Lunar Nodes are critical pieces of your birth chart that tell a very detailed story of where we have been and where we are going, and thus, hold the key to your spiritual growth and life lessons.

But what exactly are they? Planets? Asteroids?

Lunar Nodes are mathematical points where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersects the ecliptic plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The intersection points to what we call the Lunar Nodes, comprised of the South Node and the North Node.

In astrology, the North Node is directly opposite the South Node. These are not actual heavenly bodies that can be represented with a symbol on your chart, they’re points in your astrology chart where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth crosses the place wherefrom our viewpoint the Sun and planets appear to travel.

Emphasis is put on the nodes because of their link to karmic lessons and your spiritual journey during this lifetime. The ascending node is called the North Node or the Dragon’s Head, while the descending node is called the South Node or the Dragon’s Tail. Each brings with them different challenges and tests as well as different opportunities.

Can The Moon’s Nodes Show Our Life’s Purpose?

The Moon’s nodes change signs approximately every 18 months or so (18.6 months to be exact). While it’s possible to glean a lot from analyzing your node sign, even more information is gleaned from examining the node’s houses.

This is something that is very personal for you because the nodes will move from one house to the next every two hours or so.

The North Node

The North Node is responsible for what you’re meant to do in this lifetime. It’s your potential, and what your soul wants to learn. This is where you look at your chart for your destiny, your karma, and what you need to be aware of.

Any aspects of the North Node will reveal your attitudes towards your soul’s lesson and potential opportunities for growth. Transits to the North Node will open windows or present challenges, depending on whether they’re hard or easy transits, and also how those alignments influence the rest of your birth chart, too.

The North Node is referred to as the dragon’s head as it is where you are headed in this life. We feel this as our strong desires and gut feelings about certain directions our life should take. It describes your soul’s growth and evolutionary potential.

Think of the NN as what you’re meant to explore, both in your daily life and in your philosophies and tenets.

The South Node

The South Node relates to what’s already familiar to you, where your comfort zone lies because you’ve spent previous lifetimes experiencing it. What you have to remember though is just because something is familiar and comfortable doesn’t mean it’s right!

While the North Node is what you’re meant to be doing with your life, the South Node shows you what is either helping or hindering you on that journey, depending on how it’s aspected by other planets in your birth chart. Understanding your South Node shows you what you need to move away from, and patterns that need to be broken.

Transits to the South Node will trigger different agendas, and bring different sides of these lessons out into the open for you to deal with. If the North Node is where you’re going and what you’re meant to do with your life, the South Node is what you’re leaving and the reason behind it.

A birth chart on a table with a pen and paper pad.

The Nodal Axis

Astrology is all about polarities. Each zodiac sign and house of the zodiac has a natural opposite, thus creating polarity points. These polarities offer opposing perspectives to a somewhat similar situation. The house positions of the Lunar Nodes in your birth chart work to balance out these polarities as spiritual life lessons. They tell us what we must release and where we need to do the work.

Below is a breakdown of all the possible Lunar Node combinations.

1st House & 7th House

North Node in 1st House and South Node in 7th House: There is a need “to become” independent as it is easy for you to allow others to make decisions for you. Developing your own self-identity in relationships (personal, business, or otherwise) is a lesson you must learn.

South Node in 1st House and North Node in 7th House: There is a need “to interact” with others in a balanced manner. It is easy for you to be independent as you have a strong sense of self. Learning to use your self-identity and talents to help others will be a lesson throughout your life.

2nd House & 8th House

North Node in 2nd House and South Node in 8th House: There is a need “to develop” your personal resources (money, possessions, sense of worth, values) and share these with others. You either try to control your possessions or allow others to control them for you, thus creating imbalance. Learning to share your personal resources in a balanced manner will be a life lesson for you.

South Node in 2nd House and North Node in 8th House: There is a need “to transform” your materialistic interests. It is easy for you to find happiness in things that ultimately will not bring you the happiness you seek. Realizing that people have more value than material possessions is a lesson you must learn.

3rd House & 9th House

North Node in 3rd House and South Node in 9th House: There is a need for your conscious mind “to know” and understand your environment. You will learn from people in your immediate environment and have to use logic and reason to face problems that arise. Learning to use your intellect in order to see the larger picture will be a theme throughout your life.

South Node in 3rd House and North Node in 9th House: There is a need “to expand” your understanding of life and accept otherworldly views and philosophies. It is easy for you to get caught up in your mind and fixated on logic and reason that you forget to get out and explore. Learning to tap into your subconscious mind and develop a different inner philosophy will be a life lesson for you.

4th House & 10th House

North Node in 4th House and South Node in 10th House: There is a need “to build” your inner foundation and emotional stability. Power and prestige will be a familiar talent you will seek, but your lesson is to focus on soul growth rather than ego growth. Learning to develop firm inner foundations so that you can handle the emotional pressures of the public eye will be a theme throughout your life.

North Node in 10th House and South Node in 4th House: There is a need “to achieve” recognition through your profession or personal authority. It is easy for you to retreat back to the safety of your home, some might call you a “homebody” at heart. Learning to dissolve your fear of the spotlight and share your inner talents and be publicly recognized as someone who inspires others will be a life lesson for you.

5th House & 11th House

North Node in 5th House and South Node in 11th House: There is a need “to express” your creativity to others. Allowing others to take charge and overshadow your light is a common theme from your past. Watch out for creative dependence. You must develop your own creative expression and use it to benefit a group or others around you. Learning how to shine your own light will be a life lesson for you.

South Node in 5th House and North Node in 11th House: There is a need “to elevate” your goals to align with a higher purpose. To go beyond self and immediate environment and truly focus on benefiting the good of all mankind. Release ego-glorification and focus on being of service to social groups, charitable organizations, and your community. The integration of your creative talents to benefit the “oneness of humanity” will be a common theme throughout your life.

6th House & 12th House

North Node in 6th House and South Node in 12th House: There is a need “to improve” how you serve others. Solitude is a natural state for you as you have a very strong isolation tendency. You tend to escape reality when you need to embrace it. Learning how to get out and be of service to others will be a life lesson for you.

South Node in 6th House and North Node in 12th House: There is a need “to seek” your truth and release negativity so that you may help yourself and others achieve a happier outlook on life. You have a tendency to self-criticize which prevents you from seeing your truth. Learning to connect with your inner self and sharing that with others will be a life lesson for you.


As you look to your birth chart to see what areas of your life contain spiritual lessons, you bring awareness to your weak spot (South Node) and to your potential for growth (North Node). By working to release the past influences and open up to the future, you begin learning.

Of course, to know the houses of your nodes, you’ll have to know not just your date of birth, but also the time and place.

Every step you take, no matter how big or how small, brings you one step closer. These are lessons that take our whole life to learn, but eventually, and gradually, we all get there.

Learn more about your destiny in The Ultimate Guide to The Nodes.

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